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To The Tree PDFEPUBher shade She spread roots and reached skyward in peace The tree watched a little girl who played and laughed and wrote in a diary When strangers invaded the city and warplanes roared overhead the tree watched the girl peek out of the curtained window of Tr. I am probably going to be in the minority on this book but it was not effective for me I am not generally a fan of anthropomorphism and in this case I felt that it served to distance the reader from the realities of the situation I understand that this is intended for young children and that the entirety of what was happening is too much but this softened it so much that I think kids will be either bewildered or put the situation down to the mysterious abstract of war It was far than war of course but instead a systematic annihilation based on racial hatred and xenophobia the very thing playing out in politics today and I can't help but feel that this approach in the book downplays what was going onI did like the information about the seedlings being planted in places in America That was something I didn't know

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The Tree in the CourtyardEe in the PDFEPUB #229 the annex It watched as she and her family were taken away and when her father returned after the war alone The tree died the summer Anne Frank would have turned eighty one but its seeds and saplings have been planted around the world as a symbol of pea. The story of a horse chestnut tree that was in the courtyard where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II

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The Tree in the Courtyard Review è PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [Read] ➲ The Tree in the Courtyard By Jeff Gottesfeld – Told from the perspective of the tree outside Anne Frank's window—this book introduces her story to a young audience   The tree in the coTold from the in the eBook #10003 perspective of the tree outside Anne Frank's window this book introduces her story to a young audience   The tree in the courtyard was a horse chestnut Her leaves were green stars her flowers foaming cones of white and pink Seagulls flocked. Although I'm not sure how I might use this book in a classroom whether as a gentle introduction to the Holocaust and the story of Anne Frank or simply as a story of resilience depending on the age of the students I was moved by the story's perspective and wondered what that horse chestnut tree must have witnessed The book covers very gently the arrival of the Nazis and war and then shares a few important moments that occurred in the attic The fact that the tree survived for 172 years only to die in 2010 Interestingly as the text and images reveal the tree continues to live on through its saplings planted all over the world just as the words of Anne Frank written in that familiar diary still speak to readers today The illustrations created with brown ink on watercolor paper are simply stunning allowing the trees branches leaves and blossoms to fill the landscape almost hiding the Annex where Anne and her family lived in secrecy for years This picture book touched me for several reasons partly because of its reminder of the power of someone's words to live on long after their creator has died but also because it brought to mind all the wonderful human beings unfeelingly destroyed during the Holocaust This one encourages reflection on the events of the past The afterword clarifies any missing holes in the narrative such as the identity of this vivacious girl who spent so much time writing