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Read & Download ¼ To Kiss in the Shadows ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ó ❰PDF❯ ✅ To Kiss in the Shadows Author Lynn Kurland – Lianna of Grasleigh spends all her days weaving tapestries of dragons and shadows avoiding the intrigues of court and trying desperately wHas lost She dreams of a fearless knight to rescue her from the king's stern wardshipJason of Artane is determined to leave his past behind and pursue a noble uest but his plans take a different To Kiss eBo. Aww Jason has a story I've got the read this

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Ok #205 turn when he crosses paths with a mysterious young woman His life changes when he see her true self and pulls her out of the shadows and into his heart originally published in the anthology Tapestry. 350 Stars WWWM Historical romance set in Medieval England The hero Jason of Artane is the youngest of 3 brothers with a reputation for dabbling in black magic and other unsavory behaviors The heroine Lianna of Grasleigh is the ward of King Henry who prior to the facial scaring from the plague was considered to be one of the most beautiful heiresses in the Kingdom Because of this scaring Lianna as resigned herself to sewing and making tapestries and pretending not to hear the mean unkind things that many courtiers are saying; especially gossip from Maud of Horrow and others in the sewing group Kendrick Jason’s middle brother has befriended Lianna and was seen talking to her resulting in her being poisoned Jason saves her life and Lianna and Jason fall in love Kendrick and Jason are forced to a battle to the death for Lianna’s hand in marriage; but the brothers love for each other fraught the battle to the death and ensure that Jason and Lianna get their happy ever after To celebrate their happiness Lianna plans to design and sew a tapestry commemorating the union of Grasleigh and Artane families

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To Kiss in the ShadowsLianna of in the eBook #184 Grasleigh spends all her days weaving tapestries of dragons and shadows avoiding the intrigues of court and trying desperately with needle and thread to recapture the beauty she. A great little addition to the De Piaget series but I'm so disappointed to have JASON'S story be suished into a short story I love Jason I was really looking forward to having his love story be drawn out into a whole book She did this with Miles too and I was really annoyed by that I wish stupid Richard de Galtres would have been the short one When you get so used to one of the sweet De Piaget boys as a brother or as a suire you have a lot of hopeful emotions invested in them It always feels like such a let down and a jip when Kurland gives us some sped up version of a love story that only lasts me a couple hours Honestly it kinda sucks Come on Lynn SheeshOh well At least Montgomery got his own bookAnyway Jason falls in love with Lianna who has a face that was once beautiful but now marked by the pox He having been trained by the blind Christopher of Blackmour has an appreciation for what can be seen by the heart and mind as opposed to the eye alone making them a good pair He is a sweetheart and takes care of her when she is poisoned by the evil girls at Henry's court Then Jason has to fight his brother Kendrick for Lianna's hand But it all turns out well as you would expect And Lianna is brought home to Blackmour to meet Christopher and Gillian It's short and sweet Just way too short and not sweet enough for me to be satisfied