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The Wishing Year Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â [Reading] ➰ The Wishing Year ➸ Noelle Oxenhandler – One New Year’s Day Noelle Oxenhandler took stock of her life and found that she was alone after a long marriage seemingly doomed to perpetual house rental and separated frAt she had previously denied herself her own personal wishes I highly recommend The Wishing Year for anyone wanting to learn about what life has to offer when we pay attention to our heart's desires –Sarah Susanka author of The Not So Big Life Do you want to know how wishes come true Then read The Wishing Year It's a book that beautifully illuminates the art and mystery of wishing and it does so in a way that is inspiring funny serious honest heartfelt and irresistibly readable–Jack Kornfield author of After the Ecstasy the Laundry The Wishing Year is an elegant exploration of the way thought shapes reality Writing with great personal honesty and candor Noelle Oxenhandler's exhilarating prose takes us deep into the pain and glory of being human –Mark Epstein MD author of Open to Desire“Oxenhandler's new book makes it okay to be a smart sophisticated grow up who also believes in magic She dives beneath the new age veneer and deconstructs how wishes really come true” –Susan Piver author of How Not to Be Afraid of Your Own Lif. The front jacket of this book describes this book as charming compelling and joyful Indeed and so much I haven't enjoyed a book so much in years I've written dozens of notes in this book and am continually drawn back to it because it Noelle Oxenhandler is so pragmatic and hopeful She learns about putting it out there by observing the behaviors of her almost mythic friend Carole who says Noelle seems to assume her right to earthly happiness Noelle's determination to pursue earthly happiness for herself makes for a rollicking journey and the characters who people her extraordinary life shine from these pages like finely cut jewels They are colorful many faceted and beautiful Noelle's observations of circumstance good or bad fortune and grace and the options humans have to respond to those factors that impact our choices and lives is an affirmation of the best of human courage and faith She faced a tragedy she had a hand in causing and moved through it and through forgiveness for herself to find redemption and renewal amidst the encouragement and support of friends It was grace for her to share with us her readers Noelle's words stay with me I find myself thinking Don't attach to suffering when I see people who box themselves into situations or circumstances that will lead them to unhappiness and I tell myself the same Carole's story of the turtle and the grace in going slow rings so true against the frantic pace I so experience in the world around meI probably like this book so much because I share most of Noelle Oxenhandler's values and find myself in a period of transition in my own life It's so wonderful to find this chronicle of someone else's journey that so beautifully documents what is so good in this world and affirms that we all deserve to feel joy and move into change with hope And that in the essential life intervenes to help us Maurice

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One New Year’s Day Noelle Oxenhandler took stock of her life and found that she was alone after a long marriage seemingly doomed to perpetual house rental and separated from the spiritual community that once had sustained her With little left to lose she launched a year’s experiment in desire forcing herself to take the plunge and try the path of Putting It Out There It wasn’t easy A skeptic at heart and a practicing Buddhist as well Oxenhandler had grown up with a strong aversion to mixing spiritual and earthly matters Still she suspended her The Wishing PDFEPUB or doubts and went for it all a new love a healed soul and the RBD BA of her dreams Thus began her initiation into the art of wishing brazenlyIn this charming compelling and ultimately joyful book Oxenhandler records a journey that is at once comic and poignant light and dark earthy and spiritual Along the way she wonders Does wishing have power Is there danger in wishing Are some wishes worthy than others And what about the ancient link between suffering and desire To a. To be perfectly honest this book was a bit slow going for meHowever I think the aspect of this book that resonated with me the most is the concept of practice To practice gratitude every day to be willing to take the time to clarifyflesh out your dreamswishes to acknowledge the existence of wishes to actively engage in tangible wishing and to practice being open to knowing what to do to make it possible like creating space for wishes and dreams to manifest Then there is the idea of recognizing the manifestation of our wishes and dreams since a lot of times they show up in very unexpected ways I must always keep in mind that this is a repetitive attitude and continually remind myself on a daily basis that dreaming is free and realAnd on that note I leave you with the following uote What's important is that it's a belief that encourages you to pay extremely careful attention to your thoughts because the stakes couldn't get any higher If you live your life as though this belief were true then you're likely to meet each bump in the road with dignity and grace just in case it might be the bump that does you in

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The Wishing YearNswer her uestions she delves into the history of wishing from the rain dance and deer song of primeval magic to modern beliefs about mind over matter prosperity consciousness and the law of attractionAs the months go by Oxenhandler is humbled to discover the courage it takes to make a wish and thus open oneself to the unknown She is surprised when her experiment expands to include other people and other places in ways she never imagined But most of all she is amazed to find that there is indeed both power and danger in the act of wishing For soon her wishes begin to come true–in ways that meet subvert and overflow her expectations And what started as a year’s dare turns into a way of lifeA delightfully candid memoir unfettered poetic and ripe with discovery Oxenhandler’s journey into the art and soul of wishing will inspire even the most skeptical reader to search the skies for the next shooting starPraise for THE WISHING YEARThis is a wonderful book full of wisdom gleaned from a year of Noelle Oxenhandler's daring to embrace wh. This is a book that I borrowed from the library and when it came in I started reading it at dinner even though I had at least three other books already going at work plus my stacks at home Why It was that intriguing to me that this woman used the power of positive wishing to change her life in positive ways Reading this book gave me some ideas about relationships in my life and how to change things Her story is similar to mine in certain ways as well especially having to do with the loss of her spiritual community This is the third or fourth book I've read this year in which a writer chronicles her year of self improvement Maybe in January I'll start one of my own