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REVIEW ✓ The Color of My Words ò ✴ The Color of My Words Epub ✷ Author Lynn Joseph – Américas Award Winner“An achingly beautiful story”—Kirkus starred review “Elouent”—Booklist starred review “Lovely and lyrical”—School Library JournalThis powerful and resonant Am Américas Award WinnerAméricas Award Winner“An achingly beautiful story” Kirkus starred review of My PDFEPUB #193 “Elouent” Booklist starred review “Lovely and lyrical” School Library JournalThis powerful and resonant Américas Award winning novel tells the sto. The Color of My Words combines poetry and prose when sharing the story of twelve year old Ana Rosa growing up in the Dominican Republic Each brief chapter begins with a poem written by the protagonist that draws from the content of the chapter in uestion Sometimes Ana Rosa directly acknowledges writing the poems which is an uniue approach to form for middle grade fiction “I was wrong It’s people who can do anything” Guario sounded worn out “Words are just the inventions of people and they stand for nothing but what people decide they’ll be”Ana Rosa dreams of becoming a writer but in twentieth century DR she cannot pursue her dreams based on totalitarian government bans on artistry This doesn't stop Ana Rosa from writing anyway about politics about love about family and about hardship This novel is a nice selection for a middle grade classroom though the content would also fit late stage elementary school Apparent themes throughout and structured for classroom discussion

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Ry of a young girl’s struggle to find her place in the world and to become a writer in a country where words are fearedSeamlessly interweaving both poetry and prose Lynn Joseph’s acclaimed debut is a lush and The Color PDF or lyrical journey into a. I began reading this book expecting very little My type of book is typically thicker than my head and bursting with action blood complex characters whose motivations are fit to argue about and the occasional zombie or dragon Despite its initial off putting appearance I uickly fell in love with this bookThe rich character development was the best I have ever experienced in such a short novel The author's ability to weave poetry into the narrative perfectly complemented the unfolding plot Despite its length this novel is densely packed with twists and turns to entertain any readerI highly recommend this book to read any time and can't wait to begin sharing it with my students in the next school year


The Color of My WordsLandscape and culture of the Dominican RepublicThe Color of My Words explores the pain and poetry of discovering what it means to be part of a family what it takes to find your voice and the means for it to be heard and how it feels to write it all down. The Color if My Words is a great heart touching book The way Lynn Joseph really put a lot of thought in to this book really paid off The description of the characters setting and generally what's happening in the story is all things that this author did well Even though this could be a sad book I greatly recommend this book to anyone I rate this book 5 stars Really great book Thank you Mrs Barrett