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At the Edge of Summer Download ↠ 8 à ➶ [Read] ➲ At the Edge of Summer By Jessica Brockmole ➾ – The acclaimed author of Letters from Skye returns with an extraordinary story of a friendship born of proximity but boundless in the face of separation and warLuc Crépet is accustomed to his mother The aE A curious child with an artistic soul Clare Ross finds solace in her connection to Luc and she in turn inspires him in ways he never thought possible Then just as suddenly as Clare arrives she is gone whisked away by her grandfather to the farthest reaches of the globe Devastated by her departure Luc begins to write letters to Clare and even as she moves from Portugal to Africa and beyond the memory of the summer they shared keeps her groundedYears later in the wake of World War I Clare now an artist returns to France to help create fa. 25 starsFirst I have to say I didn't like this as much as I did Jessica's first novel Letters from Skye I honestly didn't feel the spark or any chemistry between Luc and Clare And because of this at times I felt that the story dragged The book was set up into different parts my favorite was part 2 that's when they were corresponding through letters Jessica Brockmole has a way of telling a story through letters that I love The book is slow paced and like I said dragged at times I love war stories but I think this book was of the coming of age of Clare and Luc at this time One thing that bothered me Clare and Luc spent a lot of time apart And I mean a lot So I think that's why I couldn't really feel the romance side of this novel I saw friendship than anything In that regards it was sweet and they managed to keep each other going through difficult times I consider Jessica Brockmole a talented author and will look out for her next novelThank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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The acclaimed author of Edge of Kindle #213 Letters from Skye returns with an extraordinary story of a friendship At the Kindle born of proximity but boundless in the face of separation and warLuc Crépet is accustomed to the Edge of Epub #217 his mother’s bringing wounded creatures to their idyllic château in the French countryside where healing comes naturally amid the lush wildflowers and crumbling stone walls Yet his maman’s newest project is the most surprising a fifteen year old Scottish girl grieving over her parents’ fat. They were brought together in France in the summer of 1911 and their connection begins with art It is through the friendship and relationships of their artist parents that Clare 15 and Luc 19 develop a relationship starting out as a beautiful friendship growing into first love Clare's father has died and her mother had abandoned them long ago Madame Crepet goes to Scotland and takes Clare with her back to France It's a tender sweet love story but having read the Goodreads description which gives too much detail about the story I knew what the war would bring when it reared its ugly head into the story Still the beginning was lovely and I fell in love with the characters with the beautiful French countryside and once again with Jessica Brockmole's lovely writingThere are alternating narratives Clare's and Luc's but as in Letters from Skye the letters that they exchange when they are separated by war and time tell so much about the characters their hopes and dreams and what is happening with them My favorite parts of the novel were the letters The author is a master at these epistolaries I especially enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of the places her grandfather takes her when he comes for her Portugal Spain places in Africa It is through art that they are brought together once again art not just for the beautiful drawings that Clare creates but art with its healing properties So maybe it was predictable but I didn't care It's a wonderful story about art about the creative process but mainly about friendship love hope and about finding one's something important Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Ballantine

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At the Edge of SummerCial prostheses for wounded soldiers One of the wary veterans who comes to the studio seems familiar and as his mask takes shape beneath her fingers she recognizes Luc But is this soldier made bitter by battle and betrayal the same boy who once wrote her wistful letters from Paris After war and so many years apart can Clare and Luc recapture how they felt at the edge of that long ago summerBringing to life two unforgettable characters and the rich historical period they inhabit Jessica Brockmole shows how love and forgiveness can redeem. 35 stars This is a coming of age story of young Luc and Clare and their journey through lifeWe first meet the young couple in the summer when they are nineteen and fifteen As their story progresses we see them go through a lot death growth war and so on over the next 8 9 years We also have the part when they are writing to each other This is certainly where Ms Brockmole excels She has a way of putting you right there with them through the lettersOverall I liked the story but for me the couple had spent so much time apart that I didn't really think they had the everlasting love that they professed to It was supposedly based on one summer they spent together when they were uite young Not enough to build a lifetime of love on yes I know it's supposed to be a love story so that bothered me a bit Still a good read just not my favorite by the authorThank you to the publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review