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review Diva By Alex Flinn ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Diva Author Alex Flinn – For most people the word diva means brilliant talented over the top and glamorous I however seemed to be trapped in the not very glamorous life of a cheerleader wannabe with serious ex boyfIn clothes and men that going downtown to hang with the music geeks was a good idea I had to blackmail her to be able to do it but I'm here a diva in training and I'm not so sure I can cut it Now wh. A sort a seuel to Flinn's searing YA novel debut Breathing Underwater but this time telling the story from the girl's POV Caitlin who was abused by her 16 year old boyfriend Nick in Breathing Underwater is trying to change her life putting that relationship behind her as well as focusing on her goal of becoming an opera singer by getting into the Miami High School for the Performing Arts But even at a school of talented teens she feels outcast at first although friendships grow At the same time her relations with her mother — who objected to her attending the school — deteriorate That's the real story here the mother daughter conflict It is no wonder they're at odds Caitlin's maturing at the same time as her mother behaves and dresses like a teenager while seeming unable to function without a man in her life Nick reappears in Caitlin's life; there's no real reconciliation just a realization that Caitlin's no longer the overweight untalented and unattractive girl that Nick forced her to believe she was Told in part using an online journal and loaded with opera references so reader's experience Caitlin's obsession Flinn's novel portrays a teen character struggling with what it means to be strong

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For most people the word diva means brilliant talented over the top and glamorous I however seemed to be trapped in the not very glamorous life of a cheerleader wannabe with serious ex boyfriend issu. This isn't as good as Breathing Underwater which is the companion novel that tells the before part of the story where Nick actually abuses Caitlin This picks up right where that book ended just as Caitlin starts at her new performing arts high school in Miami It's told through Caitlin's eyes which is really uite interesting This is a worthwhile read and I appreciate that Alex Flinn goes into the nitty gritty and truly tackles emotional issues instead of just glossing over them like a lot of YA novelists do However I found these characters to have fewer redeeming ualities than than those in Breathing Underwater Caitlin's mom for example is completely unlikable for me Even towards the end of the book I mostly wanted to smack her and I didn't really feel much empathy towards her I thought Caitlin was much three dimensional here than she was in Breathing Underwater but there were still times where she fell flat for me I'm not sure where the title Diva actually came from Caitlin's no diva and I had a hard time thinking that the kids at the performing arts school saw her that way in the beginning I liked Sean but Gigi seemed like she wasn't fleshed out enough and a caricature at times I like that Nick made appearances in this book because I was curious about him I hated the whole Arnold subplot It seemed forcedI enjoyed reading Caitlin's side of things even though her annoying way of writing her blog entries OMG she wanted 2 go 2 the mall was distracting I think her story is worth reading especially by young girls who might get dragged into abusive relationships orand may develop eating disorders I liked that at the end she did make choices based on what was best for herSo I recommend reading Breathing Underwater first because it's incredibly powerful despite the fact that it's very emotionally draining Then if you're curious to read about Caitlin go ahead and read this I wouldn't recommend read this first because I think it'll seem kind of underwhelming without all that previous context

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Diva By Alex FliEs and a permanent yo yo diet At least until the day I auditioned for Miami High School of the Arts and got in All I had to do was convince my mother the cosmetics salesperson with epically bad taste. 29 May 2006 DIVA by Alex Flinn Harper Tempest October 2006 ISBN 0 06 056843 7; Libr ISBN 0 06 056845 3 There's only one direction in the faces that I see;It's upward to the ceiling where the chamber's said to beLike the forest fight for sunlight that takes root in every treeThey are pulled up by the magnet believing that they're free Genesis The Carpet Crawlers from the rock opera The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Rock opera is about as close to opera as I usually get But my lack of enthusiasm for the real thing wouldn't bother sixteen year old OperaGrrrl aka Caitlin McCourt She is well aware that it is not everyone's cup of tea but that does not at all diminish her passion for experiencing and singing opera Further my own lack of interest in experiencing opera did not in any way diminish my becoming thoroughly and enthusiastically engaged in DIVA the story that begins with Caitlin's successfully auditioning to become a student at Miami High School of the Arts and leaving behind her old school in the wake of the serious events in her life that were chronicled in Alex Flinn's first book BREATHING UNDERWATER But don't worry about needing to read that book before reading DIVA I still haven't gotten a chance to read BREATHING UNDERWATER This is not like a fantasy trilogy where it's essential to go in order The thing about losing a lot of weight is that it feels temporary like you're just a thin fatgirl and one good Big Mac will send you exploding from your jeans again I weighed a hundred and five when I left the weight reduction camp last year Since then I've gained and lost the same fifteen pounds a dozen times Right now I weigh one fifteen which is what the weight charts say you're supposed to weigh at five three The guy who made the weight chart and I'm sure it was a guy didn't go to my school though At my school the most you can weigh is one ten even if you're five foot nine Some may uestion the wisdom of Caitlin's ongoing struggleobsession with her weight and her incorporating the daily tale of the scale into her online journal I found the teen's search for a consistent nutritional regime to be both realistic and admirable In light of the horrifying estimates of childhood obesity and diabetes I discussed earlier this year in reviewing Eric Schlosser's CHEW ON THIS EVERYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT FAST FOOD I found a teen character here who has an ongoing investment in maintaining a healthy weight and who is not suffering from an eating disorder Of course getting away from her old school and her old friends aids in her being significantly sane about it Another bit of sanity that I found in the story is the reality that it is not sufficient for Caitlin to have a gift for singing opera She needs the commitment to work long and hard every day to achieve what she desires Having been accepted into the performing arts school based upon her singing audition she immediately struggles with the dancing that is reuired for class ensemble performances but because of that commitment she seeks assistance and does the work necessary to make the cut for the show Most telling is a scene in which an older student with lots of initial promise but a preference for partying is informed after a mediocre performance that she should change majors At lunch I tell Gigi about MaryGigi rolls her eyes 'You said yourself the girl wasn't very good Rowena probably did her a huge favor Why does it bother you' 'But can you imagine not singing any Why wake up in the morning' 'But that's how you feel about it If she felt that way she'd have practiced Then she wouldn't be getting this news' 'I guess' 'Absolutely It's like a reality show where they vote the weaklings off first When you're five and dancing in your mom's dresses everyone's a superstar But then some people get picked to be listeners in music class and others don't make the good chorus in middle school and others don't get in here And some people screw up But that's not you Cait You can make it' 'I guess' I repeatBut that night and both days of the weekend I sing scales for an extra hour I haven't even mentioned Caitlin's ongoing struggle to deal with the aftermath of having been the victim of physical abuse by the hands of her boyfriend in BREATHING UNDERWATER or the struggle of Caitlin's dealing with a mother who resorts to making herself feel better at Caitlin's expense and who becomes involved in a very uestionable relationship herself In fact Alex Flinn packs an amazing amount of high interest story into this book But for this oblivious to opera Deadhead I was entranced above all by the aspects of the story involving a complex teen with a passion for a relatively unusual flavor of performing arts who pays attention to priorities and is faced with overcoming a fear of failure while simultaneously dealing with the rest of her lifeRichie Partington MLISRichie's Picks