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True South Read & Download Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ True South Author Jon Else – TRUE SOUTH does several things at once On one level it's a biography On another it's a lucid recap of many of the signal events of the civil rights movement A warm and intelligent book The TRUE SOUTH does several things at once On one level it's a biography On another it's a lucid recap of many of the signal events of the civil rights movement A warm and intelligent book The New York TimesNo one is better suited to write this moving account of perhaps the greatest American documentary series ever made Else tells the story with the compassion and elouence it deserves Adam Hochschild author of KING LEOPOLD'S GHOST BURY THE CHAINS and TO END ALL WARS The inside story of Eyes on the Prize one of the most important and influential TV shows in history Published on the th anniversary of the initial broadcast which reached million viewersHenry Hampton's landmark multipart television series Eyes on the Prize an elouent plainspoken chronicle of the. True South was an interesting read about how civil rights made a breakthrough in small towns in southern America We travel to those locations and learn about the bravery of Americans who are Descendants of Freed Slaves who fought for their freedom and the freedom of their descendants

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Civil rights movement is now the classic narrative of that history Before Hampton the movement's history had been written or filmed by whites and weighted heavily toward Dr King's telegenic leadership Eyes on the Prize told the story from the point of view of ordinary people inside the civil rights movement Hampton shifted the focus from victimization to strength from white saviors to black courage He recovered and permanently fixed the images we now all remember but had been lost at the time Selma and Montgomery pickets and fire hoses ballot boxes and mass meetingsJon Else was Hampton's series producer and his moving book focuses on the tumultuous eighteen months in and when Eyes on the Prize was finally created It's a point where many wires cross the n. I went to Kepler's to hear my basketball friend Dr Clay Carson interview Jon Else when this book came out I knew nothing about the book at the time but decided I wanted to read this first person account of the making of Eyes on the Prize This is a meaty book well worth delving into I enjoyed it both because of my interest in racismsocial justice and my experience with students making videos for NGOs In that regard it was fascinating to hear how the planning shooting and interviewing went for Eyes and so many other details including fundraising It was also fascinating to hear about Else's experiences in the South as a white SNCC worker and later as a producer I've admired Clay Carson from afar and have recently begun to become acuainted as our seats are nearby at Maples It was interesting to me to learn about the role he played in Eyes Now I have reading to do as I read the books by Carson cited by Else My wonderful student Abene has been admitted to the MA program at Cal where Else teaches I hope she can get to know and work with him there Great book I recommend it

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True SouthEw telling of African American history the complex mechanics of documentary making the rise of social justice film and the politics of television And because Else like Hampton and many of the key staffers was himself a veteran of the movement his book braids together battle tales from their own experiences as civil rights workers in the south in the sHampton was not afraid to show the movement's raw realities conflicts between secular and religious leaders the shift toward black power and armed black resistance in the face of savage white violence It is all on the screen and the fight to get it all into the films was at times as ferocious as the history being depicted Henry Hampton utterly changed the way social history is told taught and remembered toda. I watched Eyes on the Prize in 1987 a doctoral student in history at the University of Mississippi A number of the grad students in history were moved and thrilled while watching We taped and showed our students the episode Mississippi Is This America opening eyes to the history so many didn't realize had occurred all around them The series was electrifying moving and in some of us life alteringTo read Jon Else's book and the story of the creation of Eyes is gripping I would recommend it to anyone who wants to know about how history can be shared so effectivelyAnd because I am a stickler for small details Else's reference to Interstate 80 in Selma which is incorrect it's US Highway 80 only annoyed me a little