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review الخبز الحافي Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð ❰Reading❯ ➸ الخبز الحافي Author محمد شكري – سيرة ذاتية روائية 1935 1956لم يتعلم محمد شكري القراءة والكتابة حتى العشرين من عمره فكانت حداثتأبنائه في لحظة غضب شرود في أزقة مظلمة وخطرة بحثاً عن الطعام القليل أو عن زاوية لينام فيها واكتشاف لدنيا السارقين والمدمنين على السكر تلك هي عناوين حقبة تفتقر إلى الخبز والحنانهذا. Since 2008 I have a complicated relationship with Morocco I lived there married and divorced and had a child with someone from there It's a country I know well initially as a tourist but also on a deeper level than an expat as I lived with Moroccans and got to know a lot of the 'real' Morocco I love Morocco just as I love my own country Scotland Both are beautiful both have amazing ualities but neither are perfectThis book is accurate I know some of these characters Obviously not the real ones this happened 60 years ago but men and women just like them The poverty that is depicted in this novel still exists today The misogyny that exists in this novel still exists today The seediness that exists in this novel still exists today The greed that exists in this novel still exists todayI remember a discussion I had with my ex about how Morocco was depicted in a particularly controversial film that came out a few years back He uestioned the filmmaker's choice in making the film saying that it made the country look cheap and disgusting to other countries He didn't deny the truth of the film he saw its accuracy but he had issue with it being shown I imagine he and others would feel the same way about this book It does not display the Morocco of the tourist ads with carpets and souks and medinas It's depiction is harsh visceral and very much real And for me that's the making of this book I loved Choukri's honest very honest portrayal of his younger years and the reality of life in his country It saddens me that not much has changed since then

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سيرة ذاتية روائية لم يتعلم محمد شكري القراءة والكتابة حتى العشرين من عمره فكانت حداثته انجرافاً في عالم البؤس حيث العنف وحده قوت المبدعين اليوميهروب من أب يكره أولاده فقد قتل أحد. DisclosureI get a copy of this nice piece of Arabic literature during my stay in the Kingdom of Morocco I bought it from the Central library of CasablancaMy PlotIn fact it was an amazing piece of art written in combination with Arabic and Moroccan standard Arabic Actually it was all about the hard life that the Author had lead during his live with the French people during the so called protectorate period In fact the description of the environment that the Author has practiced was all negative People living in hunger going around the dirt and rubbish It was all going negative with the life of this Author the story also contains some aspects of his adulthood when he was working the Café of this Rif Master There was a depiction of nuisance that the older leads toward the younger the ignorance that lives inside the mind of every person Actually I feel sorry for these people who lived in a hard conditionThe story include some contradiction between the French people life and the Aborigines of the country I would really enjoy the flow of the events but I don't believe actually the historical fact already I am not fun of History at all because there is no truth in itPositive and Negative aspectsAs already stated there is no Truth inside the Arab history in General everyone make history to his own attention and profit But it is worth enough to say that the story really amaze me It was realistic in all it's aspects with a portray of the writer going to the Brothel with his friend Tafartiti all these literary steps makes me live the same life of the Author But what annoys me was the true portray of something creepy like having a dead chicken from the rubbish or revealing the sexual intercourse that his father made with his mother during the pregnancy period My Personal reactionThe book in fact made me feel sad because these persons inside the story really taste a hard life even in there proper country In fact it was a nice attempt to portrays the life inside you but all in all it was amazing to the last extent As Americans say it was OK RecommendationsI recommend this book to persons who already have enough mind to look for the story and life of the novel's writer I don't recommend it persons under 18 Years who would get excited with the nature of the events inside the book

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الخبز الحافيالعرض لسيرته الذاتية نص مؤثر وعمل يحتل موقعاً متميزاً في الأدب العربي المعاصر وليس صدفة أنه نشر بعدة لغات أوروبية كثيرة مثل الإنكليزية أو الإسبانية قبل نشره بلغته الأصلية العربي. How messy