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Regretting YouFrom New York Times bestselling author of It Ends with Us comes a poignant novel about family first love grief and betrayal that will touch the hearts of both mothers and daughtersMorgan Grant and her sixteen year old daughter Clara would like nothing than to be nothing alikeMorgan is determined to prevent her daughter from making the same mistakes she did By getting pregnant and married way too young Morgan put her own dreams on hold Clara. “I’ve only ever wanted to be with you” If books were dresses Colleen Hoover comes out with the ones WITH pockets A Story You Won't Regret Every single time I pick up a CoHo book I get pulled into such a distinct feeling It's a nostalgic hopeful smiling through the tears feeling that I can never find elsewhere Regretting You exceeded my expectations and completely annihilated me There is so much to be said of how well crafted and beautiful this book was and I don't even know where to begin Sometimes when we’re alone he looks at me in a way that makes me feel empty when he looks away Let me start by suggesting that you should read this book with no prior knowledge of what the story entails This is why this review is going to be spoiler free because that is honestly the only way you get to experience all the shocking and heartfelt moments for what they truly are Morgan and Clara's story are both so different but the way they weave together is flawless Colleen Hoover always writes than just a simple boy meets girl romance book The main aspect of this book that I loved was the way Morgan and Clara loved and struggled with each other This book could be read by a father a mother and a daughter it has a different tale to tell for each I think Her writing is exceptional in this especially because she dealt with two completely different characters undergoing two completely different story arcs and developments I could clearly distinguish between the voices and the separate accounts of grief “Dinner is ready Go tell them before he gets her pregnant” You always get a mixture of humor love and loss with CoHo books and this did not fail to go above and beyond that Also I do think this can be placed on the boundary of YA and NA I'd personally agree with the YA Contemporary ratingAt first I worried that I wouldnt be able to appreciate the romance stories within this book because I was too invested in the actual plot of the family but I could not have been wrong The romance in this made my heart pitter patter just like a CoHo book always does I swear Colleen outdoes herself every year It's weird writing this review because I usually have to go through pages and pages of highlights and notes that I made so that I can end up with a clear and succinct review to express my thoughts but I had close to no noteshighlights for Regretting You That's how unputdownable this was I was a 4 am in the morning type of crazy when I realized I had finished 80% of the book in less than a day That's the worst kind of obsession with CoHo books you end up reeling because you just swallowed the entire story up and now you're left having to wait for the next time she decides to grace us with a novel “I didn’t think our first kiss would be like that” he says uietly “Like what” “Sweet” “How did you think it would be” His eyes wander to the few remaining customers still lingering “I can’t show you in here” I absolutely loved this and my adoration of how this woman can take a story and make a masterpiece never fails to leave me stunned

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Doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps Her predictable mother doesn’t have a spontaneous bone in her bodyWith warring personalities and conflicting goals Morgan and Clara find it increasingly difficult to coexist The only person who can bring peace to the household is Chris Morgan’s husband Clara’s father and the family anchor But that peace is shattered when Chris is involved in a tragic and uestionable accident The he. ive never given a CoHo book fewer than 5 stars and im sure as heck not gonna start now what really surprised me was how much i enjoyed the family aspect of this i really love how CoHo portrays her romance so i was worried the focus on the motherdaughter relationship would detract from that but it doesnt if anything focusing on two different romances is what bothered me if i can even consider it bothersome which i probably cant i really appreciate both them i actually wish she had written two separate books and given each pairing their own story just so i could have that much extra time with them but i understand how each character connects and i think the story does benefit from it so again another wonderful book by the ueen of romance and human connection ↠ 45 stars

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Review Ö Regretting You Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ ❮Reading❯ ➽ Regretting You ➶ Author Colleen Hoover – From #1 New York Times bestselling author of It Ends with Us comes a poignant novel about family first love grief and betrayal that Artbreaking and long lasting conseuences will reach far beyond just Morgan and ClaraWhile struggling to rebuild everything that crashed around them Morgan finds comfort in the last person she expects to and Clara turns to the one boy she’s been forbidden to see With each passing day new secrets resentment and misunderstandings make mother and daughter fall further apart So far apart it might be impossible for them to ever fall back togeth. 45 Gave Me All The Feels Emotional Stars Simply put Colleen Hoover does it again This book about grief love friendship and family took me on such an emotional roller coaster I loved the characters CoHo has such a way of making her characters come to life It feels as if you know them I definitely felt that here There is a dual romance that worked really well within the story You will find yourself invested in both these relationships and rooting for the characters to have a true shot at some well deserved happiness The mother daughter relationship represented really resonated with me and touched my heart Doesn't Hoover have a gift for thinking up the BEST leading men She knows how to make you fall for these fictional characters as if they were real Both Jonah and Miles stole my heart They now have a special space for themselves amongst my most beloved book boyfriends Trust me you'll fall for them too Just remember I claimed Jonah first 🥰So if I loved this book so much why then the picky 45 rating you ask I don't want to give away any spoilers BUT there was one piece of the story that was left unanswered and this girl wanted in on the first hand knowledge badly I closed my kindle with a thud of aggression at NOT having the satisfaction I wanted Why CoHO Why Your characters might have been fine with it but this reader wanted no I needed that closure 😉 Still I can't really hold it against you You know just how to get to me and I'm here for whatever you decide to write next girl A HUGE thank you to Colleen Hoover Montlake Romance and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an arc of this book