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Some Animal Free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Some Animal Author Ely Shipley – Aligned with ueer theories of temporality fragments of memoir rub against the language of psychiatric and medical regimes at the site of a body that does not conform to a gender binary SAm like and supernatural resonances between the literature of pathology and experiences of gender dysphor. This is an incredible book of poetry The sections that are still lingering with me are On Bathrooms and On Beards and in general the constant theme of blood throughout the entire book It was written so fluidly moving seamlessly from poetic prose or prosey poetry to found text and back again Beautiful and delicate but direct and urgent feeling Love it

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Medical regimes at the site of a body that does not conform to a gender binary Some Animal draws out dre. In his TRANSforming Literature reading Ely Shipley refers to his poetry as a “collage” that includes memoir ueer theory history medical anthropology pop culture documentary letters from therapists and some snippets from canonical poets These poems work as fragments of experience as lyric essay Beautiful compilation In societies in which the night mare is not widelyacknowledged or discussed its dramatic symptoms aresometimes mistaken for evidence of physical or mental illness

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Some AnimalAligned with ueer theories of temporality fragments of memoir rub against the language of psychiatric and. I was getting my classic silent tears all over Some Animal before the first section was even over; it truly stunned and impressed me throughout Much like Maggie Nelson Ely Shipley writes in the mode of autotheory weaving intertexts like DSM IV passages historical content and other poems with his own beautiful work Because ueerness has both deeply personal and broadly sociological valences the method works in Shipley as it does in Nelson to render his experiences with everything from sexuality to transphobia with both poetic complexity and political resonance One thing I just can't get over about this book is the profound empathy Shipley's poems express for others experiencing subjugation violence and loneliness On the face of things this book is a memoir about ueer shame and pain vis a vis the experience of one person's life But Shipley makes such powerful gestures toward the internal lives of others that the book becomes expansive than that In one section for example Shipley writes about a painful childhood experience and intersperses the narrative with descriptions of a classmate from India who had no friends at school The ache of loneliness in those passages the particular way in which Shipley renders the discomfort of childhood killed me My only tiny complaint about Some Animal is that I wished I could have known what the source material of of the intertexts was without having to cross reference with the back of the book it wasn't always clear which passages were Shipley's and which were parts of the piece's collage of texts and maybe that the book had even material That is to say that this was just such a beautiful collection that I wanted even of it I was grateful for the opportunity to read Some Animal and I hope that others check out Shipley's work