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review Mήδεια × eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Read] ➮ Mήδεια By Euripides – First performed in Athens 431 BC this classic play is one of the most searingly intense of all Greek tragedies The play is set in Corinth some time after Jason's uest for the Golden Fleece where he me First performed in Athens BO marry Glauce the daughter of Creon king of Corinth The nurse overhearing Medea's grief fears what she might do to herself or her childre. Gracious hell hath no fury While tunneling through Ovid's Metamorphoses I've been coming across a lot of familiar stories from childhood the ones that have stuck with me over the years and from which I find freuent references in popular culture and life in general such as this tale of a famous warrior who scorns his sorceress wife for another woman you dumbass the story of Medusa and Perseus the rape and imprisonment of Persephone etc I have also with wholly unchecked excitement discovered many myths which I was either previously unaware of or not yet old enough upon my first readings to feel the reverberations from them One such story is that of Philomela which during my reading started playing a familiar tune in my head which I finally managed to place it is Titus Andronicus minus the character Titus Andronicus More specifically it is the story of Titus's daughter Lavinia's tragic fate with all the rape tongue cutting and cannibalism included in the box Shakespeare you pomo re appropriating son of a gun Naturally wanting to read I investigated a bit and found that with the exception of Ovid and Shakespeare there really isn't much as far as plays or re tellings of the Philomela and Procne myth are concerned so I moved on to the next most fascinating story This is my long winded way of saying I think I will invest some time and read a bunch of these old Greek tragedies and Medea is the one I opted to start with Just because I can't sit through a musical doesn't mean I can't enjoy reading plays rightThis story is such a severe caricature of revenge that it makes Beatrix Kiddo look like a woman of marked restraint I won't spill it all here like so much baby blood and oozing princess flesh and ruin it all for you but I will attempt to analyze the moral encoded in this thing First is there one You read a lot about the vengeful nature of the gods almost no matter what ancient scripture or interpretation of scripture you are analyzing and blind though the rage and excessive though the punishments may often seem there is consistently at least an attempt at bigger picture lesson teaching This is not really the case with the mortals however The tales on Earth are about the wicked ways of mankind the bruised egos and battered hearts and the violent rage such insults can cause This is not a map of how to live; this is human brutality exhibited I suppose if I were to draw any conclusions from stories such as that of Medea it would be that control over one's emotions is hard won if it's even remotely embraced at all the line between righteous vindication and moral depravity in fact between emotion fueled yet justifiable behavior and sheer insanity is hazy on the best of days I'm still working through this in my head Basically there is no light here there isn't a shred of an upstanding character in this romantic turmoil everyone's some new mutation of a self centered asshole and lifehumankind are straight up fickle and mean so just deal with it already because all you can really do is try your best to break the bucking mare that is your brutal heartSome of the lines in this play are gorgeous but the final dialogue between Medea and Jason is so Jerry Springer that it drags the whole stage down on their heads I'm not saying the crowd would've egged the former couple but some of them would've definitely gotten on the mic and screamed at these people to just shut up already inter splicing their advice with any number of obnoxiously censored curse words The last few pages were basically No I didn't Yes you did No you are No YOU ARE which was a disappointing finale to an otherwise great show All the same I would recommend it if you are interested in morally ambiguous revenge tales mythology scorned love poison discussions of the role of a good sex life in sustaining emotions how fleeting our hearts and minds are how cruel and self serving people can be violence as a human instinct the role of money and status in human interactions how women have been viewed throughout history physical and emotional pain family friends country sacrifice Oh it's harsh to think of what the future hidesSho nuff man

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First performed in Athens BC this classic play is one of the most searingly intense of all Greek tragedies The play is set in Corinth some. Medea is a play about society and how it deals with people who do not fit into the dominant cultural code It is about power marriage betrayal hate and revenge as well but the most important aspect is the typical fate of a strong and intelligent woman following her husband to his home country She is treated as an intruder and danger to society mainly because she is different and knows things other people do not want to see She is the witch that narrowminded provincial men like to hunt the threat to traditional family structures that scares the community to the point of becoming evil She is the wronged women who has to bear the shame and the conseuences of her husband's weakness and treachery I have thought of teaching the play with a global citizenship focus after seeing recent developments in the world as being foreign once again has a great impact on your life your perception in mainstream society and your outlook on the futureMedea is the archetype of a person who won't accept injustice without fighting back The way she chooses to do this according to Euripides causes acute nausea of course which might explain why her social suffering and fight against an oppressive mainstream community has not become well known and symbolicChrista Wolf came up with an interpretation of Medea that took away the guilt of infanticide and left the failure of the strong vocal woman as the main focus I liked that idea as it is acceptable to modern readers However nothing beats Euripides' complex Medea in my eyes The brutality of her fate matches the brutality of human beings and their response to change and diversity

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MήδειαTime after Jason's uest for the Golden Fleece where he met Medea The play begins with Medea in a blind rage towards Jason for arranging t. “I understand too well the dreadful actI'm going to commit but my judgementcan't check my anger and that incitesthe greatest evils human beings do” Medea about to Kill her Children Eugène Delacroix 1838 As terrible as Medea’s actions are at the end of the play I can’t help but feel sorry for her at least is some small way She murders her own children but she was pushed to the brink of despair as the knife was placed in her hand by her own husband And Euripides plays on this dynamic beautifully Does one wrong justify another She gave absolutely everything to Jason The gods compelled her to love him and she did ardently that I think she ever realised She murdered for him she fled her own kingdom and saved him from death She bore his children and helped him rule She gave him everything Without her support he would have achieved nothing And what does he do He betrays her Pity the man who would attract the ire of such a woman “Stronger than lover's love is lover's hate Incurable in each the wounds they make” Medea is passionate and volatile without any scruples and when the person she loved most in the world abandons her for another woman she only thinks of how she can get him back She doesn’t care about what she will lose or who else she will hurt she only wants to hurt him as he hurt her And Jason is a fool for hurting her He must have known how she was and he should not have pushed such a woman to the brink of despair He drove her mad and she struck back harder than he could have imagined Her actions are of course inexcusable but they are not entirely her own fault Her volatility erupted and she channelled it into the most ugliest and bloodiest of revenges And it’s difficult to read about but it’s also important to read about Although Euripides through his raw and visceral language exaggerates the tempest that becomes Medea’s mind this is surprisingly real world because this does happen it has happened Despair can change a person The play also has powerful feminist undertones Medea shouts to the skies that she is the eual to any man and when she has been wronged she will wrong back as a man would recognising her own crime but committing it all the same And that’s her tragedy she cannot look beyond her own pain and anger