Free read Off centre One play series ä PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free read Off centre One play series

Free read Off centre One play series ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¾ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Off centre One play series ➮ Author Haresh Sharma – Off Centre is The Necessary Stage’s landmark play in the history of Singapore Theatre It is best remembered for bringing meOff Centre is The Necessary Stage’s One play MOBI #238 landmark play in the history of Singapore Theatre It is best remembered for bringing mental illness and its patien. Initial thoughts First staged in 1993 Off Centre is much progressive for its time than I had anticipated Mental health is so misunderstood and until today many in Singapore vilify anyone with mental illnesses There's a fair bit awareness sure but prejudice discrimination and fear still existIn 2002 when I had first moved to Singapore and was in fifth grade my form teacher would threaten misbehaving classmates and classmates who didn't do well academically that they'd end up in Woodbridge if they continued like that Woodbridge Hospital had been renamed to Institute of Mental Health in 1993 but years on Woodbridge collouially still was referenced when calling others crazy — obviously as an insultTo read a script that shed light on how misunderstood mental health was and still is in the context of Singapore surprised me and simultaneously gave me hopeI remember my mother telling me that depression was the result of the devil possessing you I was eight This was exactly what Saloma's mother believed telling her that prayer and incense would cure her not health care and medication Happy to report that my mother has come to accept that mental health is a medical issueVinod's parents thought he was too smart to have a chemical imbalance and his platoon commander accused him of being lazy and using mental illness as an excuse to be downgraded to administrative workReading about their struggles as they grappled with what it meant to live or to die I could only empathise It's difficult to heal when there's a lack of understanding love and support As a society we need to do so much better for others and for ourselves Vinod What's the use Saloma Sooner or later they'll find out If I join a company that hires ex patients I don't have much choice of jobs and I get paid less anywaylike that Mr Chow And if I lie then everyday I live in fear wondering when the boss is going to find out So what do we do I wish I had chosen an excerpt from Off Centre for my A Level Theatre Studies monologue because it's so important to spread awareness Too bad with so many scripts I skimmed this book was too far down my pileIn any case The Necessary Stage will be performing Off Centre again in February 2019 I for one intend to watch it If you're interested you can get tickets here too

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Selves to elicit the rational and emotional experiences of two schizophrenics Vinod and SalomaOff Centre was first staged in Off centre PDFEPUBSeptember at The Drama Cent. Off Centre is part of the Singapore cannon of literary works and was also the first ever Singapore play to be selected for as an O and N level text for literature As a student studying literature i enjoyed this play very much as it allows a group of dedicated and passionate artists to research into matters beyond their life experiences and to build a body of emotional and psychological knowledge The characters settings and dialogue are all recognisably Singaporean For theatre with an agenda for social change such as Off Centre it is important as audience see glimpses of themselves or their worlds on stage so they can reflect upon and change their own attitudes and action Moreover this play calls out the audience and makes them think about their actions and this is done by the characters breaking the forth wall and interacting with the audience It is a production about mental illness that grapples with a great deal of pain heartbreak and tragedy Reading and watching this play definitely made me reflect upon my actions and become sympathetic to the people around me

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Off centre One play seriesTs’ plight to the attention of the media and the publicThe play uses effective techniues of flashbacks moving the characters in and out of their schizophrenic and normal. Off centre gives an insight to people living with mental illness and how eventually one cripples and the other on the road to recovery The book emphasises on discrimination and prejudice in today's society and how badly it affected the loves of people living with mental illnessesThe many events and people that Saloma and Vinod meet before knowing one another adds on to the complications in their already dreadful lives What particularly struck me was the robbery scene which was the turning point where both characters took the incident in a different light Vinod from the optimistic friendly bright and humorous man to a pessimistic cynical and possessive one Saloma on the other hand went from being negative shy and introverted to a completely different person The narrators give the characters a neutral side which helps readers to understand the character better but at the same time Sharma puts the narrators in a way that characters come into conflict with them and makes the plot interestingOverall i enjoyed the book and through studying about it for awhile im still learning how even characters who made small appearances could impact the main characters It is a very interesting way of showing the society ostracising people with mental illness and the effects of it