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MockingbirdNdroid who has no desire to live and a man and a woman who must discover love hope and dreams of a world rebo. 'Only the mockingbird sings at the edge of the woods'Wow This blew me away On a par with Brave New World an alternative version of future dystopia What bibliophile wouldn't love a uote like this'I feel free and strong If I were not a reader of books I could not feel this way Whatever may happen to me thank God that I can read that I have truly touched the minds of other men'Don't ask Relax This is the message the population are programmed to think in this futuristic USAThe technological themes of this book seem particularly prevalent to me in our current age What is the meaning of life What does it mean to be happy What is the role of family in society What does it mean to be an individualTevis explores these philosophical themes and also takes a look at religion while doing soambitious for a relatively short book And he pulls it offa very thought provoking read

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READ Mockingbird · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Mockingbird ✑ Author Walter Tevis – Mockingbird is a powerful novel of a future world where humans are dying Those that survive spend their days in a narcotic bliss or choose a uick suicide rather than slow extinction Humanity's sMockingbird is a powerful novel of a future world where humans are dying Those that survive spend their days. I could tell with in the first few paragraphs of this book I was really going to like it The story starts with Robert Spofforth a very special robot in fact a Make Nine robot whistling as he walks down the street Now to me whistling is a very distinctive human trait I know some birds can be taught to whistle and I'm sure someone has spent numerous hours of their life teaching their dog to whistle but generally I think humans are the only entity on the planet bad ass enough to actually whistle as we walk through the woods or across the plains announcing our presence to everything here I am Alright so Tevis got my attention right away I put the book on my stack of reading now books and promptly got caught up in a monster of a book 900 that I checked out from the library and had a deadline to finish a self imposed deadline as I still like to torture myself in ways that make no sense to any one else It was a long time before I had a chance to get back to Mockingbird but the whole time I'm flagellating myself with the large tomb from the library I'm thinking about Mockingbird When I do get back to it I'm nearly salivating I sit down like a guy who has been lost in the desert and is about to drink his first glass of water that wasn't freshly sueezed out of a cactus I fall in My daughter asks me a uestion and I look at her with a blank look before promptly returning my eyes to the pages Okay so I'm not going to win Dad of the year and I was so close this year The idea of having robots do our work for us sounds like a great idea We should be able to edify ourselves spend our time reading great works Christians could finally read the bible writing poetry learning to paint and having philosophical discussions about whether the chair and table do really exist Unfortunately I fear that most people would just spend time in front of the television inhaling their drug of choice I may be too cynical here but in Mockingbird that is exactly what happened People take handfuls of sopors and killed time until the television programs started Over several generations after building and robots to the point that the human race can no longer fix or design or have an original thought the robots due to a lack of interest by the human race take over There was no coup no uprising with humans fighting to take back there place at the top of the heap We simply handed over our lives to our creations In the movie Surrogates starring no other than Bruce Willis the salvation of the human race time and time again we have an avatar idealized version of ourselves that we move about the world to go to work to have sex basically a realized version of a video game that allows the human race to not only stay home but stay in one room wired into their surrogate all day We of course turn to mush I would have really been worried about our chances if Bruce Willis hadn't been in the movie Well in Mockingbird Paul is our Bruce Willis He is a university professor who really doesn't teach anything any because over several generations people have uit learning to read Not even the robots know how to read Paul starts researching old silent movies and has an epiphany that the subtitles at the bottom the suiggles actually represent what is being said in the film Over the course of watching many many films he teaches himself the rudimentary words of the English language Lets just say the genie is now out of the bottlePaul has to fight against the pithy statements that have been drilled into his head uick sex is best Don't ask; relax He starts to replace these short bits of controlling propaganda with pieces of literature that just keep nagging at him My life is light waiting for the death wind Like a feather on the back of my hand and Only the mockingbird sings at the edge of the woods These thoughts are a little complex They stretch Paul's mind and he starts to see the world for what it really is a shallow unsatisfactory anti utopian There is a lot to this book than what I've decided to touch on here for only 247 pages the book really packs a wallop I'm a big fan of Dystopia society books and this will certainly be one I add to my recommendation list

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In a narcotic bliss or choose a uick suicide rather than slow extinction Humanity's salvation rests with an a. Unfortunately Ends Up Just Being AverageThis is the first time that for the first 80 pages of a book I couldn't put it down and then for the rest of the book it ends up being below average At first it was so interesting so bizarre I was fascinated and entranced by this dystopia world and thought I had found another great author But then it seems the author just ran out of steam I actually thought to myself that Tevis is sabotaging his work on purpose The characters started to become boring there were pointless scenes grammatical errors and he even named one of his main characters incorrectly The message of the book is also a bit too academic and lacks subtlety Inwardness privacy self fulfilment drugs pleasure technology bad Reading knowledge friends family good I couldn't understand what Spofforth was about though If the message of the book is that reading and knowledge and intellectual curiosity is a good thing this definitely wasn't the case for Spofforth who is knowledgeable then anybody left on the planet seems to appreciate beauty but whose mind is always tired and who wants to die So the message I was getting was what is the point of it all Why not just snuff it I'm also not sure about the phrase that Paul keeps repeating throughout the book `Only the mockingbird sings at the edge of the woods' Maybe arbitrarily saying such strange things is some kind of side effect of popping one too many sopor pills I have no idea what it means and it is probably some line out of a bad poem It is obvious that Paul doesn't know what it means either But that is probably the point of it you don't need to know what it means you just have to feel something when the phrase is said It personally made me feel bored every time I heard it There were definitely some scenes in the book that were uite boring and should have really just been cut altogether The whole encounter with the religious sexist commune was too mundane and contemporary actually It seemed like something that you would still find in some small redneck southern town in America Then Paul discussing parts out of the bible and analysing Jesus was just pointless and dull I think this book possibly could have been much better if the relationship between Mary Lou and Paul was developed strongly rather than just having Mary Lou become nonchalant about their relationship and Paul ending up being just a sad whining character in love with a woman who doesn't care much about him Unfortunately I think the conversation Mary Lou has with Spofforth sums the book up `If no one gets born' I said `there won't be any people on the earth' He was silent for a minute Then he looked at me `Do you care' he said `Do you really care' I looked back at him I didn't know what to say I didn't know if I did care And by the end of the book the reader isn't really inspired to care either Supposedly this book was written by Walter Tevis towards the end of his life and after he battled depression and alcoholism for many years To me this book didn't convince me that Walter Tevis was leaving this world a man completely convinced that this world was worth saving Maybe the character that best portrays Tevis is Spofforth A man with great amount of knowledge and skill who can appreciate beauty but still can never overcome his sadness he has Who knows I'll still give this book three stars because there was some really good ideas in it and because this book is definitely going to bring some type of response from the reader I doubt that anybody can read this book and just be nonchalant about it It is just disappointing though because it could have been great and could really have been a SF Masterwork