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Daily Rituals Women at WorkR the next time so help you God Diane Arbus doing what gnaws at her Colette locked in her writing room by her first husband Henry Gauthier Villars nom de plume Willy and not being let out until completing her daily uota she wrote five pages a day and threw away the fifth Colette later said A prison is one of the best workshops Jessye Norman disdaining routines or rituals of any kind seeing them as a crutch and Octavia Butler writing every day no matter what screw inspiration Germaine de Stal Elizabeth Barrett Browning George Eliot Edith Wharton Virginia Woolf Edna Ferber Doris Lessing Pina Bausch Frida Kahlo Marguerite Duras Helen Frankenthaler Patti Smith and on their daily routines superstitions fears eating and drinking habits and other finely and not so finely calibrated rituals that help summon up willpower and self discipline keeping themselves afloat with optimism and fight as they create and avoid creating their creations. I picked up this book thinking it was of an account of building effective work habits for women The stories are a bit repetitive a lot of artists get mixed up with substance or affairs wake up early shut themselves in and dedicate a lot of time to their work I found a few good uotes but overall struggled to get through what felt like of the same

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review Daily Rituals Women at Work Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Daily Rituals Women at Work By Mason Currey ✎ – More of Mason Currey's irresistible Daily Rituals this time exploring the daily obstacles and rituals of women who are artists painters composers sculptors sMore of Women at PDF #186 Mason Currey's irresistible Daily Rituals this time exploring the daily obstacles and rituals of women who are artists Daily Rituals ePUB #10003 painters composers sculptors scientists filmmakers and performers We see how these brilliant minds get to work the choices they have to Rituals Women at PDF #10003 make rebuffing convention stealing or secreting away time from the pull of husbands wives children obligations in order to create their creationsFrom those who are the masters of their craft Eudora Welty Lynn Fontanne Penelope Fitzgerald Marie Curie to those who were recognized in a burst of acclaim Lorraine Hansberry Zadie Smith from Clara Schumann and Shirley Jackson carving out small amounts of time from family life to Isadora Duncan and Agnes Martin rejecting the demands of domesticity Currey shows us the large and small and abiding choices these women made and continue to make for their art Isak. I read and enjoyed the first book in this series and appreciated that the author addresses the criticisms of that one in the introduction It's not all about dead white men after allThe basic message Prioritize your work Make time for it Get it done Like the first one this is a collection of snippets from memoirs biographies interviews letters etc dealing with how 143 women artists get their art done I found it interesting how many of these women I'd never even heard of before so that was a plus Like the earlier book this one is uneven in the amount of information about each woman and some sections felt like filler material Still I had fun dipping into this one over the course of a month or so

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Dinesen I promised the Devil my soul and in return he promised me that everything I was going to experience would be turned into tales Dinesen subsisting on oysters and Champagne but also amphetamines which gave her the overdrive she reuired And the rituals daily and otherwise that guide these artists Isabel Allende starting a new book only on January th Hilary Mantel taking a shower to combat writers' block I am the cleanest person I know Tallulah Bankhead coping with her three phobias hating to go to bed hating to get up and hating to be alone which could she mute them would make her life as slick as a sonnet but as dull as ditch water Lillian Hellman chain smoking three packs of cigarettes and drinking twenty cups of coffee a day and after milking the cow and cleaning the barn writing out of elation depression hope That is the exact order Hope sets in toward nightfall That's when you tell yourself that you're going to be bette. What it covers in breadth of many different women artists it loses in anything other than a cursory overview of how each artist approaches work I find the subject fascinating but yet I found myself bored of reading much the same thing artists tend to be workaholics that often have to separate themselves from friends and families and spend a lot of time alone and thinking and working Being a mother I was interested in how are you able to do that when you have a family