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American Democrat and Other Political Writings Free download Ç 109 í ❰Read❯ ➱ American Democrat and Other Political Writings Author James Fenimore Cooper – This is the essential collection of James Feni Cooper's political writings and Other eBook ↠ And Other eBook #8608 This is th. I have always been a fan of James Feni Cooper From my high school days a young boy in search of adventures in reading found Natty Bumppo to be an interesting character Cooper was perhaps America's first nature writer for he embraced the outdoor adventure Although I confess to not reading the whole Leatherstocking Series I have read other material by Cooper most notably Billy Budd one of my favorite novellas Another Cooper writing I came across was The American Democrat I found the title to be interesting and I thought it would be good to get some thoughts from someone who lived around the time of the early years of our Republic and to read their thoughts on all matters America Cooper covers a bevy of topics ranging from the duties of people and politicians to the advantages and disadvantages of monarchies aristocracies and democracies You do not have to be a political geek to enjoy this book He also talks about slavery individuality and euality Also don't be fooled by the title the word Democrat is a bit misleading In fact if Cooper were alive today my bet is that he would be conservative or libertarian One final note he makes an interesting observation He says that politicians with no principles are likely to make knee jerk decisions which ultimately hurt the republic in the long run Interesting

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E essential collection of James. Sort of a crotchety old conservative view of America before there were crotchety old conservatives Cooper is rightly considered an American Tocueville given his concerns about the tyranny of the majority and the tendency of individuals to go along with public opinion rather than things like truth and justice Cooper argues that to oppose this tendency we need to develop our morality deportment manners kindness and civilization Only then will the mob become citizens and the popular sentiment become good governmentWorth reading for those interested in politics worth skimming for everyone else

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American Democrat and Other Political WritingsFeni Cooper's political writings. This book gives great insight into early American thinking by an early American A very profitable read for students of American history