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Salvation Free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [Reading] ➭ Salvation ➵ Ahren Sanders – Her innocence is masked with vulnerability Until her walls crumble Undeniable Desire His world is full of despair Until he finds her light Unyielding Chemistry FalliEr Walker’s life hasn’t been easy Fleeing from a world filled with hatred gives her a fresh start one she desperately craved Now she’s stronger but guilt and insecurities still plague her Will she ever be able to outrun her memories Can he be her salvatio. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC and Ahren has done it again This story pulls you in right from the start I love all the characters I've missed this group so much so I was over the top excited to have them here once again Robbie Ember's story is so emotional and HOT They have amazing chemistry

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Her innocence is masked with vulnerability Until her walls crumble Undeniable Desire His world is full of despair Until he finds her light Unyielding Chemistry Falling in love seemed to heal them both Until their haunting pasts threatens to destroy Unrelenting. I just finished Salvation and I really enjoyed this book It is apart of a Surrender series but can be read as a stand alone I had not read the other books and was able to follow just fine but wished to hell that I had read them It would have given me good insight into some of the secondary characters This is Robbie and Ember's story Robbie is Raven's brother Raven and Declan from Surrendering and Surviving books Raven and Declan are getting married and are working with Ember She works a Clyde's where she designs dresses This is how Ember and Robbie meet They are both instantly attracted to each other but Robbie is an absolute jerk to her She doesnt have a very good self esteem anyways with they way that her childhood was and tries to shrug it off Robbie on the other hand wants her but she is pure and innocent and he doesnt deserve someone like her You're to pure for a man with demons like me I have my own sht buried deep just like youHowever the heart wants what the heart wantsBut maybe one day we can share those with each other I dont want to be your friend Ember I want to be Like I had said before Ember hasnt had the best childhood Her mother and sister were absolutely horrible to her She feels like she doesnt deserve happiness either but she feels safe with RobbieYou make me feel safe Robbie Im not sure why but every time you pull me close or hold me a sense of peace settles over meHere is the thing though Her mother and sister are still out to ruin Ember's happiness Ember has to open up to Robbie and tell him everything that had happened to her She is afraid that she will taint their relationship and he wont stick around Robbie is in it for the long haul and takes alot of convincing on his part for her to understand but a misunderstanding leads him to uestion them You just have to read this story You will not want to miss out on thisI am hooked Im gonna be honest It started off to me too sweet Maybe it is because I have read alot of bad dirty mouth guys and it was just different Once it picked up in their relationship I changed my mind Robbie you dirty boy you Yeah he made my shiver What I loved most about him was that he was just a honest guy and just wanted to protect Ember from everything A little possessive but hell who wouldnt want that Ember I felt really bad for her Once she kept giving Robbie of what happened in her life my heart broke for her She has alot of vulnerability but is strong in her own way and that made me relate to her Im gonna be honest something happened that I didnt see coming and DAYUM my heart literally split into two and I broke down and cried along with Ember Holy shtballs I was just so into that scene I just couldnt help it I enjoyed the secondary characters too They brought alot of depth to the story and I cannot wait to see from them This was a first for me for Ahren and all I can say it I have found another author that puts me into their story makes me apart of their family and I want like yesterday Story 5Sex 4Overall 5 Reviewed by Shay from Mommys a Book Whore

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SalvationProtection Robbie Hayes’s life changed the day a horrific accident shook his foundation He’s resolved to regain control While the physical wounds have healed the emotional scars remain Will he ever be able to outrun the memories Can she be his salvation Emb. This is the third book in a stand alone series This is Robbie and Embers story Ember is a strong woman who has been beat down by her mother and sister they did everything they could to break her beyond repair Her father did everything he could to take care of her and still stay with his wife and other daughter One day he hit breaking point and should have left years earlier Through a crazy series of events Embers father Thad ended up in jail and Ember ended up leaving and moving in with her eccentric aunt and gay cousin CruzEmber went to college for fashion and design she also works full time at the family business She is very reserved and holds back on life she has no friends and has never datedThen she met Robbie who was at the shop for a tux fitting for his sisters wedding to a famous rock starRobbie was attracted to Ember but decided that he has his own demons to face and didn't want to get involved with someone as pure and delicate as Ember He feels that he will corrupt her Robbie was a marine and had a bad accident on duty almost lost his leg and he lost 4 of his team and brothers he is healed physically but not mentallyRaven is Robbie's sister and has taken a liking to Ember even though Ember is very reserved and keeps to herself Raven knows there is to this girl and wants to get her out amount the girlsEmber agrees to go out with them for a night of fun where Robbie isn't the nicest to her Robbie decides a few weeks later he cant stay away from Ember any longer he goes to her shop and spends the evening getting to know her he even asked her on a date Robbie canceled the date because she is to real and it scares him he wants than a hook up and he cant deal with his feelingsAfter he relies what a jerk he was he takes her lunch and then they start dating and taking things slow to get to know each other and fix the trust issues there is a lot to Ember than meets the eye but he cant stay away He wants her to trust him and love him Embers life is finally on track she is in love she has it all the life that she always wanted friends family and a future until her past collides with her presentShe didn't think that her sister and mother could do any damage to her but they can and didIt almost destroys her but it breaks Robbie who then leaves and that is the breaking point she is a shell of what she one wasWill she ever be fixed or is her life always destined to be like thisI cant say any This is the first Ahern Sanders book that I have read but it will not be the last The story was amazing and there is a lot of twists and turns in this book I give it 5 stars and I cant wait to read the other two booksI definitely recommend this book you will not be disappointed in itReviewed by ErinThe Art Of Romance