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The Case Against Sugar Free read ¶ 108 ↠ [Read] ➵ The Case Against Sugar By Gary Taubes – From the best selling author of Why We Get Fat a groundbreaking eye opening expose that makes the convincing case that sugar is the tobacco of the new millennium backed by powerful lobbies entrenched From the best sellingNearly % of children are thought to have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease And sugar is at the root of these and other critical society wide health related problems With his signature command of both science and straight talk Gary Taubes delves into Americans' history with sugar its uses as a preservative as an additive in cigarettes the. Having been on a zero sugar diet for the past three weeks and planning to make it a lifestyle change see my review of Zero Sugar Diet The 14 Day Plan to Flatten Your Belly Crush Cravings and Help Keep You Lean for Life I wanted to read a bit about the science behind the claim that the added sugars in processed foods could possibly be the cause of the current obesity and diabetes epidemic Intuition common sense and observation tells one it is true but so many diet fads have come and gone that a little healthy skepticism is warranted This book does not provide proof but does give food for thought pun intended There are very few studies to back up any of this as the big clinical trial money has been focused on shoring up the theory that dietary fat is the main culprit so a leap of faith is still reuired I'm afraid but I have to feel we're on the right track with wholesome natural food Sometimes the simple answer IS the correct one Diet advice that recommends we eat whole foods and avoid processed foods foodlike substances remove virtually all refined sugar by definition; diet advice to avoid sugar means by definition that we avoid virtually all processed foods

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Contemporary overuse of high fructose corn syrup He explains what research has shown about our addiction to sweets He clarifies the arguments against sugar corrects misconceptions about the relationship between sugar and weight loss and provides the perspective necessary to make informed decisions about sugar as individuals and as a socie. I could not read this book without getting red faced with frustration every other sentence One of the most hyperbolic poorly researched in terms of actual scientific studies pieces of hysteria I have read in a long time The accolades given to Gary Taubes are beyond confusing His fervent advocacy supported by limited peer reviewed work and even junk science reminds me of another popular cause du jour the anti vaxxer movement The fact that he has taken to consorting with a dangerous self promoting snake oil salesman like anti vaccineanti mammogram advocate Joe Mercola tells me all that I need to know about his agenda It isn’t for the betterment of society; it is to stake a claim in a controversial realm that will help enrich himself even if its foundation is built on a bold face lie As for the book the constant uoting of 50 70 and even 100 plus year old newspaper articles or books detailing the intricacies of how early cereal makers came to add sugar to their product or spending an annoying amount of time explaining how tobacco is processed doesn’t make for actual science or a good read All it does is give the illusion of it for those too ignorant or lazy to see past the dog and pony show that is The Case Against Sugar If he spent time reading actual peer reviewed research or even conducted some himself the book would have been better served Instead he comes in with an agenda on page one and twist and shapes what little research he does present to ensure that it fits into his preconceived box ignoring what isn't convenient to his argument and using massive amounts of fluff to fill in any gaps and draw unsubstantiated conclusionsOn one hand the author claims that science has proved his theories as correct they haven’t in fact an institute he helped found argues against many of his beliefs oops and on the other he attacks any and every scientist that disagrees as being a shill for “big sugar” The outrageous claims he pushes sugar has killed people in the last century than war or guns are ludicrous He states early on that all ALL diseases are caused by sugar “There is clearly enough evidence to indict sugar as the single prominent environmental trigger of disease” This sets the stage to be able to make the previous claim that big sugar is essentially committing mass murder on a global scale using the declaration that it is the root cause as proof All without providing any evidence to back either assertion upWhy after reading this book would anyone take him serious is beyond me I would posit that most people aren’t actually “reading” the book and understating what he says and importantly doesn’t say But rather looking for an example to point to while they pat themselves on the back for being so enlightened Look we all know sugar is bad when consumed in large amounts I guess it just isn’t sexy enough to point out that we need to practice much better moderation as we should with all things It is much easier to come out all crazy like screaming that the sky is falling and suggesting that the government make its use illegal At least that sells books

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The Case Against SugarFrom the best selling author of Why We Get Fat a groundbreaking eye opening expose that makes the convincing case that sugar is The Case PDFEPUBthe tobacco of the new millennium backed by powerful lobbies entrenched in our lives and making us very sickAmong Americans diabetes is prevalent today than ever obesity is at epidemic proportions. Gary Taubes has done an excellent job in explaining why sugar is so terrible for the body I am seeing a nutritionist to help me with my weight and on my last visit she stated to me that you can eat any food in moderation My response to her was What does moderation mean I guess a person could smoke crack in moderation but no one recommends that Taubes stated it clearly in his book that the people who say eat in moderation typically don't have a weight problem and my nutritionist does not therefore what moderation looks like to one person would look totally different to another For me I am staying away from as much sugar as possible It is in so much foods I don't know if I can totally abstain from it but I can stop eating the main culprit of sugar delivery systems candies cookies cakes pop fruit juices Y'all the stuff is deadly and toxic My father lost a foot to diabetes and another family member kidneys recently failed due to diabetes and high blood pressure Just like his book Good Calories Bad Calories convinced me not to eat so much refine carbohydrates The Case Against Sugar has convinced me to go cold turkey with sugar Highly recommend all three of his books on nutrition if you want to be in the best health possible