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read kindle ´ Tales of the Astonishing Black Spark Paperback ë charlie j. eskew í ❰Reading❯ ➾ Tales of the Astonishing Black Spark Author Charlie J. Eskew – Trapped in a dead end job in his Ohio hometown watching the girl of his dreams move on toTrapped in a dead the Astonishing Kindle #209 end job in his Ohio hometown watching the girl of his dreams move on to a glamorous new life in a big city Donald McDougal’s aimlessness has held him back for a long time When a Imagine your funny fallible deeply geeky friend is stuck by lightning and gets superpowers and well wrote you a book about it In this debut Eskew takes you along with his hero as he stumbles through what it takes to be a superhero without falling into the well trod traps of being overly idealistic or alternately super gritty This hero doesn't always make super choices and faces real life conseuences from events as large as stopping a supervillain or as small as eating all his friend's cereal His world is as flawed as our own and peppered with geeky references than I probably got on my first reading This book is beautiful strange and most importantly REAL Plus did I mention it was funny

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Lightning strike grants him superhuman powers he jumps at his chance to finally be somebody But the new abilities and the pursuit of superheroic fame come with a price tag and it may not be one he can affordThis wry debut is note copy provided by NetGalley and Lanternfish Press for free in return for an honest reviewThis is the tale of a man who got struck by lightning and you guessed it got electro super powers What is perhaps the least original origin story is woven into a story that is funnily enough uite original It takes place in what I can only call the most accurate depiction of the world we live in today but with one single twist superheroes Which oddly enough happens to be a very large twistThe main character Donald is the typical struggling American man He’s stuck in a shitty job he’s got 99 problems and most of them have to do with one particular girl and he just happens to be a super heroEskew creates a world so scarily similar to our own with its big ol’ issues and its great big beauties It’s written in the style of a memoir which is super cool It read like nonfiction other than the whole you know minor superhero thing The voice that is created is eerily believable and the style through which the events are expressed makes everything seem as if it actually happened The fake memoir method of writing reminded me of “What We Do in the Shadows” It’s a hilarious mockumentary about vampires in New Zealand that takes place in a realistic world but has a similar ish paranormal twist to The Tales of the Astonishing Black SparkDonald’s voice is real and self aware It hits on topics of racial ineuality and raises uestions about current racialized issues such as social justice campaigning in the modern world as well as how history idealized racial issues These ideas shine through at two particularly powerful momentsa “My smoking habit could play as metaphor for any Black Power movement after the 80s not fully committed reluctantly active”This is honestly the best line in the entire novel A completely accurate and well founded nudge at the current state of social justice movements Although this is aimed specifically at racial euality movements I do think it’s applicable to pretty much any civil rights campaign that we see in the media todayb “I’m aware that two racially aimed comments will officially land this little memoir in the dusty African American section of your local bookstore”This was a really witty remark that hit perfectly with my sense of humor I think it’s ironic because although Eskew is kind of criticising this because of how much race is brought up in the novel the book may actually be deemed African American literatureAnd you bet your ass that there were faaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr than just two racially aimed comments that fell after this statement So much so that it became excessive repetitive and to be blunt pretty damn annoyingI could go on and on about the ideas that both these uotations raise but I don’t want this book review to turn into a statement on current social issues so I’ll leave it at thatBecause these uotes are taken from an ARC it is not guaranteed that these will appear in this exact form or at all in the final released version of the novelThere was also a training montage in this book which also gets a thumbs up from me I love a good training montage and this one was pretty lit Not uite Rocky Balboa lit but lit all the sameEskew is constantly making points about the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of some aspects of culture society and religion through hyperbole and exaggeration However sometimes it goes from satirical and clever to a little bit too ridiculous too unrealistic and kinda very cringy Tries to be a little bit too “down with the kids these days” Reminds me of rfellowkids If you know what I’m talking about bless your soulThe book hops from the really mundane something I don’t tend to enjoy reading about this is why I don’t really read contemporary to super ridiculous crazy ass shit It’s kind of cool and interesting but also jarring and abrupt which isn’t greatAs I stated previously the origin story of the fabled Black Spark is the most unimaginative shit I’ve ever read in my life The unoriginality of it really disappointed me especially because everything else about this book screams “fresh” and “new” and “current” There are so many fun and decently plausible well actually not plausible at all considering that there is no such thing as super powers but let’s ignore that fact for the moment ways he could have developed his powers Like sticking a fork in a toaster or acting out that one scene in Jurassic Park where the kid in on the electrocuted fence and he goes zap zap and even though I’m not explaining this well at all you know exactly what I’m talking about Eskew really let me down on this oneI wasn’t a huge fan of this book I think if handled with a little tact it could have been amazing It brought up important topics and dealt with new and interesting ideas but ultimately the repetitiveness and ridiculousness left me than a little disappointed

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Tales of the Astonishing Black SparkAt once Tales of eBook #190 a fanboy’s homage to the history of superhero storytelling in America and a keen eyed satire of those same stories raising uestions about race and privilege that are becoming impossible to ignor I received a galley copy of this title prior to releaseDonald a Midwestern African American geek gets struck by lightning becomes a superhero superhero things happen Comics and superhero books and movies are not my personal preference but as a YA Librarian I have selected this book for a number of reasons 1 Superhero fiction and prose adaptations of graphic novels are very popular right now 2 This is a African American character written by an author of color The world needs of this the YA community is demanding of it See The Hate U Give Children of Blood and Bone etc 3 The whole book just seems very real Nothing in the story relies too heavily on tropes except maybe the origin story and Donald makes his messy inexperienced way through the story in a very relatable wayParts of the book come across as a little disjointed and need some polish There are a lot of pop culture references and geek speak that may not stand the test of time The story is also interrupted regularly by passages like This is the Tale of the which would make for better chapter titles than it does as a way of developing proseAll in all its a fun read that will resonate with teens young adults and super hero fans and an interesting first novel from an author with a uniue perspective