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Heroes Ghosts Free download Û 100 ✓ [Download] ➶ Heroes Ghosts By S.A. Payne – Gym-apparel.co.uk Kenichi liked to keep to himself He liked working with his insects on the secure middle of no where space station He was proud of his simple uiet life and if it was lonely well he knew it would be iso Kenichi liked to keep to himself HeKenichi liked to keep to himself He liked working with his insects on the secure middle of no where space station He was proud of his simple uiet life and if it was lonely well he knew it would be isolated when he signed up As the only gay man on a station of other straight people he was used to having no romantic elements in his life When his first vacation in years is canceled and. Please do me a favor dear reader of this review Imagine a good sci fi book done Ok now multiply it for 1000 Done again Ok now multiply again for 1000 Done it Great This book is better than that And no I kid you notIchi is an entomologist Nothing ordinary happened in his life other than a few strange and deadly insects mating That's his life his research in a space station He is the only human in the middle of Avalons They are also humans but only for their humanoid look Avalons are telepathies something that Ichi with his high logical mind can't understand But he like his co workers specially Will and Amanda that Ichi can almost consider close as friendsHe is lonely Yes but it's ok for him His research seems promising his friends are invasive knowing his feelings but he like them he is ok no happy just ok because he can't get from life can he After a night drinking way to much a geek should Ichi did the unthinkable He bought a pet not an usual pet as a dog or cat but a doll a living sort of being build by PETS Living Companions a brainless humanoid to use as sex toy and well the pet arrive changing forever Ichi and all his friends life because the Pet is him Rye Unfortunately I can't talk about Rye you must read to know him and well everything can happen even the most illogical of all possibilities Ichi learning about loveI liked the multiple narration that gave me a lot of different point of views from main characters or not all voices in this book were neededI liked the romantic sometimes also erotic scenesI liked Ichi and Rye long way to learn how to trust another human beingI liked the sci fi theme very well explained and full of detailsI liked the action got also scared knowing their love was doomed to worstbecause Ichi and Rye love is not a weak relationship a stubborn and very closed mind scientist with a amnesic human used as pet nothing is easy and everything will happenI can't give less than 5 stars and unfortunately I can't give So well my 5 stars and also my applause

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Y selected for a free upgrade to a real live living sexual pet Looking like a human but with the intelligence and awareness of a dim witted dog the new pet is straight from a dirty fantasy But as Ichi learns about his unwanted new pet he starts to suspect that things may not be just what they seemed The first time in ebook format Heroes Ghosts combines sci fi and slashyaoigay romance. I don't know how to review this I don't want to ruin this for anyway with my stupid fumbling words This was just God so adorable so sexy So surprisingly dark and intense as well It was just perfection100% recommended the whole doll thing makes you think this is trashier than it really is But oh God It was not Not at all I just sigh

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Heroes GhostsWorse his on again off again lover dumps him Ichi follows his friend Will’s advice and gets roaring drunk Only when he wakes up hung over he finds that he’s gotten than a headache Will’s teasing joke about ordering a state of the art high end very lifelike sex doll no longer was a joke Only when the toy finally arrives months later Ichi is horrified to learn he’s been randoml. I had no freaking idea what to expect from this book other than a kick ass review one of my goodreads peeps wrote The writing reminds me of Manna Francis so detailed you see the movie playing before you You'll laugh but to me the book was like a Spock and Kirk love story with imperialism child sexual abuse identity crises BDSM hot smexin part psychological thriller mystery and ridiculous action READ eet P