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Hypercapitalism review Ê 3 ñ [Reading] ➸ Hypercapitalism ➮ Larry Gonick – Gym-apparel.co.uk PAPERBACK ORIGINAL From the bestselling cartoonist of The Cartoon History of the Universe comes an explosively graphic take down of capitalismBestselling “overeducated cartoonist” Larry Gonick has PAPERBACK original From the bestselling carR materialist society to create an incomparable cartoon guide to what exactly is wrong with modern life why we’re all so miserable and what can be done about it Hypercapitalism is an accessible and pointed cartoon guide to the threats to humans our society and the environment posed by the current form of global capitalism In pointed profound and entertaining cartoon narratives the authors take readers inside the inner workings of the global economy re. Three stars for the content and an extra star for the good intentions Probably most useful as gateway reading for people who have a vague awareness that the modern economy isn't adding up but haven't really thought about why or about how to resist it

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Ndering even the most complex ideas in clear plain and sometimes hilarious terms A primer for the post Occupy generation Hypercapitalism also provides a concise introduction to the thinkers Stiglitz Piketty Sandel Schor et al movements voluntary simplicity the sharing economy intentional communities the time affluence movement and concepts hypercapitalism corporate power GNP alternatives that are critical to understanding and changing the world we live. I finally read this book and I’m very glad that I did It is very well done I know Tim Kasser and Knox College well and I went to his talk before this book was published I loved all of the graphs charts and info that he talked about It was put simply and was a long read even though it is a graphic novel The first half made me very pessimistic but the second half made me feel very optimistic It also made me uestion why do I feel the need to buy something What do I value money at Many deep uestions and

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HypercapitalismPAPERBACK ORIGINAL From the bestselling cartoonist of The Cartoon History of the Universe comes an explosively graphic take down of capitalismBestselling “overeducated cartoonist” Larry Gonick has delighted readers for years with sharp digestible and hilarious accounts of everything from the history of the universe to the story of calculus Now Gonick teams up with psychologist and scholar Tim Kasser an expert on how happiness and values relate to ou. This is a great intro to the problems of capitalism and how it infects near all aspects of contemporary life from global politics to personal fulfillment There's a nice overview of various facets of capitalism with supporting statistical evidence of how bad things have gottenHowever while it's a nice overview Gonick almost intentionally seems to disregard any cultural theory or political economy theory This seems like a terrible oversight considering discussions of the problems of capitalism have been happening for well over 100 years not just since it reached this hyper state Gonick discusses things like worker unfairness and the wealth gap but doesn't outright call it exploitation or have many overt discussions of the class conflict at play within capitalismThis leads to Part II of the book wherein Gonick proposes we follow rules of what one may consider Ethical Capitalism However this runs against the fact that he just spent 34ths of the book laying out why this system is inherently flawed and built for personal and global destruction His solution then is to consume in a way where you feel better about yourself as a means to feel comfortable under capitalism It's a very neoliberal take that just doesn't hit the markPerhaps Gonick shied away from any strong theoretical discussion as not to deter any readers but I think in doing so it hinders this book's overall effect Still there is a lot of good info in here that's easily digestible and some of his recommendations are worthwhile but it just may not go as far as some readers would like