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Judges by Charles J. EskUNITED STATES OF AMERICA AD Ezekiel Jones was a cop and proud of it until his partner shot a kid and covered it up Ezekiel testified against her but the inuiry went no When the Light Lay Still is the third story in The Genesis of the World of Judge Dredd trilogy While the other two kept a great pace and flowed well this story was the opposite and was difficult to keep reading through to the end The problems weren't just the constant swearing and how it seems the author was pushing political views or adding racial commentary that wasn't needed The bigger issue is that the authors writing style and flow was impossible for me to connect to The freuent first person perspective using I can work but not when the story leaves the reader behind Many times I read half a chapter before realizing the person whose mind I thought I was in was wrong and I would have to go back and reread it to properly understand Even when I did understand the perspective the sentence structure and attempts to through metaphors around made the majority of sentences confusing so I would reread sections two or three times By the middle of the book I would give up and when it didn't make sense I would skip it as it was a painful and frustrating process to attempt to understandFor me I just couldn't connect with the way Charles Eskew decided to tell this story At the end of the story and looking back it wasn't even the kind of story that appeals to me at all I can't imagine why this was included as part of the trilogy because it is vastly different than the previous two I am English and grew up in England and I understand that 2000AD is a British publication but the story itself is set in the USA Charles decided to write in slang and using cryptic terms that I have no idea what he means either as an Englishman or as someone who has lived in the USA for many years My recommendation would be to read the other two books The Avalanche and Lone Wolf but skip this one completely

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S hits the streets again But as a new weapon gets into the hands of radicals and the tension rises both Jones and those he serves have to decide where their loyalties l Hard one to get along with very disjointed and kept jumping around with flashbacks Shame really as this new series started so well

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MOBI À DOC Judges by Charles J. Eskew FREE ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Judges By Charles J. Eskew – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2038 AD Ezekiel Jones was a cop and proud of it—until his partner shot a kid and covered it up Ezekiel testified against her but the inuiry went nowhere leaving everything h UNITED STATEWhere leaving everything he’d believed in ruins He joined the new Judges programme the next day Moulded and shaped to be the first of the new breed of law makers Jone I read this as part of the complete Judges novel The first two stories Avalanche and Lone Wolf were okay This third one made me uit This is the first story in a long time that I couldn't force myself to finish