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Read & Download The Lonely Ones Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò [BOOKS] ✪ The Lonely Ones ✴ Kelsey Sutton – When your only friend is your own endless imagination how do you escape your mind and connect to the world around you With parents too busy to pay her attention an older brother and siWhen she is let down by the one relationship she thought she could trust Fain must decide remain ueen of the imaginary creatures or risk the pain that comes with opening herself up to the fragile connections that exist only in the real world Told in breathless and visual verse THE LONELY ONES takes readers through the intricate inner workings of a girl who struggles to navigate isolation and finds friendship where she least expects it. A beautifully written short read about an extremely lonely girl named Fain This is such a nostalgic tale as we bear witness to this girl's heartbreaking loneliness and her fantastic imagination People of all ages will enjoy this free verse read

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When your only friend is your own endless imagination how do The Lonely PDFEPUB or you escape your mind and connect to the world around you With parents too busy to pay her attention an older brother and sister who would rather spend their time with friends and peers who oscillate between picking on her and simply ignoring her it's no wonder that Fain spends most of her time in a world of her own making During the day Fain takes solac. Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner Beware spoilers aheadI received this E ARC via Penguin Young Reader’s Group and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I am also participating in the Blog Tour for this book I heard about this book from an email from Nichole at YAReads BlogTours Nichole emailed asking whether or not I would be interested in participating in a blog tour for The Lonely Ones At first I was skeptical as I have been hearing about all these blogger scandals I checked out the website and I realized that I had heard about this blog before I read the synopsis and I agreed I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy the book once I started reading it I am happy to report that I loved this bookWhen Fain was younger her family used to be happy and close Then one day her father lost his job as a car seller Her mother was in law school at the time and she dropped out because of the bills Then the fighting started Her older siblings Dana and Tyler moved on Tyler started dating and going to parties While Dana became externally glued to her phone Only her younger brother Peter interacted with herUpon moving the situation only worsened The fights continued Her father still had difficulty finding a job Meanwhile her mother worked in a fast food restaurant Dana and Tyler continue on as they were earlier and Peter continues to play with Fain Fain despite having Peter feels alone Her voice isn’t heard over the fighting and no one notices her Then one day while she was sleeping some monsters come at her window and invite her to play These monsters later become the only friends she hasOne day a new boy comes to their school Much to Fain’s surprise the new boy Matthew actually talks to her Fain’s not used to people interacting with so she has a hard time answering simple uestions because she is in awe that someone actually saw her and is now speaking to her Matthew continues to hang out with Fain The two form a friendship Fain’s neighbour Anna is another person who sees her and they occasionally talk Eventually becoming friends For awhile Fain stops talking to the monsters And circumstances have it that Fain and her siblings become close againThen Matthew and Anna hurt her and she goes right back to the monsters But this time she has her siblings by her side And she’s okay with that Eventually Anna and Fain make up and then she has Anna by her side as well By the end of the book Fain has stopped talking to her monsters Her family is happy and she has a real friend in Anna The most interesting thing about this book is the writing style Each chapter is short and formatted the way a poem is written There are chapters titles that go along with the poem format This was uite uniue and enjoyable The book is short and I had it finished in two hoursThe author did an excellent job with the characters They are completely realistic and so are there interactions with one another While Fain’s family wasn’t happy all the time they were there for each other Her friendship with Anna was sweet to read about I connected with Fain I understood where she was coming from It was interesting to read about the monsters and the stories Fain wrote I was happy when Fain stopped seeing the monsters and became friends with Anna and her family It was also nice that there wasn’t a romanceThis book is about finding our own voice And understanding that while you may feel like you don’t matter there is always someone who cares about you It’s about family No matter how tough your current situation is there is always someone by your sideOverall this was a wonderful and touching book I recommend it to everyone because this is an important read and everyone will be able to connect to Fain Also keep a tissue box with you while reading

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The Lonely OnesE in crafting her own fantastical adventures in writing but in the darkness of night these adventures come to life as Fain lives and breathes alongside a legion of imaginary creatures Whether floating through space or under the sea climbing mountains or traipsing through forests Fain becomes ueen beyond and in spite of the walls of her bedroomIn time Fain begins to see possibilities and friendships emerge in her day to day reality yet. Kelsey you've done it againAnother book written by you that I absolutely love 3 Yes it was a uick read but it reached into my heart and latched on I can relate to some parts in this book I loved watching the family heal It's amazing and beautiful For so long it was just the three of us Fain Dana Tyler Skinned knees missing teeth open roads Passing through the sunlit days in blissful unawareness When my legs couldn't keep up they waited with expectant smiles When night fell and I cowered from the darkness they were there to guide the way It happened so gradually I didn't see the changes until it was too late My sister discovered mirrors phones boys My brother found sports parties girls I tried to follow them to these new places and it shocked me when I stumbled Before long my siblings had run so far ahead they disappeared from sightI'm also excited for the upcoming releases for other books you've written Great job and this will be a possible re read for next year ; 5 amazing stars