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Disarm AUTHOR Karina HalKarina Halle the New York Times bestselling author of Discretion lifts the veil off a privileged family dynasty to reveal a wealth of secrets and dangerous obsessions Seraphine Dumont seems to have it all she’s gorgeous brilliant and part of one of France’s most illustrious dynasties But underneath the facade Seraphine struggles to hold it all together Besides grieving her adoptive father’s susp. Oh my god what a rideI love a book I completely get lost in good bad ups or downs I throughly enjoyed this one definitely want a re read after I calm down

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Disarm AUTHOR Karina Halle Summary Ö 8 ↠ [Ebook] ➣ Disarm By Karina Halle – Gym-apparel.co.uk Karina Halle the New York Times bestselling author of Discretion lifts the veil off a privileged family dynasty to reveal a wealth of secrets and dangerous obsessions Seraphine Dumont seems to have it Karina Halle the New York Times beIcious and sudden death she also shares a tenuous role in the family business with Blaise her in name only cousin As tumultuous as their history is he may be the only member of the deceptive Dumont family she can trustSeraphine is a temptation Blaise can’t resist The torch he’s carried for years still burns It’s his secret a uiet obsession just out of reach Until his brother demands that he spy. The second Dumont bookOlivier already found his happily ever after and left for CaliforniaSeraphine is left all alone with her horrible uncle and her cousins She's trying her best to keep the family company running the way her dad would've wanted it but her uncle is uickly ruining everythingPlus she also thinks that her dad was murdered By her uncle or her cousin PascalAnd suddenly she's working together with her cousin Blaise to find out what happened and to survive whatever the bad guys have planned for them PS Seraphine was adopted when she was nine so Blaise is not a blood relative in case you were weirded out ☺WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH SERAPHINE BLAISEWILL WE GET A HAPPY ENDREAD THE BOOK TO FIND OUT☺═════════════════ Well I loved thisIt's a sweet and exciting love storyI already had to cry in the prologuePoor Seraphine was so happy to have been adopted by the Dumonts but now she's left all alone Only her cousin Blaise seems to be on her side Well when he's not driving her insane like he's been doing since they were teenagers She's not really sure she can trust him But they have to work together to stop Gautier from destroying the company and importantly from killing any people like maybe SeraphineI really enjoyed reading it There were some weird moments like with how Blaise was celibate for years and years while he waited for Seraphine to fall in love with him A bit ridiculousBut I really like this series and I can't wait to see how in the hell we will fall in love with Pascal in the next book ☺ Whoops S p o i l e r Now you already know that Pascal might not be the baddest guy here ☺DISARM was a really sweet exciting love adventure ♡ ♡

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On the increasingly cagey Seraphine whom their father considers a dispensable Dumont outlier But the Blaise watches her and the closer he gets the he sees Seraphine may have every right to be suspicious And she could be the next one in danger from his own familyAs blood runs hot and hearts give in Seraphine and Blaise have only each other But can their love survive the secrets they’re about to uncov. 4 'My chaos My Blaise' Stars ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewWhat a freaking rollercoaster This series just keeps getting suspenseful and I have to say I really enjoyed it I confess I had a bit of a hard time with the first book in the series and it took me a bit to connect with the story and characters In this case though I am happy to say this book was definitely so much better for me Especially in regards of the storyline and how the romance was developed Disarm is the second installment The Dumonts series and it keeps getting inside of the wealthy and scandalous Dummont family Now Seraphine Olivier’s adopted sister is alone in the family business and she is not in a good place after her father’s death She suspects there is a lot behind it and that her vicious uncle is involved She is getting too close when Pascal one of her cousins asks Blaise her other cousin to follow Seraphine That is the start of a love story full of action secrets angst and a whole lot of tension Just the sight of her makes something inside me unravelI can’t let that happenI have to stay intact I have to avoid her Wow this series just keeps getting dramatic with every installment Disarm is packed with suspense and action than Discretion was and I really liked it This family and the secrets around them everything is just insane Of course this is also a romance and I have to say Karina did a great job with this one and these two characters I loved Seraphine and Blaise they are both kick ass protagonists and their story past and present keep me hooked from start to finish I just want to trust himI want to let him inI want to lose myself to him go up in the heat and flames and somehow manage to not get burned in the process Yes these two are family but not by blood Actually Blaise and Seraphine had feelings for each other much earlier than I expected and it made the story even better for me Blaise is so protective of her and I loved him for it He loves her so much and he will do anything for her And when she realizes that and she accepts her feelings too their chemistry is burning hot It was a slow burn romance maybe it took a bit too much for my taste but it was definitely worth it in the end He will remind me that it happenedAnd he will remind me of who we are in the midst of chaosThis is my chaosThis is my Blaise Therefore my rating for Disarm is 4 STARS because it was a good continuation of the Dummont family story I enjoyed this dramatic and kind of taboo love story and seeing how the whole storyline with the death of Seraphine’s father was developed The romance was a bit slow but smoking hot and the chemistry between these two was on point Now I am surely curious to know how everything concludes and I am even curious to know about Pascal’s story Is he as bad as he seems I guess we will find out in the next installment CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE