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Free download The Wanderers ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì [Read] ➪ The Wanderers ➲ Meg Howrey – In four years Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars Helen Kane Yoshi Tanaka and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the job by spending seventeen months in the most realistic sD this is the example he will set for his sonsAs the days turn into months the line between what is real and unreal becomes blurred and the astronauts learn that the complications of inner space are no less fraught than those of outer space The Wanderers gets at the desire behind all exploration the longing for discovery and the great search to understand the human hear. I don't know what to think about this book for one I appreciate it's focus on the psychological aspect of the human mind when it's pushed to the extreme and all that this entails on a physical level as well The main characters are in a simulation for most of the book they are training to go to Mars and need to spend time together in a fake landing to see if they are psychologically prepared for the real thing you can see how they are pressured and how they bend but not break you get to see their personal lives and all the characters that it entails But I can honestly said that while all of that is appreciated by me I did not have fun reading this one it was too technical to be fiction and too internally focused to be a non fiction book maybe I wasn't the right person to read this But if you are looking for another The martian as I was this is not it

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In four years Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars Helen Kane Yoshi Tanaka and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the job by spending seventeen months in the most realistic simulation ever createdRetired from NASA Helen had not trained for irrelevance It is nobody’s fault that the best of her exists in space but her daughter can’t help placi. 35 Stars Three astronauts embark on a seventeen month training simulation in preparation for a real trip to Mars During the hyper realistic simulation Prime Space will be studying the astronauts' behavior and monitoring their communications with their families to see how they hold up on such a long mission The goal is not asking them to deal with the environment Prime Space has created for them but creating the right environment for them to deal with whatever they encounter The most unexamined territory is not within the simulation but within themselves The Wanderers is a character driven novel that explores the nature of humanity and our relationships with each other You don’t stop being a real person just because you aren’t in a real place I was eager to read this book because it was described as The Martian meets Station Eleven That's not really what it is and I don't think they're making that comparison any but I was lucky that it ended up being another type of book that I like introspection in space in a way Like much literary fiction set in space most of the book actually takes place in the characters' heads It's like Good Morning Midnight or Spaceman of Bohemia because it's a journey of self discovery rather than a grand space adventure It might be telling that it sometimes reminded me of my nonfiction reading Spaceman An Astronaut's Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe and The Traveler's Guide to Space For One Way Settlers and Round Trip Tourists Another reason I was interested in this book was because I'm always fascinated by the experiences of participants in real life Mars simulations It definitely satisfied me on that account The author was inspired by the Mars 500 mission in Moscow There's also the HI SEAS project in Hawaii; the fourth crew disembarked in August 2016 and the fifth crew's mission should be ending soonWho are these people that can withstand such a trip the danger the risk the isolation the pressure What can these people teach us Because if we— the species—might eventually do something like move to another planet it would be better if we made a few improvements on ourselves first if possibleThe chapters alternate between seven characters The three astronauts chosen for the mission were selected to perfectly complement each other a kind of dream team a trio whose individual temperaments skills and experience would combine in such a way as to be able to withstand the most challenging and dangerous expedition in the history of humankind The astronauts are never content to stand still and are always wanting to push the limits of exploration They love their families but they can't resist the call to the unknownThe Astronauts• Helen 53yo USA is experienced tenacious and reserved She's driven by a fear of being left behind The end of her career coming up but she isn't ready to hang up her helmet just yet She is too young to watch herself be surpassed and too old to be this hungry She thinks she is too young to give up her dreams and too old to want them this much But she is both too young and too old possibly to change herself And how many years left on Earth One of the most tragic things about Helen is that another person decided how her daughter would see her Eventually it would become how she saw herself• Sergei 45yo Russia is straightforward and pessimistic with some antisocial tendencies He presents himself like the man he wishes he was and is motivated by the urge to prove his father wrong• Yoshi 37yo Japan is thoughtful professional and likable He's the most adaptable and easygoing of the group but he's also prone to bouts of melancholyIntense focus on what was happening in the present eclipsed all else but things do not disappear during an eclipse only disappear from viewThe effects of isolation and confinement on the astronauts is what I came for but it was their relationships with their families that ended up being the most intriguing The Prime team is aware that the astronauts are very careful about how they present themselves so they believe the family members might provide them with better insight Yoshi's wife Madoka observes that the tightly controlled conditions of the simulation are actually less extreme than everyday life on Earth The astronauts have each other but the family members are all dealing with some form of isolation as they deal with being left behindPrime Space team the Families• Luke is a member of the observation team The Obbers monitor the astronauts for signs of psychological distress• Mireille is Helen's daughter She's vulnerable and emotional which she channels into her acting Her whole life has been overshadowed by her mother's career She resents mother for repeatedly putting her career first She doesn't want her mother's story to define her life and she wishes that she didn't need to be loved so much Her nickname is Meeps which made me feel irrationally irritated• Madoka is Yoshi's eccentric wife and a sales operative for a company that manufactures robotic caregivers Over the years she has become a kind of ancillary tool to the Voyages of Yoshi Her marriage to Yoshi looks strong to the outside world but it's actually hollow at the core She's relieved when he goes away for long periods of time because it's exhausting to keep up the pretense of being Yoshi's awesome wife• Dimitri is Sergei's sixteen year old son He feels inadeuate next to his father and brother He's gay but isn't ready to admit it to himself or anyone elseThere's so much value in getting the family members' perspectives but there was too much activity on Earth Madoka's story is the most refined so she was my favorite One thing I really liked about the astronaut chapters was their interactions with each other The family members operated like independent satellites I know that's the point but it made those chapters less interesting for me My favorite section involving the families was the prelaunch dinner when Madoka and Mireille both engaged in a bit of play acting“Why shouldn’t we feel awe In front of a beautiful painting we do not ask ourselves is it real We know that it is not real It is a painting But we can still be filled with awe at its beauty”My reading experience mirrored some of the characters' experiences This book really messed with my own sense of a reality I felt awed by the enormity of space when I read Good Morning Midnight even though it was fiction The characters were actually experiencing outer space so I felt like I was too The characters in The Wanderers were in a simulation so that altered my experience BUT THEN paranoia sets in One of the astronauts sees a glitch that makes them suspect they might actually be in space With a real launch and a simulated launch occuring at the same time it was always a possibility but that was the first real clue that something shady might be going on A switch flipped in me; should I have been reading it differently the whole time The glitch isn't the point; it's how the astronauts and perhaps the reader react to itTo orbit the earth is not to be shot up to some magical zone where there is no gravity but to be shot up in such a trajectory that your subseuent fall means you won't hit anything; you will persistently and permanently miss the Earth and circle around it To have done this is to understand the persistence and permanence of falling and to understand that what is true does not always feel like what is trueThe word planet comes from the ancient Greek word for wanderer The planets move in relation to each other and the stars but they don't wander all over You can't see all of a planet or moon at once and in some cases you'll never see all their faces Similarly the characters are only partially visible to each other Everyone in this book is putting up a facade concealing parts of themselves from each other and even from themselves Being the person they think they're supposed to be prevents their relationships from being as fulfilling as they could be The avoidance of feeling or causing pain puts a wall between these charactersYoshi will not just be pretending that he is going to Mars he will be pretending to be the most perfect person to go to Mars and maybe he is almost without uestion he is but that doesn’t mean he won’t have to pretend to be what he really is because aren’t we all pretending to be who we really areTo some extent all of these characters live in self created artificial environments So between the simulation and the characters' facades what's real It's complicated I'm reminded of Madoka reflecting on the contradictions in her marriage She acknowledges that the outside perception of her marriage as solid has some truth to it but the hollow reality of her marriage is also true At one point Helen becomes so used to her altered self in the outside simulations that her real self looks fake Some of the characters realize that they've spent much of their lives reacting to situations that they've dreamed up; both Yoshi and Mireille mention being affected by conversations and situations that only occurred in their heads Regardless of what's actually happened all the emotions and reactions awakened by their experiences are very real On a personal level the events of this book reminded me of dreams Every once in a while I'll wake up irritated with my husband because of something he did in my dream It's completely irrational but it felt so real at the time And like Mireille I've sometimes worked myself up over an argument that I've acted out in my headLetter from Yoshi to Madoka Pluto and Charon show each other only one face never turning away In astronomy we use the word barycenter to describe the center of mass between two orbiting objects Our Luna is smaller than Earth and so the barycenter of Earth and Luna is on Earth deep within it actually Because Charon is so large and its gravitational influence so great the barycenter of Pluto and Charon lies outside Pluto Strictly speaking Charon does not orbit Pluto nor Pluto Charon They rotate around a barycenter between them Looking only at one piece of each other I have come to believe that I have loved you incorrectly I have been orbiting a dream I cannot touch I only know one of your faces It is not that I didn’t want to know another face it is that I loved that one so powerfully Maybe I did not wish to know There is a possibility that you are like Luna and you see all my faces while I see only one of yours But forgive me I do not think this is true I think we are mutually locked Perhaps this is what it means to be married Perhaps this is what it means to be married to me I saw a little of you and thought it was everything I understand that I was wrongYou don't have to travel to space to experience the unknown In their isolation these characters are forced to confront long buried demons They can no longer avoid seeing the obvious in order to protect themselves Helen insists on not changing or feeling too much on the simulation so that she can feel or change during the real trip to Mars but the change is unavoidable As much as they fight it they'll all be irrevocably altered by their experience The Wanderers is a uiet novel without much of a plot but it provides many thought provoking ideas to exploreOTHER For a mistake that measured 150th the width of a human hair a two billion dollar telescope was almost lost More details about this incident is available here #4 on the list Mike Massimino talks about another incident with the Hubble Telescope in his book Spaceman which is one of my favorite memoirs ever His thoughts during the stressful situation made me laugh even though I know it wasn't very funny at the time This would be my legacy My children and grandchildren would read in their classrooms We might have known if there was life on other planets but Gabby and Daniel’s dad broke the Hubble The Madokarobotic caretaker sections reminded me of two excellent short stories I read recently They are both available online Tongtong's Summer by Xia Jia included in Invisible Planets Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation compiled by Ken Liu and Saying Goodbye to Yang included in Children of the New World by Alexander Weinstein Speaking of eclipses the total solar eclipse is coming up on August 21 2017 We're only getting the 67% version here in Houston I received this book for free from Netgalley and PENGUIN GROUP Putnam This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review It's available now

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The WanderersNg blame The MarsNOW mission is Helen’s last chance to return to the only place she’s ever truly felt at home For Yoshi it’s an opportunity to prove himself worthy of the wife he has loved absolutely if not uite rightly Sergei is willing to spend seventeen months in a tin can if it means travelling to Mars He will at least be tested past the point of exhaustion an. 275ish starsThis is a story about the struggle to connect and communicate and about the balance between selfishly finding and fulfilling one's identity and how that may come at the expense of sharing one's life with those whom they love and who need them It shows the dissonance between three astronauts who seemingly know exactly what their goals are and where their lives are going Mars and people they love who are wandering floating just trying to figure things out with and without their astronauts We find that each character astronauts included is wandering in their own way and aren't we allI get a lot of vibes similar to Good Morning Midnight which also has peripheral space exploration elements and explores some similar themes One of the things that makes that book work better for me despite its grim tone is the focus on only two perspectives The character portraits in The Wanderers are still nuanced but some of the seven POVs seem excessive and unnecessary Especially the awkward seventh wheel dude what was his name Jason Nick I honestly can't remember Thrown in are the shared experiences and the dynamics between the three astronauts who get matched together because of their apparent compatibility in preparation for a mission to Mars I got some serious claustrophobia reading about their increasing paranoia while living in a bubble as their actions are scrutinized not only by those in charge of the Mars mission but by their families and the world at large on account of their being some of the most recognizable people on Earth Which is interesting because they're not even in space yet just in simulation somewhere in Utah view spoilerOr are they hide spoiler