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Download Book ↠ Twisted in a Positive Way 232 pages Ï [Download] ➹ Twisted in a Positive Way ➾ Chikamso C. Efobi – Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereA girl with big dreams A land with strict societal rules A spirit that will never die Young Adaugo has lived her life accordingS to offer no matter the obstacles placed in front of her Follow Adaugo as she navigates through life loss and heartache in a world built to stifle her loving spirit Will she be able to stave off the temptation to give in to societal expectations to live life as her authentic self Or will she give in like those gone before h Having written about pervasive human trafficking in Nigeria I truly enjoyed a book that portrays the life of a young girl who was nurtured encouraged and educated helping her to make progress in life Much of her achievements are due to her sense of self believing that there is something special in store for her a positive attitude that serves her well Throughout we get some insight of the life of middle class people in Nigeria their customs religion food and values Audago is a bright motivated young person who uestions her environs and takes the necessary steps to fulfill her goals by making important decisions in life by listening to her own inner voice as opposed to just fulfilling others’ expectations In the process she also deals with the death of her sister years in boarding school and the University struggles at work and other challenges but never loses the determination and sense of destiny that propel her life to fulfillmentA remarkable first novel thought provoking and a joy to read Highly recommended

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Alternate cover for this a Positive PDF #10003 ISBN can be found hereA girl with big dreams A land with strict societal rules A spirit that will never die Young Adaugo has lived her life according to cultural expectations Any semblance of building a life of her own was Twisted in PDF or actively discouraged for young women l A very sweet uplifting story about a young Nigerian woman searching for her path in life Adaugo is an academically gifted girl who does well in school but ends up finding herself shunted into a dead end career after college and pressured to marry an appropriate meaning rich and preferably light skinned man as soon as possible However she learns to listen to her inner voice and forge her own pathThe writing style is clear and simple but with snippets of Nigerian dialect for flavor The descriptions of Lagos and the characters' lifestyles are also done in a way that made it easy for someone me who knows almost nothing about Nigeria to follow along and enjoy reading about the culture there Overall I found this an inspirational heartfelt story about a young woman living in a culture most Americans are completely unfamiliar with presented in a very approachable way Readers looking for inspirational books featuring women of color or who are interested in dipping a toe in African literature will probably find a lot to enjoy in this book

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Twisted in a Positive WayIke her But Adaugo is not like others who came before her she is born of strong spirit and mind she knows there’s something for her in the universe but finding that will take strength she never knew she had and in a Positive PDFEPUB #229 a deep understanding of what it is to listen to the voice within and grasp all life ha This story follows the life of a Nigerian girl Andougu from the age of nine until twenty five She is a bright and inuisitive child who passes her exams early goes to boarding school at the age of ten onto University in Lagos and then gets a job in a bank This is the accepted road to success in Nigeria But Andougu feels unfulfilled and wants something from life She is an inspirational character; determined and positive She is perceptive and observant seeing signs all around her When she helps an elderly man who has fallen in the street she discovers he's not uite what he seems and this leads her to re examine the society around her Whilst at university her friend Wale gives her a book which causes her to uestion her whole future She has an inner voice called Herself which imparts advice but then disappears whenever she's conforming to other people's expectations Andougu misses Herself and eventually understands the reason for her absence Her journey is one of hope and optimism and tells a story that everyone can relate to If anyone is feeling discouraged or trapped in their present situation I would recommend they read this book The message is to follow your dreams and be true to yourself I loved this beautifully written book For me it was a truly inspiring read and one which I highly recommend