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Lucca Made Men #4 characters ë 104 Ã ❰Read❯ ➪ Lucca Made Men #4 Author Sarah Brianne – Lucca was made the underboss being what nightmares are made ofChloe was scarred by her past learning too young that nightmares are realHe has waited long enough to claim her soul but he must take it Lucca was madeTo save her from her past is to delve into hisThe world as she knows it will come crashing down I’m the fuing boogiemanI’m just a fuing frea. TEAM LUCCA ALL THE WAYLucca was his name but he was no man He was the boogiemanShe had only witnessed that in one other being in her life the devilImmediately he knew it was awoman when tall black boots and blackjeans hit the ground The next thing henoticed was her long silky hair It wasthe blackest hair he had ever seenHe desperately wanted a glimpse ofher face but she never turned aroundLucca found himself turning off thecar and getting out wondering how thiswas important than anything elsehe could do with his time His instinctswere what kept him going following herinto the storeHave I seen her beforeAnother small glimpse revealed heryoung ageStopping he was about to turnaround She’s too youngThe girl turned then went back to atable she had missedHis heart stopped a beat when hesaw the whole left side of her face and astriking gray eye The other half of herface was covered by a veil of hair Hewished he could reach out to feel thepure black strands of silk and move it toreveal the rest of her faceLeave now Nothing good wouldcome of this He should have left themoment he had noticed she was just ateenage girlHe was unable to place it yet butsomething about her called to him Itkept him from looking away from the girland leavingThe whole thing felt so wrong yet soright He was being pulled in differentdirections His mind told him to leavebut his body kept him patiently waitingWatching her hand go up to her facehe felt his breath catch in his throat whenshe swept her hair behind her ear FuckHis heart skipped another beat at thesight of her face in its entirety His eyestraveled down the right side of hergorgeous face that held a scar fromabove her eyebrow down to the hollowof her cheek Another one graced theright side above and below her lusciouslips The instinct to let his fingertipsglide down each mark was so strong hethought he might break his coverHer gray eyes held the story behindthe scar a story of sadness grief andtorture It was like staring at a perfectporcelain doll that had been droppedone too many times Others would see aflaw in the cracked doll making her nolonger perfect but he saw only beautyShe was the most beautiful creature hehad ever seenHe could watch her study thedelicate piece with gentle hands forhoursThe gold ornate piece she wasinfatuated with was unfamiliar to himuntil she opened the egg shaped objectand music began to play Her eyesdanced as she watched a ballerina twirlto the music He wondered what itwould feel like if she looked at him thatway“It’s a beautiful piece isn’t it” theolder woman who looked to be thestoreowner asked as she came up to herThe girl uickly became startledshutting the music box He wanted her togo back to the way she had been amoment beforeWhen her tongue peeked out to lickher lips he eagerly waited to hear thevoice that belonged to her“Y yes” She went back to looking atthe box avoiding the gaze of the woman“H how much is it”“Three thousand dollars”She removed her fingers from thepiece “Oh”The woman kindly smiled “I knowChristmas just passed but you couldalways ask for it for your birthdaymaybe I could hold it”She shook her head “Thank you butit’s too much”The lady smiled “Well you couldalways come back if you talk yourparents into it”“Thank you” The girl took one lastglance at the music box before she leftthe storeWatching her leave was harder thanhe had thought it would be He wouldn’tbe able to come out of the store until shepulled out Therefore he had to watchher go to the car through the displaywindow and that wasn’t close enoughfor himA vibration in his pocket had himpulling out his cell phone He didn’t saya word when he accepted the callHis friend Sal came over the phone“The BMW is registered to MaxwellMasters”That wasn’t what he had expectedthough it explained why he felt like hehad seen her before“Girl” Lucca spoke into the phonecarefully watching her approach thedriver’s side“He’s married to Elaine Maste—”“Younger” he cut him offSal paused “Scar”Lucca’s eyes traced her markings“Yes”“That’s Maxwell’s daughter ChloeMasters”He ended the call with the push of abuttonTime stood still for him as he soakedin anything and everything he couldabout her before she disappeared intothe carThere was always a moment onefaced in life when a choice had to bemade and this was hisHer tortured soul called to his darkone whispering for him to save her Hisheart was now slow steady finding itspurpose—Chloe Masters Taking one last look at the scar onher face he couldn’t wait for the day hecould run his fingers across it Beautiful “Hey darlin’” a deep voice soundedbehind herChloe jumped at the sound Asecond later a man appeared on theother side of the rails He wasterrifyingly beautiful and scared thehell out of her regardless of howhandsome he was She didn’t think aman that good looking should evenexist or a man that chillingChloe didn’t move a musclecompletely frozen in placeHe kept walking toward theentrance of the gazebo and went up thestep “I didn’t mean to scare you”She had no idea how she hadn’theard him She didn’t even know wherehe had come fromShe watched him lean up on apillar blocking her exit After everyhair had managed to stand up on herbody at one look of his eyes Chloedarted her gaze down to her lap andstarted fiddling with her hands“I’m Nero’s brother Lucca I wouldshake your hand but you wouldn’tshake it anyway”Chloe uickly glanced back up athim before looking down again Howdid he know thatLucca read her eyes “I overheardthat you’re apparently germaphobic”Chloe glanced back up at himagain Apparently He was reallystarting to freak her out nowChloe attempted to decide if sheshould honestly be afraid and try to runaway Yes I should However Luccawas blocking the only exit and she wasnot going anywhere near himChloe saw him move; as a resultshe regretfully had to look at himagain She held her breath when he puthis hand into his pocket to pullsomething out When a pack ofcigarettes came out she let out herbreath She continued to watch him pulla cigarette out and then hold it betweenhis lips as he put the pack back in hispocket Going into his other pocket hepulled out a lighter Chloe thought shewas going to have a heart attack if hewent into his pocket againLucca flipped his lighter open andlit the end making it burn a bright redas he inhaled“You don’t mind do you”Chloe slowly shook her head Shewished she could look away from himbut she was too afraid She could tellhe was Nero’s brother without a doubt;they both oozed confidence and sexThey looked very similar as wellLucca had the same skin color butshe couldn’t uite tell if his hair wasblack or brown The same went with hiseyes; she couldn’t tell if they were blueor green She would swear they wereone color before the string lightspicked up the other color changing hermind all over again Lucca howeverwas a billion times frighteningand a million times handsomethan Nero She figured it had to do withthe age gap but one thing they werevery different about was the way theydressed Nero only dressed in button upshirts and slacks while Lucca waswearing a black sweatshirt and darkloose jeansShe wasn’t used to seeing hair aslong as his It was swept back yet ittouched the back of his neck Heclearly didn’t care if it wasn’t trimmedand neat just like his unshavenstubble Everyone she was aroundalways looked immaculate making hisbad boy appearance like ‘don’tcross me or I will murder your entirefamily tree’ I don’t think it matters whathe wears; he would look like thatregardless“Aren’t you a little cold out heredarlin’” His voice also oozed just asmuch confidence as NeroShe felt uncomfortable with himcalling her that If I tell him my namehe’ll stop“M my name is Chloe”She watched him smile as he took apuff holding the cigarette between histhumb and index finger He exhaled“The mayor’s daughter right”Chloe nodded gently She knew thatpractically everyone was aware shewas the mayor’s only child Right“You were in that car wreck a fewyears back I remember reading aboutit in the papers Is that how you telleveryone you got those scars” Luccatapped his ashes in the snow withoutmoving his eyes from herChloe swallowed and looked backdown at her hands “That i is how I gotthem”“No it’s not I know a knife cutwhen I see one”Chloe glimpsed back up at himHow did he know “I I d don’t knowwhat you’re t talking about”Lucca flicked his cigarette in theyard “Yeah you do”A chill went down her spine at hiswords causing her to stand not able tostay around him any longer and notliking where this was headedShe walked a step forward hopinghe would move His muscular framewas blocking the whole entryway Shedidn’t want to know how many hourshe’d spent in the gym; she could see hismuscles through his thick darksweatshirt When he still didn’t moveshe gradually moved up Pleasemove please moveChloe was now just a few smallsteps away refusing to go any farther“C can you let me through” Her legsstarted to shake when he dipped hishand back into his pocket Her heelsmade it hard for her to hold herself upLucca pulled out another cigaretteand flipped his lighter open He slowlylit the end not moving his eyes fromher He blew the smoke out making itroll over her body Instead of puttingthe lighter back in his pocket heflicked it again and the silver Zipposhot out a flame Lucca did one of histricks rolling the lighted Zippo inbetweeneach of his fingers“I will if you tell me how old youare”Wait whatChloe became entranced staring atthe flame expertly passing through hisfingers She didn’t know how he didn’tlet it burn himselfChloe mindlessly answered andasked her own uestion captivated bythe glow “Seventeen You”Lucca suddenly flipped the lighterclosed “Twenty six”Something told her he wasn’t veryhappy about her answer by the look onhis faceTwenty six She had no clue whyshe’d asked how old he wasAfter she’d watched him moveslightly to let her pass she reallywished he would give her roomthan thatChloe slowly walked up and turnedher body to the side keeping her eyeson him afraid he would move when shepassed through She held her breath asshe carefully started to move by himHer face came to the middle of hischest even in heels and his shoulderscame right above her headWhen she had successfully passedhim somehow with just merecentimeters apart Chloe startedwalking as fast as she could trying notto run back to the houseLucca’s voice carried across theyard “You can’t run from the truthforever darlin’”Chloe picked her feet up fasterYes I can I’ve been doing it foryears Chloe haddecided she needed to leavethink Getting in the car Chloe took onelast look at the house that had never beena home but had been her prison As shedrove away she could feel the chainsslowly start to break as she left herprison and then her city behind Breakingfree was a paramount feeling she wouldalways rememberChloe rolled down the windowletting the warm summer air whip acrossher face Taking a deep breath in she feltthe last chain breakI’ve finally reached freedomA hard body wrapped around heralong with a cloth covering her mouthand nose The hand behind the clothstifled any screams or protests she couldhave made and the strong body kept herin placeStay still little girlThere was no fight to be had Hervision went blurry as it all started tofade awayOr it’ll just hurt worseShe had known it was too good to betrue Her soul belonged to the devil Amo the beast might be the safer choice he might even be the choice you want But a beast can’t fight the devil for that you need a boogieman When you are as emotionally scarred as Chloe you need the one that will fight for you you need the man with the blue green eyes who commands your body TEAM LUCCA ALL THE WAY This is a fantastic book I can't even put it into words Its a must read So many glorious moments I can't even begin to put into words Just beautiful I didn't put it down once since I started well only to jump up and down like I was stupid but that doesn't count

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Lucca was made the underboss being what nightmares are made ofChloe was scarred by her past learning too young that nightmares are realHe has w. 5 Darlin' Stars I am just going to start by saying that I was so scared when I began reading this I hyped it up so much that I knew I was going to be disappointed BUT I WASN'T I loved every second of this storyThe story continues after the gut wrenching cliffhanger at the end of Chloe We finally learn all the history behind her traumatic past and who is responsible for hurting her Chole is scarred and afraid she is constantly shying away from people and doesn't let anyone get close to her However my beautiful Lucca does not accept that He knew from the moment he saw her that she was special and he not only wanted to help her heal and protect her but he needed her just as much to help heal himYou're mine Chloe Masters You have been since the moment I saw your scarred face You just didn't know itI was pleasantly surprised with Lucca in this book Towards Chloe he was kind patient and gentle nothing like the hardened psychopathic killer his family and all around him know him to be Also he wasn't shy in his words of love and affection which is what I usually expect with the tough guy mafia dudesDespite this soft side he was still ruthless with those around him and his death count continues to go upNow what I didn't like with this book was I felt the beginning was a bit slow and parts of it began to drag for me however things definitely started picking up about half way through And I did not find that last showdown with the Luciano's that realistic view spoilerI mean all of his men just turned on him just like that It seemed a bit to easy hide spoiler

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Lucca Made Men #4Aited long enough to claim her soul but he must take it from the devil firstHer soul might have been better off claimed by the devilThe only way. Finally I have read Lucca and Chloe ‘s book and I absolutely loved it When it comes to romance a weakness of mine is a couple that are two loners misfits who fall for one another and become each other’s only desire to live I know in real life that would be unrealistic but in romanceland; I love it In the case of Lucca and Chloe; it’s because of Chloe’s scars and lack of being able to be touched that she is called a “freak” In Lucia’s case his is considered a monster mainly because he is a torturer with no remorse the underboss to the mafia When these two come together though they are soul mates and bring out the best in each otherThe relationship between Chloe and Lucca was extremely intense I devoured every word about them and felt their scenes as if it were me experiencing them Lucca’s all consuming lover for her was inspiring and it brought out the best there was in Lucca He went to the ends of the earth to destroy the people who tormented Chloe’s nightmaresThis is a book I would definitely read again It really isn’t a stand alone though You have the read the first two books to get all the history of everybody involved Well worth it though I’m eager to see what comes next for the Made Men; things in the mafia world are heating up Next is a guy named “Angel” I can’t wait to see what makes him tick