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Download Ò The Last Odyssey 102 Ã ➪ The Last Odyssey Read ➲ Author James Rollins – To save the world and our future Sigma Force must embark on a dangerous odyssey into an ancient past whose horrors are all too present in this page turning thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling To save the world and our futuAy researchers stumble on a shocking find a medieval ship buried a half mile below the ice The ship’s hold contains a collection of even older artifacts tools of war dating back to the Bronze Age Inside the captain’s cabin is a magnificent treasure that is as priceless as it is miraculous a clockwork gold map imbedded with an intricate silver astrolabe The mechanism was crafted by a group of Muslim inventors the Banū Mūsā brothers considered by many to be the Da Vincis of the Arab world brilliant scientists who inspired Leonardo’s own workOnce activated the moving map traces the path of Odysseus’s famous ship as it sailed away from Troy But the route detours as the map opens to reveal a fiery river leading to a hidden re. I won this advance reader's copy in a Goodreads giveaway Many thanks to the author and William MorrowHarperCollinsThis is only the second Sigma Force thriller I've read and the first was a long time ago It's a riveting tale of adventure in which the team goes on an expedition in search of Tartarus the ancient Greek Hell in the hope of saving the world from a fanatical apocalyptic cult I loved the mix of action and adventure with ancient mythology which has long been an interest of mineA well told story highly recommended

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Alm underneath the Mediterranean Sea It is the subterranean world of Tartarus the Greek name for Hell In mythology Tartarus was where the wicked were punished and the monstrous Titans of old imprisonedWhen word of Tartarus spreads and of the cache of miraculous weapons said to be hidden there tensions explode in this volatile region where Turks battle Kurds terrorists wage war and civilians suffer untold horrors The phantasmagoric horrors found in Homer’s tales are all too real and could be unleashed upon the world Whoever possesses them can use their awesome power to control the future of humanityNow Sigma Force must go where humans fear to tread To prevent a tyrant from igniting a global war they must cross the very gates of He. Gray and Seichan are home with their newborn when all hell breaks loose in Greenland A centuries old dhow is discovered and an exploratory team is attacked by automations and green fire Joe Kowalski his girlfriend Maria and a local teenager stage a daring rescue but their primary objective Elena scientist is taken hostage and whisked away by a submarine by unknown foes Sigma is scrambled by Elena's father a US Senator and GraySeichan head off to the Vatican's summer palace where they try to piece together James Rollins has once again mixed history and legends in this case Homer's Iliad and The Odyssey as well as some of the Dark Age when Arabs led the world in science and innovation The bad guys are looking to cleanse the world by opening the gates or Hell Tartarus ending in a fertile valley in Morocco having traipsed through the Mediterranean following the path of Odysseus and tectonic plates Always interesting is Rollins explanation at the end separating fact from fiction

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The Last OdysseyTo save the world and our future Sigma Force must embark on a dangerous odyssey into an ancient past whose horrors are all too The Last MOBI #204 present in this page turning thriller from New York Times bestselling author James Rollins that combines cutting edge science historical mystery mythology and pulse pounding actionFor eons the city of Troy whose legendary fall was detailed in Homer’s Iliad was believed to be myth until archaeologists in the nineteenth century uncovered its ancient walls buried beneath the sands If Troy was real how much of Homer’s twin tales of gods and monsters curses and miracles The Iliad and The Odyssey could also be true and awaiting discoveryIn the frozen tundra of Greenland a group of modern d. This is James Rollins's 15th Sigma Force book If you've never read Sigma Force it's kind of a cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond It's about a team of operatives working for DARPA who are not only trained military but also have advanced degrees in numerous subjects They can be a bit formulaic at times inserting whatever ancient MacGuffin is needed for the team to find before a nefarious Bond villain and his henchman do That being said they are still very goodIn this book the team is on the search for Tartarus the Greek version of Hell The book ties in a lot of truth with its fiction speculating that most of Homer's The Odyssey was based on fact On their trail is an Apocalyptic death cult that wants to find the weapons hidden in Tartarus and unleash them upon the world to bring about its end I really like how Rollins bases his stories upon real events and facts and then extrapolates from there They are fast based and trot the globe You really can't go wrong with his books Received a review copy from William Morrow and Edelweiss All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned