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Zenith author Sasha Alsberg review ð 103 ´ [Read] ➱ Zenith Author Sasha Alsberg – Gym-apparel.co.uk Most know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness a powerful mercenary whose reign of terror stretches across the Mirabel Galaxy To those aboard her glass starship Marauder however she's just Andi thei Most know Androma Racella aMost know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness a powerful mercenary whose reign of terror stretches across the Mirabel Galaxy To those aboard her glass starship Marauder however she's just Andi their friend and fearless leaderBut when a routine mission goes awry the Marauder's all girl crew is tested as they find themselves in. Edit 47 After further reflection I've decided to drop my rating to 3 stars All of my previous likesdislikes of Zenith still stand but I feel 3 stars is a better representation of my positivesnegatives for this novel While there were so many things about Zenith that I enjoyed from an entertaining perspective the criticisms I have expressed below are present in my mind than I originally felt4 stars I really enjoyed Zenith High concept sci fi isn’t really my thing but as I’ve read sci fi in the last few months and have really enjoyed them something about Zenith definitely struck meCW murderdeath ptsd rapeMy favorite thing about Zenith was the plot I’ve always considered myself a plot based reader so if the story is adventurous suspenseful and high intensity it’s typically a great fit for me I really didn’t know much about it before diving in other than epic girl gang of space pirates which was enough to sell me so the progression of different plot points and twists and turns was always an exciting surprise The ending also caught me SUPER off guard; I was not expecting it at all and the cliffhanger finale leaves so much to be explored in book two and I am going WILD trying to anticipate where things go from hereI also really enjoyed the characters I am a sucker for an externally hard protagonist with a vulnerable side and an admirable dedication to the people she loves so I naturally fell in love with Andi I think Lira has to be my favorite character – I was nervous starting this story afraid her character arc would be confined to the dutiful second in command with no individuality but I was SO PLEASED to get her backstory and see her own story arise within Zenith The “best friend” in YA rarely gets their own perspective so that is one uniue element I loved about this story I also love Breck and Gilly though their characters are not explored as in depth as Andy or Lira and I do hope they receive page time in the seuel I particularly appreciated Gilly’s character as younger teens can sometimes be sidelined in YA 16 17 and 18 year olds always get the spotlight and I adore the idea that a 13 year old girl can defy all odds and be a badass on a spaceship Valen was another favorite of mine – similar to Andy he is rough around the edges but I fell in love with his soft side and am super excited to see the progression of his character arc from this point forward I have to say my least favorite character was Dex – I feel he tried to hard to fit the “snarky yet charming frustrating but loveable” YA love interest trope I think there’s hope for me to like him in the future but I couldn’t fall into the hype for him Also Alfie is an amazing addition to the story and I strongly desire a spin off where he is the protagonistAs this is a book with 6 different POVs I felt the shorter chapters complimented the various perspectives and made it easier to follow along I will say I wish the POVs were eual with Andi Lira and Dex dominating where Valen Nor and Klaren are much less freuent My favorite perspectives were of course Lira Andi and Valen with Dex being my least favorite While I now understand the importance of Klaren’s chapters after finishing I wish we had gotten out of her story because I spent a lot of her chapters wishing to go back to the present story specifically because there wasn’t enough of herI really enjoyed the writing of the story One element I noticed was how well choreographed the fight scenes were I felt the writing was descriptive and engaging yet kept the story focused on the present and was not distracting My biggest struggle with this story was the dialogue Interestingly enough I had fewer problems in the interactions between the Marauder crew Andi and Valen or virtually anyone else besides Dex There was something about scenes with him that felt almost too planned – One of my biggest pet peeves in literature is being able to tell when an author is writing dialogue as opposed to a character speaking naturally and I’m afraid that was a freuent feeling of mine while reading Zenith Of course this could just be the fact that Dex just irks me for some reason I have not yet Lindsay’s other works but I am aware this is Sasha’s debut and she has admitted to struggling with dialogue the most so while that is evident in the story it is definitely a skill that can be improved upon If I have one final critiue I’m confident this book could have been condensed to be shorter Edit 47 There are SO many simultaneous plot lines that the story dragged at some points because there were so many story arcs to keep track of While I enjoyed my time reading it was a dense read which caused me to take a break and read a lighter book which I’ve never done before in order to sort of “reset” myself to stay engaged with the story Edit 47 My engagement with the story was definitely another issue I experienced and I feel if the book had been edited down I would have fallen into the novel much easier Overall I really enjoyed Zenith It was the type of entertaining high intensity sci fi novel I love to read I will definitely be reading book two I received a free copy of this book from Harluin Teen at Book Expo 2017 I had no obligation to review this book and all opinions are my own

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A treacherous situation and at the mercy of a sadistic bounty hunter from Andi's pastMeanwhile across the galaxy a ruthless ruler waits in the shadows of the planet Xen Ptera biding her time to exact revenge for the destruction of her people The pieces of her deadly plan are about to fall into place unleashing a plot that will te. FULL REVIEW WITH RECEIPTS NOW POSTED god this is a mess I don't even know where to start With the honestly awful writing The boring and poorly written characters the predictable plot I just don't know it's all a mess the concept is fine the execution is terrible Thus this review may be rambly I'm so sorrystandard disclaimer I didn't reuest an arc of this book so I could trash it I didn't even go into this with bad expectations I've genuinely enjoyed Sasha's youtube in the past and I genuinely enjoy sci fi and I wanted to genuinely read this to give it an honest opinion like I would any other book that being said I honestly just think this book is kinda terrible and I actually feel a little sorry for people who spent money on it The main problem with this book is it's so badly written full of cliche lines and awkward sentences it's impossible to read it and take it seriously I don't know what happened here did this book not even get edited Some examples First we have stuff that's just awkward andor doesn't make sense Everyone became a number in the end Valen was 306 Deep in the belly of hell incarnatedeep in the belly of hell incarnate it just do you see it's just AWKWARD That line could have been made so much less awkward It doesn't even make sensewhy do you insist on ruining my beauty sleep she said in her fluid little voice HER FLUID LITTLE VOICE death filled the void left behind THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSEThere's a lot of references to demonshell and stuff like that which feels really forced and fake deep like a demon emerging from hell she was an angel of darkness come to him in the pits of hell Androma Racella wasn't an angel she was death incarnate another awkward use of incarnate There is also lots of cat references she was angry as a wet feline hissing and spitting like cats thrown into watera gruesome creature Darai was ALSO what I'm talking about this so clearly is poor grammar why is this not edited it felt as if the weight of a thousand boulders were all forced into it seeking to torment her endlessly what lol So there's one bit where a character says you dare to approach me in my private uarters What is the meaning of this AND THEN NOT EVEN HALF A PAGE LATER What is the meaning of this you dare to speak to me Like this is what I'm talking about HOW does no editor pick this up and go hmm maybe we should use a different line here then we have cliche lines or things that are out of placeFirst of all we're introduced to a character who's 'tagline' is vengeance will be mine It's such a cliche line and it's said NO LESS THEN FOUR TIMES in the first 3 page chapter THATS TOO MUCH And worse every time he appears I need to hear him say this line and urgh Dex sighed Use your words Use your words just feels so weird for aliens to be using but maybe thats me being nitpickywe can do this the easy way or the hard way UM is there any greater clichePERHAPS MY FAVOURITE HOPE IS A RAGING ASSHOLE WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN WHAT JGKFJGKgross romance linesfirst of all this book is so painfully straight it hurts like even the fucking AI end up in a mf relationship In her place stood the warrior he'd trained and hardened into something devilishly delicious DEVILISHLY DELICIOUS DJFHDSJFHSKJDYou were always one for theatrics Androma My bitter little ballerina I am not and never will be yours We'll see about that Hmm yes romanticthen he lurched forward and in one sweeping movement mashed his lips up against hers ah gross sounds gross was gross because it was OBVIOUSLY NOT CONSENSUAL Non Con kiss was never discussed againhis lithe muscles on display explain to me how muscles are litheSO CAN YOU SEE I AM NOT JOKING ABOUT THE WRITING and truly I have just chosen out the smallest sample There are so many awkward cliche badly worded and non sensical lines The overuse of similes all of which are inelegant and awkward comparisons just made me cringe AND I DONT KNOW WHO'S FAULT THIS IS Because maybe it's the authors but maybe it's the editors Writing aside there's nothing compelling about the characters or plot either Androma is introduced as The Bloody Baroness she's supposedly ruthless and deadly and a notorious space criminal Androma spends half her time killing people and the other half reflecting on how she's such a monster and so awful and regrets everything It feels like she's supposed to be Kaz Brekker and Caelana Sardothien in one but it DOESN'T WORK Her character arc needed to be so much tight to actually make me understand the development because as it stands I don't know if I'm supposed to think of Androma as a sympathetic character fallen into bad circumstances or a ruthless trained killerThe love interest Dex is so flat and I literally could not name you one character trait he possesses he is literally given ZERO DEPTH The only bit ofhim I claim if when he allows the girls to paint his nails and he's pretty chill with it which was kinda coolThe crew also needed depth and work Breck Gilly and Lira have a fun dynamic together but no individual depth Gilly giggles and shoots people Breck is just there Lira is an alien and she loves her crew and there's some sort of backstory hinted at but we don't get much Breck is also drawn as a black woman in the character cards but there's literally nothing in the story that suggests she is black I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THEM DESCRIBING HER AS BLACK That representation amounts to a big fat nothingOther rep I direct you to Amber's review for the PTSD rep which she describes as laughable So character wise I was let down There's nothing really compelling about any of them even in the villains are poorly fleshed out and never feel like a threat In fact nothing feels like a thread because the characters are so perfectly able so incredibly capable and deadly that there's never a threat None of them have any traits and certainly no flawsTHE PLOT IS SO BORING Nothing really happens and the actual escape effort all goes over in one chapter The rest is jusr the characters doing random things Floating aroundThe whole concept had potential and I would have loved if the objective of the characters was clearly layed out Though to be honest the plot is the least of my complains this book is not worth your money It's not even worth reading for a laugh because it's not even that it's funny in it's plainness It's just boring It's just so intensely mediocre I don't know what else to say It's boring and plain and brings nothing new to the table It utilises every cliche without making them exciting or interesting and is trying so hard to be marketable but falls so short I had to SET THE TIMER TO FORCE MYSELF TO READ THIS ARC whcih is not greatJust don't Even if you love female space saga's I promise you this isn't worth it Find something elseneedless to say I will not be continuing the series PLEASE talk to me in the comments about the uotes and assure me I'm not the only one who had to suffer reading themme this entire book

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Zenith author Sasha AlsbeAr Mirabel in twoAndi and her crew embark on a dangerous soul testing journey that could restore order to their ship or just as easily start a war that will devour worlds As the Marauder hurtles toward the unknown and Mirabel hangs in the balance the only certainty is that in a galaxy run on lies and illusion no one can be truste. Watch my full video review here