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Borstal Boy Free download » 0 Á ❮Reading❯ ➸ Borstal Boy Author Brendan Behan – Brendan Behans in einer einfachen und klaren mit gälischen Wendungen durchsetzten Sprache gehaltener autobiografischer Bericht über den Alltag in einer Erziehungsanstalt erreichte Anfang der 1960er Brendan Behans in einer einfaMit einer Waffe bedroht hatte wurde Behan zu Jahren Haft verurteilt von denen er aber nur fünf absitzen musste Den Bericht über sein »Knastleben« veröffentlichte der Autor nachdem er mit zwei Theaterstücken bereits zu Weltruhm gelangt warInhalt Borstal Boy ist das Porträt eines temperamentvollen Jugendlichen der keine Gelegenheit auslässt sich für den irischen Freiheitskampf stark zu machen der aber Mithäftlingen und Aufsehern in der Erziehungsanstalt ohne Hass begegnet Er steht seiner Umgebung aufgeschlossen und vorurteilslos gegenüber und weiß Chan. Warm human literate and intelligent A terrific reading experience just to note I was amused to read a review in which the reader lamented the lack of sodomy and violence Were they reading the same book I did Or is it that subtlety is lost on them Was also a bit shocked to hear it described as 'boring' Perhaps folk's appetites have been so dulled by misery porn that they can't cope with than a straight forward catalogue of horrors Shame that because it means the nuances and layers in this work have passed them by

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Brendan Behans in einer einfachen und klaren mit gälischen Wendungen durchsetzten Sprache gehaltener autobiografischer Bericht über den Alltag in einer Erziehungsanstalt erreichte Anfang der er Jahre unter jungen Menschen einen ähnlichen Kultstatus wie der Roman Unterwegs von Jack R KerouacEntstehung Schon alsJähriger war Behan in die IRA eingetreten wurde er in Liverpool als Sprengstoffkurier festgenommen und für drei Jahre in eine Erziehungsanstalt eingewiesen Nach der Freilassung dauerte es nicht lange bis zur nächsten Verhaftung Weil er einen Polizisten. Borstal Boy sat for many a year on my to be read bookcase due to its inclusion on the 1001 books one must read before death a list which has caused me all sorts of grief and happiness Due to the urgent need to reclaim space I grabbed it for a 8 hour flight much as one would shuffle up to a particularly healthy kale salad I presumed it would be good for me but there was little joyHaving finished it and pondered over it I am glad i read it but it is an unsettling book Borstal Boy is an autobiographical account of Brendan Behans arrest in Liverpool in 1939 for owning bombmaking material as part of an apparantly unauthorized solo mission to set off bombs for the IRA and subseuent imprisonmentThe oddity of this book particularly after the drumroll of sadness that was 2015 is its all written in a bit of a boys own adventure fair cop guv and didnt we have a few laughs along the way style Brendan Behan saw himself as an Irish patriot fighting for freedom but it is striking how little personal ill will he bore to either his English captors and fellow inmates and vice versa Avoiding a harsher sentence due to his age he then spent three years in the British juvenile prison system which seemed to be based on lots of meaningless exercise cigarettes some but not all that much violence and hinted at sexuality Its a book about 16 18 year olds and what they like to do and how they think What is most notably absent is any remorse by any of the inmates despite crimes like murder rape etc etc Ideology takes a distant second almost written off as an embarrasment to the ecosytem the juvenile offenders build between themselves and with the gaurds Much of it is written with a kind of warm affection with the only passion being reserved for the catholic church which bars him as an IRA member from attending massIt all rings very true to the machismo of 16 18 year old males and was an interesting if confounding book

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Borstal BoyCen wie etwa das Angebot zur Lektüre literarischer Texte zu nutzenDaneben erfährt der Leser viel über das Alltagsleben in der Erziehungsanstalt auch über Schikanen und Vorurteile seitens der Aufseher über uerelen und Machtkämpfe unter den jugendlichen Insassen sowie über pubertätstypische Themen und KonflikteWirkung Mit seinem lebensnahen die Umstände nicht beschönigenden Roman begeisterte Behan seine Landsleute wie auch Jugendliche in aller Welt wurde das Buch von Regisseur Peter Sheridan verfilmt B G Copyright Aus Das Buch der Bücher Harenberg Verlag. Period piece that's a less disturbing read than its reputation would predict Young loose cannon Behan of the IRA gets caught redhanded in England and learns the system and the country that founded it via its correctional institutions Banned in Ireland as obscene this took a while getting published and still managed to upset applecarts in the fiftiesThough tame for contemporary readers this is the Cooks Tour of the world 'inside' circa early forties in the north of England Oddly enough the comic overall scheme isn't all that different from the humor in a hollywood movie of the era But the slang the dense regional patter and class interaction develop the central themes; it's really a tough little coming of age story within a frame For the Tories this would have been a withering indictment of the nanny state administering it's tender mercies For the Irish another well aimed blow against the empire clever enough to be funny For a reader some sixty years later it's the language The dialogue can be very intricate although surprisingly offhand A snip of rhyming slang could place the speaker inform the listener geographically to the streetcorner sometimes situate the conversation's participants all while remaining opaue to those who might overhear it and deceptive to the authorities Keeping the governor in the dark is at all times criticalBurgess would mine this same vein years later and violently with A Clockwork Orange outlining the class structure sketching the institutional framework and even going one further by inventing a hyper slang his nadsat based on bits of cockney and soviet jargon In the condition of near total captivity forfeited control as with incarceration in correctional institutions the flowchart of information becomes critical And the conveyor belt of language becomes epic in scale a kind of theater of cruelty written as you go Where by necessity the short dense and most cryptic remark gains immortality for the speaker with all the force of a punch