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Chasing the Stars Chasing #1 Free read ¶ 108 ☆ [KINDLE] ❆ Chasing the Stars Chasing #1 By J.D. Rivera – Mackenzie With each dawn rose a new day but nothing changed Not really My life was the same revolving circle We barely lived We moved We barely got by in a new place Until we moved again New school Ne MWithout the “poor girl” and “trailer trash” labels attached to my back I became guarded living by my own rules Rule number one don’t worry about learning their names I wouldn’t be around long enough for them to learn mine But then I met him I tried to resist tried to push away make myself seem uninterested but Hayes wouldn’t let me He saw something in me and chased me until I finally gave in We became friends best friends And then we became My guard fell and I opened my heart only for him to crush it in his bare hands Hayes Sex Booze Football In that order. I have to say JD Rivera did an amazing job writing a very heart warming YA love story The love story between Hayes and Mac was amazing It begins with her as a new student at the high schoolwhen Hayes lays his beautiful green eyes on her he is smitten however he doesn't do relationships and he is kind of your average non committed star of the football team uarter back a hole to every other person until he meets MacMac is hiding a secret and doesn't want to tie anyone down with her burdens She is written as a very independent character and you can't help but fall in love with her right along with Hayes This story flows uite smoothly and it is almost perfect The only thing that stopped me from going five stars is that I didn't like the part where Mac and Hayes got separated seemed a little rushed I don't believe in giving a way things so you will just have to read the book for yourself I don't think that this one part of the book took away from the storyline or the love story that consumes you while you are readingI also love that this story is packed full of twists and turns in the plot line and some very soul gripping drama This book will have you smiling until it hurts laughing and even crying than once I admit I cried happy tears and sad tears all in the same book Great Job JD Rivera I loved the book and I fell in love with Hayes and Mac and there beautiful love story

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I’d never been the kind of guy who “did” relationships They seemed pointless Girls threw themselves at me practically purred for me to seduce them Why would I give that up Why would I want But there was something about Mackenzie Something different from all those other girls She was someone I was willing to risk everything for I didn’t care where she came from or about her past It didn’t matter that she lived on “the wrong side of town” and I was the rich kid “sitting on a gold mine” Even those other girls didn’t matter any Because they weren’t my Ma. Chasing the Stars is a mix of YA and NA the main characters are high school seniors Its completed in a dual narration which I loveI actually read this one in one sitting and I truly love a YANA book I love seeing young love develop into such a powerful love and that's what exactly what this book wasMackenzie Blanchard is a broken beat down girl moving from city to city because her drunken father can't keep a job However she lands herself in the one city where her life changes Mackenzie meets Hayes Morgan the self absorbed jock and uite frankly the Adonis playboyAs usual he doesn't do girlfriends he only sleeps with them with no strings attached Hayes Morgan is the judges son no rules and lets just face it he does have some pretty sweet parents because even at 17 years old he drinks and he brings home girls left and right parents are okay with that This is part of the story that I was sure would be realistic because really who's 17 year old parents would allow the sexdrinking etc to happen under their roof Mine didn't and I have 4 girlsthat wouldn't happen but this is fiction so anything's possibleAny who the story Mackenzie and Hayes become uick friends best friends to be exact Something about Mackenzie has Hayes all up in protect mode and makes it clear he's not GF material They have such a bond together that he's by her side even during the worst time BUT during that worst time Mac finds herself being shipped 5 hrs away with no way back home Her young judgment causes a year and 12 distance withholding secrets in which will she regretOver all the story was really cute and I was cheering for Hayes he was my hero in the story There was times that Mac just needed to lighten up but Hayes he's the one He deserves TRUE love

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Chasing the Stars Chasing #1Mackenzie With each dawn rose a new Stars Chasing PDF #200 day but nothing changed Not really My life was the same revolving circle We barely lived We moved We barely got by in a new place Until we moved again New school New trailer park Different day Another beatingThe Chasing the PDF or first day of my senior year in high school I was ready to give up Ready to run far far away and hope I would never be found But I’m a smart girl I knew it would never work I had a plan One I was so the Stars Chasing Kindle #208 close to fulfilling I could start over Be a new person Live. ☆ Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review ☆ THANK YOU MY RATING ☆☆☆☆ Chasing the Stars by JD Rivera4 STAR STUDDED SATURDAY NIGHT DATES I actually enjoyed this story than I thought I would only because it's very YA and not really a genre I tend to jump on The poor girl Mackenzie Blanchard from the trailer park meets the popular boy Hayes Morgan who had girls dropping like flies and a father who was a County Judge like polar opposites you would think these two would not connect on the level they didBeautifully written well rounded characters whom you fall in love withMackenzie was not given a winning hand with the parents she has made me sad mad and disgusted with her mother Hayes always had that need to protect herBRUISES Your dad is the fcking county judge and my dad is the criminal that can't keep a job it's kind of funny that you picked me to be your friend Mackenzie Mac I've never felt strongly about someone other than myself before I don't know exactly how I feel but protecting you and caring for you comes naturally for meA DIRTY LITTLE SECRET