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And After the Fire review É 3 ☆ ➾ And After the Fire Free ➵ Author Lauren Belfer – AND AFTER THE FIRE has received the inaugural Book Club Award of the 2016 National Jewish Book AwardsThe New York Times bestselling author of A Fierce Radiance and City of Light returns with a new pow AND AFTER THE FIRE has receivAmerica inHenry’s niece Susanna Kessler struggles to rebuild her life after she experiences a devastating act of violence on the streets of New York City When Henry dies soon after she uncovers the long hidden music manuscript She becomes determined to discover what it is and to return it to its rightful owner a journey that will challenge her preconceptions about herself and her family’s history and also offer her an opportunity to finally make peace with the pastIn Berlin Germany in amid the city’s glittering salons where aristocrats and commoners Christians and Jews mingle freely despite simmering anti. 25Caveat emptor another title hyped by the Big Publisher as a bestseller But for those who enjoy being played like a piano sorry could not resist although pianoforte would be apt for JS Bach's era be sure to have at least 3 hankies for this concerted sorry effortFirst the religious antisemitism aspect is overdone or at least not well done as other reviews have suggested It is possible that Bach would have used the text cited the reader is never given the entire liturgy for the musical score as the basis for an entire cantata But it is also improbable that he would have done so based on extant work So one wonders why pick on Bach; or indeed why make up an 'undiscovered' work from any composer Why not use one that is known Ah because then the sensationalism doesn't come into play So one terrible lie deserves another Second That first issue would be forgivable But The story attempts to tell and there is a lot of telling going on here rather than showing the reader some religious history and which would have been very easy to research Example the author confuses transubstantiation with Lutheran beliefs Martin Luther specifically rejected that doctrine and left it behind for Protestants when he nailed his '95 theses' list to the cathedral door Another example are the errata re the Lutheran service The story leans a lot on atheism and agnosticism as if those are categorically good things; however in the final chapters does acknowledge Good and Evil The moral debate of the female protag is thus sophomoric and is weakened by her politically correct position Note that the text is paradoxically full of references to God but an Old Testament version the angry patriarch who taketh and giveth away the little old man in the sky keeping score in his book Here God isn't the elegant force in the universe as contemplated by the latest physics theorizing The 'God' in this story is a warped idea that someone picked up as a child and rebels against as an adult So that's all rather confusing And if it's one thing we don't need right nowit's getting the sheeple even confused in this election year Oh and the insipid 21st cent love triangle doesn't help either though it keeps those hankies out for the romance crowd Also annoying are the freuent but unlikely coincidences This story could have been fascinating Instead it was on balance annoying

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AND AFTER THE FIRE has received the inaugural Book Club Award of the National Jewish Book AwardsThe New York Times bestselling author of A Fierce Radiance and City of Light returns with a new powerful and passionate novel inspired by historical events about two women one European and one American and the mysterious And After Kindle choral masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach that changes both their livesIn the ruins of Germany in at the end of World War II American soldier Henry Sachs takes a souvenir an old music manuscript from a seemingly deserted mansion and mistakenly kills the girl who tries to stop himIn. 43 stars actually This was a good book it had a lot of what I usually like Historical background musical history historical artifacts and museums The story follows the discovery of a hidden composition by Bach by the main character when her grandfather kills himself this opens up a can of worms and we are in the middle of the second WW this book also follows three different timelines chronicling the life of the composition along the trip you will find believable and well written characters The only reason that I didn't give this book 5 stars was because I believe that by the last 80 pages the composition took a bench seat and wasn't talked as much any and that to me was surprising since I though that the book would be about that So I didn't think the last 80 pages relevant but the whole book in itself was great I would recommend it to any lover of history or music

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And After the FireSemitism Sara Itzig Levy a renowned musician conceals the manuscript of an anti Jewish cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach an unsettling gift to her from Bach’s son her teacher This work and its disturbing message will haunt Sara and her family for generations to comeInterweaving the stories of Susanna and Sara and their families And After the Fire traverses over two hundred years of history from the eighteenth century through the Holocaust and into today seamlessly melding past and present real and imagined Lauren Belfer’s deeply researched evocative and compelling narrative resonates with emotion and immediacy. This was a hard book to review I found the subject matter intriguing enjoyed getting glimpses into 18th and 19th century lives of beloved musicians and the mystery behind a fictional never before discovered Bach manuscript I appreciated the author's careful research and obvious love of music I also enjoyed the time slip seuences from present day back into previous centuries And I found her treatment of antisemitism important However at times the book seemed heavy on 'telling' and bogged down in the details of musicology Also I felt the author had an agenda to show the horrors of antisemitism throughout the centuries by highlighting the way Christians contributed to this from Luther and Bach to German Christians who supported Hitler I think these are important issues to raise and as a Christian I readily acknowledge ours sins against our Jewish brothers and sisters But at times the book seemed like a diatribe from the author and I lost empathy for the main character Susanna because she was overshadowed by the author's voice Be sure to read the author's notes at the end and listen to the playlist she created on Spotify that includes the music feature in the novel