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Characters ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Kristy Cunning All The PDF #201 I'm not all that special really Or uncommon I'm sure there are a lot Gypsy Blood ePUB #10003 of girls with old gypsy blood who see the dead have killer cults hunting their Blood All The Kindle #210 family and turn into something that gets scary when they panic Yep Completely unoriginal if Blood All The Pretty Monsters MOBI #204 I do say so myself Move along Nothing to Blood All The Pretty Monsters MOBI #204 see here Nope I'm just an ordinary girl I wish people wo. Anna deserves a 5 I could give her nothing less 😂

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Free download ¹ Gypsy Blood All The Pretty Monsters #1 È PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¶ ➯ [Read] ➫ Gypsy Blood All The Pretty Monsters #1 By Kristy Cunning ➻ – I'm not all that special really Or uncommon I'm sure there King into the middle of a story that's thousands of years old and I'm the new girl on the block who doesn't have a clue how this world even works My only guides happen to be the most lethal of the bunch They decide who lives or dies They decide who gets stabbed or tortured Yeah I've gone and drawn attention to myself and the ones paying attention are the ones everyone else seems to fear How do these things always happen to me Reverse Harem Language warning Sexual content Dark Hum. Okay so i have been obsessing over reverse harem books for a few days now and i really didnt like the books i read but this one holy shit It’s seriously nothing like I expected to be or i ever read before this book is a combination of romance suspense paranormal activities supernatural creatures mystery and hilarious side characters I thought Violet who is the heroine ll get a insta love story and fuck the guys like bunnies but NOOOO She is a gypsy who has no idea about the dangers lurking around and her mother never told her how their world works She arrives at Shadow Hill to take over her Mother’s store which she left after she died to Violet and in the town she meets Emit who is a warewolf Vance who is a Van hasling and Damien who is i have no idea what he is but he loves mirrors 😂 and then Arion is the leaders of the Vampires Violet’s friend Anna who is a ghost is my favourite she is funny af and i couldnt stop laughing This book was a bit creepy which put me to the edge really suspenseful and i couldnt put it down for a minute The ending HOLY FREAKING SHIT I had not seen it coming it was so unexpected and i cant wait to read the second book It was a bit slow and i was up for it there isnt much romance in the first book but it was still interesting and hooked me till the endWe see how Violet tries to discover about her new town and who killed her mother meanwhile the guys are obsessed with the new gypsy who has very little knowledge about their world and the guys They are attracted to her but their relationship built really slow i really liked it that it wasnt insta love and the characters got to know each other first and trust one another The guys cant stand each other but they wont ever kill one or the other It was so funny to see them interact cuz they hated each other so much especially Vance and Damien they cant even be in the same room without fighting but they had to talk cuz of Violet Overall i loved the whole story the entire plot was intresting and the characters were so amazing I never read something which is so funny simultaneously suspenseful and creepy At some parts of the book i got chills cuz it was getting so creepy but then suddenly i started laughing cuz Anna said something funny 😂😂 I felt all kind of emotions and i hope the second book is like that too

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Gypsy Blood All The Pretty Monsters #1Uld believe that I've been labeled as one thing or another for most of my life Death Girl Crazy Gypsy Girl Gothic Chick Monster It took my mother's death for me to finally start getting answers about what's really been going on Unfortunately most of the answers come from menwho aren't just men Somehow I've gone and landed myself in a world truly filled with monsters and I'm starting to think this is where I should have been all along OnlyI don't understand what's going on I'm wal. So I'm a bit of an idiot and I downloaded a bunch of books after taking some muscle relaxers for my back spasms and when I woke up I found this book and many others on my kindle as a great little surprise for myself I started reading this one and got about halfway through before I remembered Oh There was a reverse harem in there This is one of the few times where under the influence me and actually got along but I do not condone this method of shopping or you will end up with a 5 pound bag of gummy bears delivered to your door and received by a slightly judgmental husbandAnyways I went into this book thinking it was just a uirky paranormal romance and while it was that the addition of the reverse harem was just icing on the cakeViolet has old gypsy blood which makes her able to see ghosts and interact with all the spooky spooks in the world including but not limited to werewolves and vampires Her crazy albeit charming sidekick Anna is the world thirstiest ghost who is about to jump on any warm male that she can find and give you a full narration in the process Since she can't actually touch anybody and nobody but Violet can see her she is than happy to live vicariously through her friend and encourage her most strongly to get on the ponyViolet is sort of the silent but deadly kind She is powerful with the magic in her blood and she uses it in unconventional ways I love that she able to take people by surprise in this book and actually fucking defend herself instead of relying on the menfolk to get her out of sticky situationsThis is definitely a promising start to the series I don't want to get too much into the plot because there is so much that could be spoiled even by just describing what the hell is going on There are twists and turns and manly men that like to walk around nekkid Which Anna is completely okay with As I would be too Yow