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FREE DOWNLOAD Î The Devil ✓ ➸ The Devil Free ➮ Author Ashley Jade – The Devil is the first book in the Devil's Playground duet They'll tell you I seduced them Used my looks and body to lure them into my playground They'll tell you I'm a sinner A demon who held them ca The Devil is the first book in the Devil's PlayT They'll tell you I'm evil A monster obsessed with the both of them They'll tell you they made a deal with the devil What they won't tell youis how much they liked it Please note This story contains content that may be offensive. MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog ➽ KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS ’CARDS OF LOVE THE DEVIL’ Is a prelude novel in the cards of love collection by new to me author Ashley Jade Dual POV MMF MFI really have no idea what I've just read devoured it really it was all kinds of f#cked up beyond hot just when you think the story is going to go one way it takes a one sixy turn and everything changes Easy to get into hard to put down I read this in no time at all Temptation taboo murder heartbreak deceit obsession this book was such a crazy ride a prelude to what's going to come at us in the next installment and I for one can not waitSo there I was gearing up for a taboo little treat between a stepfather who is not that much older than his step daughter the attraction the super steamy forbidden fruit aspect of it all comes rushing at you I started enjoying the ride If I had my way I'd be the dirty little secret he takes to his bed every night instead of his doting little stepdaughter When out of nowhere the past comes rushing at you at full speed and this whole story is flipped on its axles It's like a story within a story and wow what a hot little number this one turned out to be I'm speechless flabbergasted panting left wanting      


To some readersThe Devil is a prelude novel that is part of the Cards of Love Collection You do NOT need to read any other books in the collection to read The Devil The Devil is part of The Cards of Love series releasing October. If you’ve read this author before then you already know when you pick up an Ashley Jade book you just don’t know what you’re in for Throw in a title like The Devil and you know for sure all bets are off The Devil is a story of unreuited love of betrayal a trust that’s not easily given and so carelessly shattered and an intense all consuming need for revenge There is no hero there are no good guys here Just an innocent who’s too love struck to see the truth until someone forces them to face it head on It’s a story about obsession a need so strong that they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want and will trample over anyone who gets in their way The Devil isn’t always who you think it is and he’s certainly not to be trusted as these characters are about to find out He’s ruthless and cunning and I loved it I’m a massive fan of this author and like all her books The Devil is filled with twists that I didn’t see coming And it’s hot So very very hot The chemistry between the characters will have you fanning yourself and the sexy scenes are enough to set your kindle alight I couldn’t get enough of The Devil and I’ve definitely got a soft spot for one character in particular who I’m hoping to see of in the future hint hint Another fantastic book from Ashley Jade


The DevilThe Devil is the first book in the Devil's Playground duet They'll tell you I seduced them Used my looks and body to lure them into my playground They'll tell you I'm a sinner A demon who held them captive with temptation and lus. “There are no heroes in this story Only devils” If someone had told me that when I first started this book that the outcome was going to be completely different than what I was expecting I would’ve told them that they’re wrong and that they need to start taking their meds But as of right now I feel like I need to be put on MEDS What was that No seriously I’m trying so hard right now not to type a lot of f bombs but FUCKME This was some next shit right hereI went into this story thinking that I was going to be getting a forbidden steamy romance I saw this author’s warning about not having any heroes in the story and I was like come on whoever it was going to be they couldn’t be that damn bad So do you know what I did I ignored it and continued to read Worst mistake ever She threw a curveball that had my head literally spinning to the point where I had to exit my kindle app go back in just to make sure that I was still reading the same fucking book I couldn’t believe what I was reading Was I uncomfortable Did I leave my morals at the door because I still continued to read it Yes and guess What I regret NOTHING I’m pretty sure we’re going to hellI own a timeshare there He flashes me a uick evil grin as he shifts the car into drive The weather’s beautiful this time of year This story is about everything that you could possibly imagine Heartbreak loss betrayal temptation love lies deception the list goes on and every one of those feelings will come with something I was shocked and appalled but I loved every bit of it The plot was so refreshing to me that I almost forgave the characters for being crazy hot messes but as I read I realized that there was no hope for some of them I’ve never read anything from this author before but judging from this book I am now a life long fan and stalker Now as for that cliffhanger that had me shouting a bunch of expletives at 2 in the morning when I should have been sleeping let’s just say that I never saw that coming and I was not prepared How am I supposed to move on nowPlease note this book is not for everyone If you’re a prude and cannot think outside the box this book is NOT for you If you're looking for a sexy mindfck that's going to leave you wanting then this one is for you