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Out of Bounds Hoops #3Bounds Hoops PDF #201 From WNBA MVP Olympic gold medalist and global ambassador to the Special Olympics Elena Delle Donne comes the third novel in a middle grade Out of PDFEPUBseries with as much heart as there is game. “Out of Bounds” is the third in WNBA stand out Elena Donne’s basketball series called Hoops I have already purchased books one and two for both my fourth and fifth grade libraries and will place this one on my next book order Throughout the series main character Elle has struggled to balance family friends basketball and extra curricular activities Elle expresses her doubts and joys well and in a way that will resound with middle grade students and just might give them some encouragement and solid advice to be used in their own lives While Donne’s series is listed by some websites as a LGBT choice likely due to the author’s publicly expressed lifestyle the author does not introduce any potentially controversial elements into this excellent series for students in grades 4 6 With its modest length smooth reading and clear plot these books make a great choice for the reluctant reader who needs a push past the Jake Maddox type sports books Thanks for the dARC Edelweiss

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summary Out of Bounds Hoops #3 ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF · [Read] ➲ Out of Bounds Hoops #3 Author Elena Delle Donne – From WNBA MVP Olympic gold medalist and global ambassador to the Special Olympics Elena Delle Donne comes the third novel in a middle grade series with as much heart as thAny It feels like she can’t win even when she’s improving and doing well everyone always expects from her With her changing attitudes on basketball will she let everyone she knows down if she decides to take a bre. A book about a young girl named Ellie who is playing basketball But starts to feel like feel too much pressure and wonders is maybe she should just uit basketball

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Elle is finally finding her groove and is excited about how her year is turning out But of Bounds Hoops PDFEPUB #10003 when her team loses a major game against their rivals Elle doesn’t know if basketball is worth it. E ARC from Edelweiss PlusElle is finally becoming organized partly because of the scheduling phone app her friend installed and is learning to balance basketball volunteering walking her new dog and socializing However she's still struggling with basketball She doesn't think she's doing a great job and her coach is on her case Not only that but another girl on the team Bianca is outwardly hostile and aggressive about Elle being the forward while she is not It doesn't help that Elle's friend and neighbor Blake is going out with Bianca Her other teammates are supportive and her coach explains that she thinks Elle can be really good which is why she is hard on her Still it's not fun any Around Thanksgiving time Elle's family has a great weekend and soon after Elle decides that basketball just isn't her thing right now How will her friends and family take it when she breaks the newsStrengths There are so many middle grade books with Serious Problems that I'm thrilled when I see one with smaller problems that loom large in the middle school mind Mean girls balancing one's time dealing with family and homework and friends all concerns that we forget can be devastating Sure it's not death or dismemberment or destruction but middle school readers will definitely identify with Elle's struggles and it's good to see her work through most things successfully if not uickly or easily There are so few books about basketball with female protagonists so it is great to see this series Weaknesses This comes fairly close to some hand wringing angst but at least that's usually when Elle is able to step back and have some fun I hope she has success in the next book thoughWhat I really think I enjoy this series and would love to see Delle Donne do a book or two for slightly older readers addressing slightly mature problems