Free download ß The Chocolate Jewel Case Chocoholic Mystery Book 7 Ç PDF DOC TXT eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free download The Chocolate Jewel Case Chocoholic Mystery Book 7

Free download ß The Chocolate Jewel Case Chocoholic Mystery Book 7 Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À [Read] ➫ The Chocolate Jewel Case Chocoholic Mystery Book 7 By JoAnna Carl – In her rare free time newlywed Lee McKinneyHe lake Lee can't help but wonder if the crimes are related Maybe if she digs up some dirt she'll hit the mother lo. I enjoyed this Chocoholic mystery but not as much as some of the other ones Still it was a good read and I'll keep on reading the series I felt like there was too much stuff piled on Lee and Joe should be enjoying themselves in their new home after they get married But there are house guests and robberies and refrigeration problems at the shop and no air conditioning and dead relatives and people spying on people and not enough bathrooms First line Just when I finally found fifteen minutes for myself the dead man came to the door view spoilerThe worst part of the plot is that Aunt Nettie and Hogan Jones eloped while Lee and Joe were on their honeymoon That didn't fit with my understanding of Aunt Nettie's character and the value she placed on family hide spoiler

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Erings chocolate jewels But soon the town of Warner Pier has its very own jewel heist and then a body is found in t. Good entry in the series I did figure some of it out before Lee but I was lacking in details As always I'd love to visit Warner Pier for some chocolate

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The Chocolate Jewel Case Chocoholic Mystery Book 7In her rare Jewel Case Kindle #208 free time newlywed Lee McKinney Woodyard works on TenHuis Chocolade's newest off. Entertaining and gripping story exceeding my expectations Rather convoluted cast of characters with tangled stories of their ownSetting is in the small town of Warner Pier on the shore of Lake Michigan and revolves around the neighborhood of heroine Lee Woodward and her husband Joe's home on a rural residential street She is the reluctant hostess to no less than five assorted houseguests of the momentThe summer resort town has seen a rash of burglaries of valuable antiues and the Woodwards themselves are caught in a jewelry heist while dining at a neighbor's home one evening The search for the burglars turn up assorted facts and clues then a murdered body finally leading to the mastermind criminal Some members of her family have been entangled in some of the catalysing events as it transpires at the end The author describes a very specific setting for her neighborhood which is likely based on a real one and I wish there had been a diagram because I found it challenging to follow the turns and directions around the drives and the streets and the directions She describes a very hot and humid string of days in an older home without air conditioning Must be a local to know how it feelsThe chocolate business where Lee works is a secondary setting the title chocolate jewel case is practically a play on words At the end the stolen jewels are dumped into a vat of molten chocolateAction is described at a fast pace and a restrained sense of the comic and absurd peeks through her description of people The author throws in Lee's tendency to utter inappropriate slips of the tongue malaproprisms when she is in the grip of a strong emotion and i find it worth a chuckle