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The Friend Its Just Us Here #1An asexual man meets a male model and Its Just Kindle #214 slowly falls in love Mark the model has not been challenged in his life and is emotionally withdrawn He returns to Chicago in the hopes of reconnecting with his college friends but everyone has moved on without him starting families and growing up Chris the writer is socially awkward and introverted He actively tries to be as invisible as possible The two men meet one day in Chris' favorite park and strike up a friendship Since this is written The Friend PDF as a romance you probably have a pretty good idea where the story goes from there You'd be wrong Wel. Full disclosure the following review will be mostly about me and my reaction to this book than about the actual book The rating is ALL about me and my reaction to this book That sounded a lot less self absorbed in my headIf you are looking for a rational assessment of this book I wish you good luck in finding it but you’re in the wrong place You can scroll to the end for some links to good reviews thoughShort version this book gave me a book hangover WHILE I was reading it Did that ever happened to you I’m almost 100% sure it never happened to me before and let me tell you it wasn’t prettyI went places did things even interacted with other human beings and this book was constantly on the background in my mindFor everyone who feels brave enough this is the long version I mean it it’s long It might also be slightly spoilerish but not muchBefore going forward there’s something you should know about me It’s something that many of the people I interact with on a regular basis on GR already know about but I need to talk about it for a minute so you can put this ‘review’ I use the term loosely in perspective I identify as asexual If you don’t know what that means you can find out hereI use the term asexual in general to be precise I should say that I identify as somewhere on the ace spectrum There are a couple of terms that come pretty close to what I think I am but so far I haven’t settled on one In part because I haven’t bothered to look too closely mostly because I haven’t finished figuring myself out I’ve pretty much given up on ever doing that not only about my sexual orientation I’m sure I’ll keep figuring myself out and being surprised by the things I discover about myself until the day I die And if that sounded a bit melodramatic forgive me but this book sliced me open and left me bleeding how’s that for being melodramatic ;I won’t go into details about the time I found out asexuality was a thing and there were other people feeling things I had been feeling all my life Suffice to say that it was a revelation and a relief it was scary upsetting and eye opening it was all around intense It was greatAnd it was done I mean I processed it and I thought that was it another piece of the puzzle falling into place it felt good to know and I was okay with itWhen this series first came to my attention it was last year Annob Gabi and Xia Xia were flooding my feed on GR with their updates for the Book of Beginnings which is a collection of the beginning of each book in the series To say that they were enthusiastic about it would be an understatement they loved it and they weren’t shy about sharing their feelings I loved every minute of itI loved it even when I realized who the author was and what this series was about An asexual writing about his relationship because he thought asexuals need representation I’m definitely on board with thatI’ve often heard people talk about how important it was for them to have characters they could identify with to read stories with people like themselves as main characters I thought I understood what they meant and I thought I was happy if they got what they needed but also that it wasn’t all that important to meI think representation in books and media is extremely important not only for asexuals but for me the importance of ace MCs was all about the spread the word factor This kind of work would be great to create visibility for all the asexuals out there who still have no idea that there’s a word to describe what they feel to describe that slightly or not so slightly out of sync feeling they’ve had since they’ve been old enough to realize they are not like everyone else when it comes to sexual attractionI’ve never felt the need to read about an ace character because I didn’t need to see myself on the pages I might go as far as saying that I’m a bit self conscious about that and I’ve actually gone in the opposite direction avoiding books with ace characters because a I like to read about different things than myself I’m living my life as myself and that’s enough I don’t need to experience it through the pages of a book I prefer to experience different things to immerse myself in different people when I’m reading After all that’s the only time I’m able to get out of my skin and ‘experience’ life as someone elseb I read mostly romances Do you know how often asexuality is portrayed as an illness in romances cured by the magic dick that’ll make the innocent repressed asexual understand that sex is great with the love of their lifeCan you imagine how painful it is to see part of your nature painted as something wrong something to be cured At worst as something that’s the product of sexual abuse or another traumaSo no I’ve never thought I needed to read books with asexual characters but I’m happy when someone gets it right and The Book of Beginnings went highly recommended I decided to give it a try and failed miserably I couldn’t get past the sample something about the writing style the author’s voice just didn’t work for me at the time The idea of a bunch of opening chapters of different books wasn’t all that appealing eitherI wanted to show my support to this project though so I decided I would try again with the first bookWhen I started this book something about the writing still wasn’t working and I don’t know if it’s par for the course with a memoir since this is the first one I ever read but I found all the details about every activity Chris and Mark undertook together extremely tedious at times It didn’t help that most of those activities revolved around things I’ve no interest in The minute by minute play of how they worked on Mark’s essay how they went to the gym what they wore if they drove or walked how they worked out it was all too much I had to stop reading after a while and take a break I even considered a DNFThe way Chris kept inserting ‘spoilers’ about things that were going to happen months later comments and explanations also rubbed me off the wrong wayI’m sorry if that sounds harsh At the beginning of the book when I was thinking this would be a 3 stars rating with honors for good intention I decided I would write a very tactful review and tone it down when it came to the parts I didn’t likeAround the time I found myself crying like a baby I realized that if I was ever going to write a review for this book I’d have to be painfully honest about myself so I might as well be painfully honest about everything elseI don’t feel bad about doing so because karma went around full circle on that one the part about Chris interrupting the narrative to directly address the reader and laughed right in my face it seems to be doing that a lot lately when it comes to booksIt was during one of those interruptions which ended up being some of my favorite parts that things started to turn around for meIt’s not really a spoiler but I’ll put it under tags because it’s longview spoiler Do you know how many asexual characters—forget main characters but just regular old characters—I can relate to on TV shows Monk probably That guy from The Big Bang Theory probably Basically characters with so called personality defects or maybe so

characters The Friend Its Just Us Here #1

characters The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 107 ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 ✑ Christopher X. Sullivan – An asexual man meets a male model and slowly falls in love Mark the model has not been challenged in his life and is emotionally withdrawn He returns to Chicago in the hopes of reconnectL and kinda right I'm Chris and this is my story It's not a traditional romance This is my version of a Happily Ever After which means Mark and I became great friends and that's it Mark and I end this first installment of my self portrait in a ueer Platonic Relationship There was cuddling and emotional closeness but nothing remotely sexual at least not to my mind Mark Friend Its Just PDF #10003 obviously wanted and he would eventually get it but this book Book One of It's Just Us Here would have been my perfect ideal romance If you need banging and crazy monkey sex to keep your interest in a story then jump in at B. 5 StarsI’ll start off by linking my review for The Book of Beginnings which is where I started on my journey with Mark and Chris and became hooked Fangirling is probably accurate unapologetic shrug Warning This linked review goes well beyond spoilersish in nature when considering what this book focuses on The Friend but I feel that my review was much elouent well as much as I can actually be when sueeing than what will take place in this review for the single installment of The Friend I’m not going to walk through this book because the blurb does a great job of explaining exactly what to expect with this “romantic self portrait”My initial thoughts after reading this book were did I really just read a little over 300 pages about becoming friends About single individuals finding common interests while deepening their connection platonically With some of their interactions having intimacy than those in physical relationships It’s not just a book about meeting a friend it’s so much because these men are opposites with their own hangups hard limits deep feelings and insecurities Any other story and I would've been sleeping if I had to read that much about a simple friendship But I think these pages are laced with crack and kept me coming back for In this case the crack I’m referring to are two uirky both are in their own way men understanding who they are as individuals and finding their way to a deep relationship that is soooo much than FriendsDid I mention that this is a REAL story About real men dealing with real emotions and real life events I will 100% continue on this journey of finding love while sometimes getting lost and needing to take the scenic routes Recommended Copy provided for honest review

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Ook Four of this self portrait The Lover Otherwise come along for the ride and meet the man who would sweep me off my feet Mark Wolff one of the top ten most self absorbed men in the whole world NOTE This book is Friend Its Just Us Here Kindle a word romantic self portrait featuring the beginnings of a ueer relationship It is the first book of a trilogy which is itself part of a Friend Its Just Us Here Kindle larger trilogy Low heat for now I don't think we need trigger warnings for this book but future installments might warrant them Maybe that can serve as enough of a warning Warning this book if full of life. This is uniue and utterly personalTbh it does feel a little bit like prying even is it is obvious that Chris is putting his biographical love story out there for a reasonI’m totally smitten With Chris and Mark With the story and the genuine writing And after book 1 I can’t help wondering how on earth two guys as different as they are can ever make it togetherWe know that they do a fact that I love the uestion is howWhat an absolutely amazing and beautiful storyHighly recommended