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R remote house as she struggles with the loss of her entire family a series of tragedies she calls the “Dark Star”Then a nameless runaway boy shows up at her door with a terrifying story he’s just escaped death after witnessing a brutal murder a crime the police want to cover up Obsessed with the boy’s safety Lisa resolves to expose this crime. Fairly well written with a twist 6 of 10 stars

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Thief River FallsBut powerful men in Thief River Falls are desperate to get the boy back and now they want her tooLisa and her young visitor have nowhere to go as the trap closes around them Still under the strange unforgiving threat of the Dark Star Lisa must find a way to save them both or they’ll become the victims of another shocking tragedy she can’t foresee. Thief River Falls is a standalone psychological thriller by Brian Freeman Since I am a long time fan of his Jonathan Stride series and also his newer books I was excited to read this new venture I was also curious about the title since the Stride series is mainly set in Duluth Minnesota and this is set across the state in the northwest corner a mere 70 miles from the Canadian border and about 50 miles from Grand Forks North Dakota The closest I have ever been to TRF is Crookston which I had been to numerous times back in the 1970s when I was a college student in BemidjiFreeman’s protagonist Lisa Power is a thriller writer from Thief River Falls The story opens with a video book group in which she is asked if she is ever concerned that one of her thrillers might inspire someone to commit a similar crime and whether that would make her feel guilty Cue Twilight Zone musicLater that night Lisa spies a young boy alone in the dark in her yard When she catches up to him he tells her that he doesn’t know his name and does not remember what happened to him He recalls riding in a truck He does not want to go to the hospital because “people die there” Since he needs a name Lisa calls him Purdue after the character in her book which was titled “Thief River Falls” Eventually the boy remembers enough to tell her that he is in grave danger and that he fears law enforcement Lisa is determined to learn who he is and to keep him safe The result is a high risk game of cat and mouse People she thought were her friends turn out to be threats Whom can she trust She is estranged from her only remaining family member her twin brother The phrase that ran through my was “just because you’re paranoid that doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you”The writing wasn’t Freeman’s usual 5 star performance Something was missing and I couldn’t uite put my finger on it Perhaps the plot felt a bit contrived Nevertheless I was hooked And even as the action picked up and the end drew near I was caught by surprise by the twist at the end Brian Freeman you got me good4 stars

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Thief River Falls Read & download ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É ❰BOOKS❯ ✯ Thief River Falls Author Brian Freeman – Harrowing loss psychological trauma and a deadly mystery test the human will to survive in this electrifying novel from award winniHarrowing loss psychological trauma and a deadly mystery test the human will to survive in this electrifying novel from award winning author Brian FreemanLisa Power is a tortured ghost of her former self The author of a bestselling thriller called Thief River Falls named after her Thief River ePUB #10003 rural Minnesota hometown Lisa is secluded in he. I want two days of my life back This started off with a bang so I kept reading Soon I got annoyed that the heroine had so many Too Stupid to Live Moments Who stops at a diner for French toast when she's supposedly on the run from bad guys But luckily for her the bad guys seemed eually dumb as they never thought to look for her in the most obvious places And the coincidences Every time she needed to know something a new character would pop up and deliver the info Personally I try to limit myself to one coincidence per book But then we arrive at the twist ending and understand why the heroine was so dumb but now her adversaries look even dumber If you think about it too long the whole thing falls apart So if you're prone to think too much don't read this