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Summary Ï The Black Cat Knocks on Wood A Bad Luck Cat Mystery #2 µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ ➹ [Download] ➵ The Black Cat Knocks on Wood A Bad Luck Cat Mystery #2 By Kay Finch ➼ – The author of Black Cat Crossing is back as mystery novelisIty local business owner is found dead in an accident right after a black cat was seen in her office While the townsfolk think the bad luck cat has struck again Sabrina suspects there might be something murderous afoot With a twisted killer on the loose she’ll have to round up clues uickly before she or her aunt are steered straight into the path of dang. Super super cute cozy second in the series so far of Hitchcock the 'good' luck black cat and his human Sabrina I loved the first one and I loved this one even At first I thought I wouldn't like this so much because I thought it would revolve around a rodeo I think rodeos may possibly be the most boring 'entertainment' ever created but not to fearthe backdrop of the rodeo came up very little and it was full speed ahead with Sabrina and Hitchcock getting involved in solving a murder I can hardly wait for Ms Finch to come out with a third book in this series The series takes place in Lavender Texas and the cast of continuing characters are excellent I love how Sabrina is always correcting people that black cats are not bad luck and Hitchcock proves over and over that he is her lucky charm In fact one of the town's people Twila owner of an antiueresale shop is convinced that Hitchcock is Sabrina's familiar familiar being a witches 'companion' who does her bidding Sabrina thinks Twila is 'crazy' but there is just enough of a whiff to make this 'running gag' seem like somewhere down the road it will prove true

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Ying up her thoughts This time Rowe and her fun loving friends have decided to compete in the upcoming Texas Hill Country Senior Pro Rodeo The problem is these women have little to no experience with lassos bulls or even horseback riding  Before Sabrina can keep the stubborn seniors from mounting their steeds she’s sidetracked by a bigger problem An upp. Another fun adventure in Lavender with Sabrina and Hitchcock This series has become one of my favourites

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The Black Cat Knocks on Wood A Bad Luck Cat Mystery #2Cat Knocks PDFEPUB #191 The author of Black Cat Crossing is back as mystery novelist The Black MOBI #204 Sabrina Tate and her cat Hitchcock find themselves roped into another dangerous Black Cat Knocks MOBI #183 murder case  Sabrina finds it difficult to work on her latest suspense Black Cat Knocks on Wood PDFEPUBnovel when her Aunt Rowe’s antics keep t. This story had me chuckling out loud several times while reading In this second book in the Bad Luck Cat Mystery series Hitchcock the lovely black cat is seen at the scene of yet another murder senior citizens are trying their hands at rodeo roping and Sabrina Tate finds herself doing a bit of amateur sleuthing to clear her cat's nameagain This series is always entertainingI love all the uirky side characters in this series Aunt Rowe is always up to somethingthis time it's roping goats Does she know how to ride rodeo and rope goats Nope Is she willing to admit she doesn't know how to rope a goat Nope Does she admit someone her age has no business riding in a rodeo Nope Just made me smile I hope in 10 years or so that I'm feisty enough to go out and rope goats if I want to I wouldn't want toas I don't like rodeo or circus performances for that matter due to animal abuse ButI COULD venture out and try it if I wanted to My dog would probably let me rope hercarefully Aunt Rowe is always up to something If it isn't Hitchcock riling up the townsfolk by finding bodies or being seen at murder scenes then it's Aunt Rowe doing something strange I also enjoy how many of the local residents give Hitchcock side eye and call him a reincarnation of the legendary devil cat While he is a black catand seems to appear at the scene of gruesome killingshe's really just a sweet sleek mini panther The mystery is entertaining in The Black Cat Knocks on Wood As usual it moved along at a good pace with a fun side plot senior rodeo There were plenty of suspects and twists Hitchcock freaked out the town again And Sabrina once again had to prove her cat is not evil Poor Hitchcockso misunderstood I listened to the audio book version of this story Tantor Audio Narrated by Amy Rubinate the audio is just a bit over 8 hours long I have hearing loss but could hear and understand this entire book It did take me a bit to get used to the southern accentbut once I was accustomed to Rubinate's voice this was an entertaining listen Only took a chapter or two Fun read There are four books in this series so far I'm finally down to the last one I haven't readbook 3The Black Cat Sees His Shadow I will definitely keep reading this series I enjoy cozy mysteries that make me laugh