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Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray are finally united after waiting over a century to be together but they become aware a dark threat is loo. “But we bear so much that seems unthinkable The only truly unbearable burden is living without love” Okay I won’t lie even though I have loved watching Brother Zachariah go on this uest of finding the lost Herondale I feel like it is my least favorite aspect of this anthology And even though this short story gave us major insight on Rosemary and Jack it wasn’t a big surprise after reading The Wicked Ones But then once the story catches up to the events at the end of Lady Midnight and Tessa drops the REAL information of this story You all my jaw dropped And my eyes The tears won’t stop coming after that last paragraph Wow the blessings The happiness The everything ueen of Air and Darkness can’t come soon enough Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch I read this in Ghosts of the Shadow Market ✨

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Through Blood Through FireEphilim Now is the time for Through Blood Epubthe lost Herondale to be discovered Jem and Tessa have to find him before his enemies ca. I just finished this and I AM SHOOK What is Cassie Clare doing just dropping bombs at the very end of novellas like that oAaD cannot come any soonerNot only that but we got to see Emma and Kit albeit briefly in this

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free read Through Blood Through Fire ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ú [PDF / Epub] ☉ Through Blood Through Fire By Cassandra Clare – Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray are finally united after waiting over a century to be together but they become aware a dark threat is looming over a child of theMing over a child of the Shadow Market a lost Herondale from a line of Herondales who have used the Market to hide from their fellow N. What the Actual F did I just read Is this really happening Can it beINSERT UNCONTROLLABLE CRYINGOkay let me start on the story first that's focusing on the lost Herondale and the lost Heir because when I'm going to start talking about the emotional side of this novella when reading about Tessa and Jem I probably won't be able to do anything else afterwardIn this last novella it's all about the Lost Herondale that Jem and Tessa are still searching for Truths are revealed about the Last Heir the descendant of the only child that was ever born from a union between the Unseelie King and the Seelie ueen There's a prophecy going on around this child One that's promising that the world will turn into darkness whenever this person becomes of age and gets into hisher powersYou can imagine the build up of it all towards ueen of Air and Darkness is enormous since this is something we've read a bit about already in Lord of Shadows We know this is going to be an important part of the story in oAaD and I am so curious to finally see everything being played out But I'm sooo scared at the same time knowing what I now know about the lost Herondale and everything revolving around the story of the Lost HeirSince I've already read about Rosemary and Jack in the Wicked Ones some of the things written down in this one weren't really always necessary I think when it comes to the in depth details of some parts of Rosemary's life that was being written down But now knowing who the Lost Herondale is and that Rose is his mother this is no spoiler since Rose's name is confirmed in other novella's and we know then that she is one of the descendants this was also really beautiful to read because it's really sad knowing how much she loved her husband and her son but never got the chance to see him growing up and living a good life with her family Knowing how much her son missed a mother figure in his life It's heartbreaking and reading about Rosemary in this one only confirms this I'm definitely interested in reading a separate series of Rose and Jack Pretty Pleaaaase CassandraAnd then there's the other side of this novella The one that had me bawling my eyes out like I was reading the Clockwork Princess epilogue all over again Because there's so much happening regarding Tessa and Jem and IJUSTCAN'T Yup here come the tears againI can't put into words how beautiful and perfect this last for now novella is and do this novella justice the way it deserves This was beyond anything I'd expected to read I finished reading this one late at night while my husband was already asleep next to me in bed I was sure he was going to wake up since our whole bed was shaking because of me crying so hard and loudly thankfully he didn't because he always finds it amusing if I'm crying over books and I think I would've smacked him if he would've done so in this particular moment haha lol okay not really but well I would've been really pissed though a fangirl needs her moment when she's reading about JemTessaWill I've really loved every novella that I've read so far of Ghosts of the Shadow Market but this one This novella was definitely the most emotional one to read to me The ENDING of this novella gutted me so thoroughly In a good way though but still All the freaking feels I still After all these years ALWAYS can't properly handle reading about JemTessa and Will without wanting to go lie down in a fetal position and cry forever And the way things are coming together in this last part of the novella was beyond anything that I was expecting to read Gods I hate myself now for not being able to find the right words to tell you how amazed I was by it all and how this story 'got' to meI have cried like legit cried with fat tears rolling down my face for like 15 minutes non stop while Goosebumps were running all over my body because I was so not capable of handling all the feels This is to be expected at one point or another when you're reading a Clare book especially when I'm reading about these characters who are so precious to me to me anyway but I wasn't expecting THIS