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Going Down summary À 108 × [EPUB] ✶ Going Down ✻ Barbara Bell – Gym-apparel.co.uk Trapped in an elevator with her boss Ellie has been trying to keep her distance from Casey her supervisor ever since last year’s Christmas party A uickie in a bathroom stall left both women breathle Trapped in an elevator with her boss Ellie has been trTrapped in an elevator with her boss Ellie has been trying to keep her distance from Casey her supervisor ever since last year’s Christmas party A uickie in a bathroom stall. This is the first ff novella in Carina's Dirty Bits line so you know I had to read it It's boss employee which is one of my NO buttons but it was navigated well I thought Through a flashback we see the heroines hook up for the first time at an office party In present day they get stuck in an elevator together And because this is a romance the fire department can't come for a couple of hours because they're putting out a massive fire The heroines can come though Had to make the joke not sorry Like so many of the Dirty Bits line the heroines have an established history before the events of the novella This means that the sexytimes have emotional depth and move the romance forward This is good because the book reads a little like how many different ways can women fuck and isn't heavy on plot It's very much a bottle episode elevator episode Read it if you want a uick erotic story with two women at least one of whom is bi Yes there's an HEAContent Warning boss employee fistingSuzanne received a copy of this book for review from the publisher via NetGalley

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Left both women breathlessand than a little embarrassed when they rejoined the party Workplace snogging is highly inappropriate Though enormously eroticBody temperatures are al. I think the use of third person limited narration just didn’t work for me as a character Ellie lacked the personality and charisma necessary to propel the story in a way that was entertaining for me She was so nervous and unsure that I felt uncomfortable for a lot of the story which did not make the experience enjoyable for me The story also felt very one sided I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading it but it just wasn’t a winner for me 2 out of 5 wine glasses

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Going DownReady rising when Ellie and Casey find themselves alone in the elevator one Friday night at the office When the lift comes to a grinding stop awkward isn’t large enough a wor. This was pretty darn cute well if you can call a novella involving fisting “cute” Boss employee and forced proximity are some of my favorite tropes so while I’ve find the Dirty Bits line a bit hit and miss I’m happy to add this one to one of my favorites“My boss said to phone the fire department so” He trailed off as if expecting them to tell him that they weren’t really stuck He didn’t need to phone the fire department This was all just a big misunderstandingExcept it wasn’t and the prospect of being trapped in three suare meters of space with the woman she had barely been able to speak to without imagining naked was becoming terrifyingly real”Three months after what Ellie views as a one night stand with her boss at the office Christmas party Ellie’s become an expert at avoiding Casey Though Ellie’s bisexual she’d never previously been with a woman so when Ellie put the brakes on their encounter Casey misunderstands and leaves For her part Ellie believes that Casey leaving means that she’s rejected her“I didn’t want you to tell me it meant nothing” Ellie continued just to escape that silence “I mean I already knew that You’re” beautiful successful able to get anyone you want “my boss And I’m” me “your employee I knew from the start it wasn’t serious It couldn’t be And then you walked out and I knew it and I I just didn’t want to face it”Ellie is adorably awkward though I could see how she could be annoying to some readers She’s so reluctant to interact with Casey that in order to avoid their usual pre ONS coffee dates she gives up coffee completely Being stuck in an elevator with her is literally her worst nightmare Casey is a bit of a cypher as we don’t get her POV Ellie calls Casey’s aesthetic “broody stoicism” and I think that fits pretty well She’s not exactly an ice ueen but it does seem like she’s reluctant to express her feelings though some of that can be attributed to her believing that she had used the power imbalance in their relationship to force Ellie into a relationship I liked how through a lot of awkwardness they were forced to confront their misunderstandings and then of course have sexI liked the little touches of humor – like Ellie freaking out when she realizes she’s wearing her laundry day underwear or when Casey gets her hand stuck trying to take off Ellie’s bra I found Ellie’s voice hilarious in general As for cons it does have a bit of a sex by checklist vibe – besides fingering there’s also fisting the titular “going down” and some grinding It felt a bit like trying to force in all these different experiences rather than the characters spontaneously just having sexOverall I uite liked this one and would recommend it to anyone looking for a uick and steamy ff readI received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review