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Review À Män som hatar kvinnor ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB º [Ebook] ➧ Män som hatar kvinnor By Stieg Larsson – Twee tegenpolen Mikael Blomkvist en Lisbeth Salander Hij is een charmante man en een kritische journalist van middelbare leeftijd uitgever van het tijdschrift MillenniuT opgelost en inmiddels verjaard Toch wil Henrik Vanger graag dat Mikael zich hier nog eens op stort Aanvankelijk lijkt het onderzoek nergens op uit te lopen Totdat Mikael met hulp van Lisbeth op een spoor stuit dat rechtstreeks naar een zeer duister en bloedig familiegeheim voe. Hey kids if you like books in which the only major descriptive moments happen during sexual torture scenes where major characters lack motive and where the red herringsstink this book's for youI may feel less strongly after a few days but I am having a hard time believing this book has hit the best seller lists in multiple countriesRant containing Mild SpoilersHere are my complaints 1 The entire book sets you up to think that the alleged killings were perpetrated by one or people for complicated reasons Spoiler They're not A murderer at the climax reveals I like killing people That's the motive That's it 2 The title character has her macabre past detailed at length The salient facts to the case how did she come into possession of her detective ing skills is left out entirely Her emotional life is ignored until it's needed for a little plot development and then ignored again for a gazillion pages She makes Kinsey Milhoney look like a guru of emotional awareness and self knowledge3 When a MAJOR DEVELOPMENT happens in the case like THE MAJOR DEVELOPMENT we the readers hear about its resolution third hand A reunion occurs and we are not privvy to it even though it's REALLY IMPORTANT That is LAME4 Stop with the Mac commericials aleady Is it possible that the well financed campaign for this book had to do with the fact that the dead author couldn't object to selling Apple and Kawasaki shout outs5The two plot lines are almost entirely unrelated They don't even intersect really; one segues into a second and then when the second is wrapped up entirely the first plot returns to end with a whimper 6 There is a Lot of torture porn in this book Did I mention that Detailed description of sexual abuse incest and general nastiness that does nothing to advance the plot Really It just takes up space making you think there are reasons for the murders but no see #1 We listened to this on cd and I kept trying to forward and ending up on the absolute worst moments Blech7 Several passages written as an email conversation It's like the author realized at a certain point that he was so bad at dialogue that he'd better just give it a rest for a while and instead use stilted telegraph talking 8 This book was not fun or smart I kept thinking it was about to be but I was wrongEnd of Rant

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Twee tegenpolen Mikael Blomkvist en Lisbeth Salander Hij is een charmante man en een kritische journalist van middelbare leeftijd uitgever van het tijdschrift Millennium Zij is een jonge gecompliceerde uiterst intelligente vrouw met zwartgeverfd haar piercings en tatoeages én e. Swedish people are nuts I realize that’s a bit of a broad generalization and it sounds a bit rude but I don’t care Because often than not I’m nuts tooI was born and raised in Minnesota and if you know our state history you’re already aware that we were predominantly settled and populated by Swedish and Norwegian immigrants So not only are many Minnesota residents of Scandinavian descent myself included a lot of our uirky mannerisms and even our accents are commonly attributed to this influence I attended a Swedish Lutheran college which attracted a lot of Swedish exchange students And one of my oldest and dearest friends is an American by birth but was raised in Sweden and didn’t return to live full time in the US until she was 18 She’s always found Minnesotans to be a very interesting form of science experiment—what happens when you mix Swedish and American culture anyway Taking what I know firsthand of Minnesota culture into consideration I can only assume that Sweden aka the motherland is also a twisted place of dark dry humor Some mainstream examples that support this claim would include Fargo Drop Dead Gorgeous A Prairie Home Companion and yes even Mr Purple Rain himself who even though he’s genetically a bit exotic than a plain old Swede definitely displays some of the oddball but typical Minnesota traits in his own special way The point being the characters in this book felt oddly familiar to me uirks and all I’m actually a bit surprised I loved the book as much as I did because I normally criticize authors for trying to jam too much into one story and this book had a lot going on shady business dealings corporate fraud murder religious fanaticism extramarital affairs Nazis casual sex creepy pervs violence against women money laundering sexual sadism political proselytizing dysfunctional family secretsAnd that’s just scraping the surface Because once Larsson got into it and started digging deeper into the plot and revealing details my head started spinning and I had smoke coming out of my ears I wasn’t expecting to be sucked in so uickly by the plot and am still reeling over the fact that this brick like book my copy has nearly 600 pages went as uickly as it did I just reserved the seuel from the library and am also excited at the prospects of a third I’m also sad that Mr Larsson passed away What a talented author—not many could tie so much crazy shit into one story and still have it make sense AND be entertaining Although I think whoever decided to change the title when they released this book in English is nuts too The original Swedish title Men Who Hate Women is much fitting

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Män som hatar kvinnorEn uitermate goede hacker Samen vormen ze een ongewoon maar sterk teamMikael wordt benaderd Män som eBook #237 door oud zakenman Henrik Vanger Veertig jaar geleden is de zestienjarige Harriët Vanger op mysterieuze wijze verdwenen en vermoedelijk vermoord De zaak is echter nooi. WARNING This is going to be a long TED Talk because I could talk about this book all day without breathing pauses and I’d still not finish everything I want to say about it 4455 ⭐ for this one because I couldn't convince myself to give it 5 stars no idea why thoughFull review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺 “I’d reckon you’d bite off my hand if I laid a finger on you” As Dragan Armansky felt in that particular moment about Lisbeth Salander I felt that about her the whole book And I must say that I liked feeling that way about her That means that she has some sort of wilderness in her personality that makes her so interesting not only as a character but also as a possible real life personThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo made me ascend through different stages while reading it I rarely find a book like this one to make me feel all sorts of feelings towards it from all the levels of human sensitivity in thinking If I’d have to layer the stages of my process of reading this book probably it would go like this1 Level 1 Confusion I was extremely confused with the beginning I think I had to read it at least five times to actually get a grip of the story in the beginning Maybe it is because I was briefly introduced in the middle of a scene with unknown characters and undiscovered plot I don’t know but I had a hard time with it anyway2 Level 2 Boredom I’ve had a hard time convincing myself that this book deserves to be read because of the epic state of boredom that I encountered I spent two hours reading without stopping only to find out I’ve made only 4% progress yes I read it on my tablet because I don’t have enough finances to buy all the books I want and also survive as a student who is away from home and also likes to eat I kept asking myself what was this bug of boredom that I had and thenit hit me TOO MUCH ECONOMIC TALK As a student at the Academy of Economic Studies my interest should’ve been aroused Even – as I study Business Administration all the business talk should be some delicious dessert for me But NA AH I am bored enough by the countless hours of business terminology ideology and any other –ology that shit implies I don’t need to read about it in my spare time too But hey why not creeping some of that ish in my casual reading to keep the brain on its right track of self destruction ceteris paribus3 Level 3 Spark of interest After about 100 pages I reckon even something started working for me The mystery started to crawl at the surface so I could see and touch it and also expect and Then the author added some interesting family dirt that I absolutely love don’t judge me I have a weird family too amazingly weird if I may add but still weird and also some World War 2 references all these besides the actual mystery of Harriet Vagner’s disappearance and also possible murder I don’t know what happened from that moment on but it started being good Like really good It’s justyou can feel the mystery especially because the book gives you almost 01 details about the possible murder Your inner Miss Marple must be intrigued Mine was for sure 4 Level 4 Outrage and disgust Since now I haven’t talked much about the eponym of the book right Well let me talk then Lisbeth Salander And the surely nauseous manner in which she was treated How do you expect anyone with at least a bit of empathy and humanity not to be OUTRAGED and DISGUSTED by the rape scenes which Lisbeth has been put through It is absolutely indisputable morally wrong and socially disgraceful I am going to be very mean and very direct and I am going to ask a uestion What level of psychical constipation do you need to have to pursue such an abominable act Yeah those passages made me very sick And very sad Truly I felt nauseous after all But then5 Level 5 ‘She’s a f ing genius arse boss and I’m here for it’ Lisbeth Salander is a bloody ueen and you can’t make me change my mind even with an AK 47 glued on my temple She’s ice cold but she’s breathing fire She’s the fool of the village but she’s the hero of the nation She’s invisible but she’s not transparent The way she seems not to care about anything that may interfere with her principles and also the way she cares about things but never speak them up is just so her so part of the true individual she is even though she might look unrealistic constructed You do you girl You do youThe fact that until the middle of the book Salander and Blomkvist didn’t meet and also ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’ was reduced only to a few scenes made me uestion my reading choice I was on board only for Salander because she captured my interest from the first time she appeared in scene But then Pippi Longstocking and Kalle Blomkvist merged together and gave life to this fabulous Swedish detective dream team and I was down for it Talking about the characters of the book the female characters were such badass women it felt so good reading about them super businesswomen taking over multinational companies Yeah okay sign me up I couldn’t feel any real connection towards the male characters however except for Mikael Blomkvist Even though he is a lousy father and husband and he has some shaky ethics in life he is definitely a good man by his nature Yes he has his own issues but who doesn’t Yes he was having a not so secret love affair with his best friend and business partner Erika Berger but as long as they didn’t make a secret out of it and people in their lives accepted it I can’t say that it is that punishable And also because we are still on the topic Erika Berger I absolutely loved her She is a witty businesswoman with a lot of gut and a lot of cold blood to make decisions and to run her own world She’s a strong woman who makes her own living out of her own life and enjoys it as it is never letting anyone getting to her with some second hand crapBut The most important character of all the one that I absolutely loved beyond any other character isladies and gentlemendrum rollsyes you're right Lisbeth Salander I can’t tell you why I feel this way about Salander but she was my absolute favourite since the very first moment I met her The passive way that she adopted the cold feelings that she spread the taciturn nature and her absolutely killer mind just had me on board Everyone saw Salander as a victim of society but I felt that was wrong I have never had that feeling about her She always inspired me survival She was a fighter by nature and fighters always survive And this is how Salander made her way through life Also let’s be honest now she has a killer T Shirt taste like seriously badass see ‘Armageddon was yesterday today we have a serious problem’ and ‘I can be a regular bitch Just try me’In conclusion this book gave me such a hard time I cannot explain but it was also a really good book that I might consider as one of my own personal favourites Also as a side note has anyone notice how much coffee do those people drink Or is just meAll in all people good reading Book styled