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Read & Download Fatou An African Girl in Harlem â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü [KINDLE] ❄ Fatou An African Girl in Harlem ❧ Sidibe Ibrahima – Twelve year old Fatou travels from West Africa to America thinking she'ss furthering her education Yet she arrives in New York City grDowry to be her husband Suffering through pedophiles deplorably cruel living conditions and slave life job eventual pushes over the edge Fatou refuses to be a victim An African Girl Kindle #216 and exerts control of her life by becoming part. Aspirin anyone Fatou is a very young and naive girl from Africa wanting the education she has always dreamed of Given her chance at the age of twelve Fatou does not know the circumstances of her newfound opportunity and gets caught in a web of deceit jealousy and abuse Married and internally scarred for life Fatou must take actions in her own hands and finds that Harlem is not the place where she must learn the tricks of the trade With the help of her new friend and mate David Fatou is now in a war that might leave her the last one standing Sidi opens us to African traditions and lifestyles of families whereas someone not familiar with the culture would not understand it especially when a girl becomes a woman At times I literary felt my stomach churn and thought I should call DCFS Fatou was beyond naive and I felt irritated every time she spoke How she survived at all is beyond me If that wasn't enough the errors throughout were unbelievable By the end my head ached and I was mentally exhausted Reviewed by LaDonna

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Of Harlem'ss fast money scene This fast paced novel examines what'ss happens when the bonds of family and tradition fall apart And its shows how a strong and fearless woman can hold her own surrounded by grimey men in the dangerous drug game. Fatou was the best book ever I like to read because it was a miracle compared to the tents she was usd in West Africa

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Fatou An African Girl in HarlemAfrican Girl PDF #206 Twelve year old Fatou travels from West Africa to America thinking she'ss furthering her education Yet she arrives in New York City greeted by a man three times her age someone Fatou An Kindle from her village who paid. The story Fatou was very suspenseful Reading one paragraph made me want to read another Although I would not have never in my life picked up a book let alone Fatou so that right there proves my likings about this book Each page was like taking a journey through time only to stop at a mind blowing section where it was your job to finish what you started This book was about a young African girl who was put through many trials and tribulations She moved from Africa where she was forced to have sex with an old man that she thought was there to better her life in the US Later she grew up where she was the top drug dealer in the game This was actually the first book I've read since I’ve started High School which opened up a door for me to read books Fatou was very frustrating surprising and motivational First the story was frustrating because before letting Fatou grow up into a young woman her father forced her to have sex with him before sending her off to New York only to let her become a slave to an older man which held young naive African girls captive He would beat them after then getting them pregnant so that he would have the upper hand in the household You would of thought that since she was a grown woman she could just easily leave but Fatou was only twelve years old when she was raped by her father and the man she thought was there to save her He put her in a room with bars on the window so that he could make sure the females would not escape Secondly reading Fatou was also surprising because you would not have known that the story was actually about her getting raped by two people she loved but actually about drugs shooting and violence When I first read about her getting raped I was in shock because I didn’t know that the story was about that That scenario right there made me want to read into the story so that I could hear about the outcome Reading into the story made me realize that Africans are obsessed Fatou ended up becoming pregnant by her father who made the other females in the house believe that she was pregnant by the old African man Later on in the story Fatou didn’t want to have the baby so she and her jealous enemy persuaded Fatou that she should have an abortion and pulled the baby out with a hanger Fatou nearly bled to death which sent her go to the hospital Lastly Fatou is very motivational because coming from where she used to live to where she is now is a drastic change Living in Africa is not as good as living in America Now she is very successful She has a lot of money she has a good job and also she does not live with that old man that wanted her to fail in life Many of the females that lived with her are jealous of her but one woman in particular helped her succeed in life Fatou repaid her by helping her get out of the house and staying with her In conclusion reading Fatou made me expand want expand my horizons on books Guns violence and evolving characters does not have to come from “True to The Game” but can also come from books like Fatou