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REVIEW Û Tumbling Blocks ✓ ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Tumbling Blocks ⚡ Author Earlene Fowler – With Christmas just a few weeks away Benni's ueenly boss Constance Sinclair demands that she investigate the death of a local socialite It's not long before Benni recognizes that there may be some dea With Christmas just a feAnd her surprise new husband visiting Benni's holiday is already hectic Nevertheless she'll need to crack the exclusive circle of suspects before one gourmet goose gets cooke. Okay I had about a zillion things I should have been doing and I was just going to read one chapter a few hours later and I had finished the book Just love the Benni Harper mystery series It almost feels like the characters are old friends In this book Benni and Gabe are still recovering from the events that took place in Delectable Mountains just the month before when Gabe announces that his mother is coming to visit Meanwhile Hud imposes on Benni to puppysit his not yet housetrained new puppy Then as if Benni didn't have enough stress in her life Benni's overbearing boss wants her to investigate a murder that nobody else thinks was a murder In other words just another day in the life of Benni Harper I must admit that I did guess the mystery before Benni this time

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With Christmas just a few weeks away Benni's ueenly boss Constance Sinclair demands that she investigate the death of a local socialite It's not long before Benni recognizes t. Does reading a book count if you listened to the audio book That's what I did with thisAt first the story seemed to be about Benni Harper Ortiz dog sitting a puppy and her mother in law's upcoming Christmas visit to San Celina Calif and ensuing drama between her husband police chief Gabe Ortiz and his mother Kathryn than about finding whether Pinkie Edmondson a member of the prestigious 49 Club was murdered and by whomBut I realized the ancillary characters of Hud Dove and Alvia and their stories and events in the city such as the annual Christmas parade are probably familiar to fans and therefore have a place in the greater Benni Harper world and narrativeAnd the voice of Johanna Parker who recorded the audio book made me listen to the 7 hour story over three days while driving and making and eating dinnerSome elements of the story my two theories of whodoneit and why and the source of drama between Gabe and Kathryn were predictable however not so much so that I was frustrated with Benni for not finding the answers soonerThis was my first Benni Harper Mystery book although it is the 13th of 15 in the series authored by Earlene Fowler I'd read or listen to

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Tumbling BlocksHat there may be some deadly truth to Constance's suspicions But with a famously reclusive artist about to put Benni's uilting museum on the map and her daunting mother in law. Tumbling Blocks is the 13th book of the Benni Harper mystery series by Earlene Fowler set in fictitious San Celina along California's Central CoastBenni is curator of Josiah Sinclair Folk Art Museum in San Celina Famous outsider artist Abe Adam Finch has donated a painting to the museum and Benni must write a speech for the museum's celebrationHer mother in law Kathryn is coming to visit for the Christmas holidays and her longtime friend Hud begs her to puppy sit while he travels And if that were not enough on Benni's plate her pushy socialite boss Constance Sinclair insists that her best friend Pinky Edmonton was murdered and Benni must investigateBenni's husband police chief Gabe Ortiz is certain that Pinky died of natural causes due to her known heart condition not murder He encourages Benni to pretend to investigate which will keep Constance Sinclair from nagging him Benni reluctantly agrees to interview the 3 women Constance suspects of murdering Pinky Each was black balled from the elite 49 Club which Constance considers sufficient cause for murderBenni is already concerned about her husband Gabe Ortiz's stormy relationship with his mother When Kathryn brings an unexpected guest with her the tension escalatesBenni juggles her responsibilities with good humor finding she must delegate many tasks to her friends and family D Daddy handyman at the museum; Sam Gabe's son; Dove her beloved Gramma; Emory her cousin She finds time to shop for maternity clothes with her fashion conscious best friend who has an oddball food craving during pregnancy eating Cracker Jacks while drinking spicy tomato juiceBenni begins to wonder if Pinky's death was indeed murder When a detail of the donated painting reminds Benni of something she saw recently the killer tries to eliminate Benni as wellAll conflicts are resolved and tasks completed in a satisfying conclusion Reading about Benni Harper and her cohorts in San Celina is like visiting longtime friends I recommend reading this series in order starting with Fool's Puzzle to enjoy the character development and relationship changes over the duration of the series I certainly will continue reading the series; the next book after Tumbling Blocks is State Fair