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Free download Prithviraj Chauhan æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × ➝ Prithviraj Chauhan free download ➢ Author Anuja Chandramouli – Prithviraj Chauhan was destiny's chosen one singled out for glory and greatness During the course of an extraordinary life he transcended the limiOn mortals and achieved Godlike luster The conuering hero dreamed of a united land where peace prevailed over war and love over hatePrincess Samyukta loved h. This is the second book of Anuja Chandramouli that I have read after Kartikeya The Destroyer's Son and find her to a very credible storyteller of Indian historical and mythological fiction The characters while still great heroes are also very human with some self doubt and weaknesses in situations The characters grow on you as you read on based on a string of episodes in their lives which add layers to their characters graduallyPrithviraj Chauhan's is a great story in any case a tower of strength in the face of invaders seeking to conuer subdue and plunder He is thrown into conflict very early in his life and a domineering mother and a complex relation with his wife Padma add to the early challenges He later falls in for Princess Samyukta and very soon tragedy strikes them both in different ways In the end Prithviraj Chauhan his head high upholding his honour and self respect knowing what the decision would mean for himWhile the story follows the broad contours of popular accounts of history there is great depth of detail which is built around the characters and their history The initial stages of the book has a number of characters being introduced which can be a bit confusing and a character index would have helped And there is a great deal of focus on war but then I suppose that is what those times were about especially in the face of great dangersIf Indian historical and mythological fiction interest you this is a book you will love I received a free copy of the book so as to be able to provide an honest review

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Im from afar and when Prithviraj Chauhan claimed her for his own defying the wrath of an implacable foe their happiness was complete Victorious in love and w. A blend of history and heroes who rule your worldPrithviraj Chauhan was the Indian king who controlled present day Rajstham Haryana and Delhi with some parts of Punjab Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh from 1178 to 1192 Having a large area to rule his legend is well known and his stories are full of inspiration battles and charm His military success and failures shape the future of a vast and still developing continentThis is why he was an important character in the history and portraying him his actions victory and defeats in writing is both challenging and interesting It needs research and then a balance between fiction and reality making the work entertaining for the readers and at the same time presenting the work carefully All the steps have been covered by the author and a commendable book is its result The writing is lyrical and polished As you go on experiencing the ups and downs of the lives of the protagonists there develops a bond which is strong and unforgettable The battle scenes are class apart A cool cover adds fun to the reading experience Anuja Chandramouli's take on Indian history is top notch She sees some incidences minor or major and makes the readers see new perspectives expanding the thinking process and establishing a new found respect and interest for the history culture and traditionsFor experiencing Indian history and its dynamics you should certainly read the works from Anuja Chandramouli

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Prithviraj ChauhanPrithviraj Chauhan was destiny's chosen one singled out for glory and greatness During the course of an extraordinary life he transcended the limits imposed. Thanks to Anuja Chandramouli for the review copy in exchange for an honest opinionPrithviraj The literal meaning of the name Ruler of the EarthThe way his name is so glorious it is been said his reign was than magnificent Well there is literally much folklore about him because he was the iconic ruler before the Mughal eraSo about the bookConcept 35050 Execution 3050 Characters Bespoken 30 50World Building 275 50Cover 2550Writing Style 2550Overall 32550 Concept Historical fiction is kind of alluring genre and difficult to write as you reflect your own thought process on the chronological facts which may be liked by an individual or really get an unexpected response I have already read so much about Prithviraj Chauhan because my grandfather’s dad my great grandpa used to narrate stories about Mahabharat Ramayan and of course Prithviraj to me regularly Until some extents I liked the concept here the way the author has chosen certain events and mentioned it with splendid details Execution This becomes the ultimate hard part where it is so damn hard not to judge Also three pages deep and a side of me was revolting that why I am reading this However something kept me engaged until the end maybe curiosity about the execution If I could literally portray my reactions at the turn of proceedings Okay what Okay what again Why again How again When again So the story line started with the mother having dreams about her unborn son who is destined to be a warrior I felt like it was a bit over stretching and overdone at time of Prithviraj’s birth before his birth and after his birth I had a hard time remembering who’s who and figuring out hidden motives like all the times This was slow paced First time in life tinge of supernatural got on my nerves Moreover the interconnecting link rather weakened because of the confusion and concept became layered by haziness The growing up of Prithviraj and until the time he started his reign was a bit sluggish and I felt the end was too much abrupt The journey part of Prithviraj was amazingly atmospheric but seemed irrelevant It seemed like the author has tried too hard not to make it typical Indian author book typos and certainly not a love story The alien interjection about Prithviraj’s affection for a girl he saved named Yogita kind of seemed irony to me She got into his life and all of sudden vanished in betweens found her way into his enemy’s harem risked her life to get back to Prithviraj to warn and save his life when he wanted her back into his life her conscience came into the picture all of sudden and she attempted suicide Also the stories about Princess Samyukta or SamyogitaaShe married his statue and her love for Prithviraj which is almost legend which is barely touched upon as mentioned it was love at first sightokay I agreed with that but why such a plot twist that she was daggered by Rani Padmavati first wife of Prithviraj Rather blew me off Characters Bespoken Confusion All the way confusion and too much confusion kept coming on my way as I kept forgetting kings names along with their subjections Nevertheless the character sketches of Someshwar Karpuradevi Kanchanadevi Mahamantri Kanha and Prithviraj are somewhat brilliant in their own way World Building The war details – I am completely sold out for it Reminded me of movie – Baahubali All those plotting and politics and mind games by Prithviraj – really amazingI wish there were details about the battle between him and Muhammad of Ghor because for me always the most interesting part of the story was battle of Tarain About writing style Throwing excellent vocabulary to re phrase sentences doesn’t deepen emotions it just further complicates the subjective matter I have always strongly felt this The writing is a bit dense At times it felt like I am reading a social studies textbook and I have to remember names In addition at times this thought did strike me that if you dump so much information on a person who is been familiar with the timeline of the events heshe would definitely understand and digest it but I am literally dreading what will happen to the one who is completely ignorant Also “Have a care how you speak old man” such conservations seemed like they have been translated from Hindi without proper sentence formations I read the terms Bowels for like eight times And those philosophical conversations at time dragged “A mother is a fool He was never yours alone And never will be Prepare yourself for the reign of the king of the earth For fame and fortune love and death glory and grief” The sentence starting threw me off the edge Getting him to park his royal bottom in one place during the course of his lessons proved to be a tedious task as he was forever giving his tutors the slip Like seriouslyAlso the cover and the blurb seemed uite melodramatic and slightly contradicting to me Overall Sometimes grief may drive a man to do things he wouldn’t otherwise So true PS I would recommend this one to all the history lovers part of me is glad that it did not turn out into typical love story