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Pilate's Wife Free download ✓ 108 ✓ ➼ Pilate's Wife Free ➲ Author H.D. – Gym-apparel.co.uk Veronica Pontius Pilate's wife is beautiful brilliant and weary of a life spent in her boudoir and the Roman court When one of her lovers sends her disguised as a servant to a seer she feels suddenly Veronica Pontius Pilate's Wife iVeronica Pontius Pilate's wife is beautiful brilliant and weary of a life spent in her boudoir and the Roman court When one of her lovers sends her disguised as a servant to a seer she feels suddenly alive experiencing sudden pre visions of inner splendor The seer Mnevis arouses the artist the dreamer in her eventually telling her of a Jew a love god who believes wom. Religion and agency often aren’t the best of friends Rules and texts liturgy and ritual tell us what to do and when to do it They tell us to lead life a certain way – or else Pilate’s Wife by the mysterious and fascinating writer HD explores how we relate to faith and social expectations and how we can find power through our own interpretations of those supposedly rigid rules and rituals In reality they’re fluid than we think By editing the New Testament story of Jesus’s crucifixion HD chronicles her own journey toward independenceVeronica the rich wife of Pontius Pilate of Biblical fame is lost physically satiated but spiritually adrift She flits from lover to lover from one new cult to another from the stoic gods of her Etruscan upbringing to the resurgent and resplendent cult of Isis while remaining aloof and unsatisfied She is looking for herself even as her social world discourages that introspective uest She is searching for the power to say “I am Veronica” and mean it spiritually and psychologically She nearly finds it in Mithraism a transcendent religion that pits light against dark and is rapidly spreading through the Roman army It paints a beautiful vision of a cosmic battle but leaves little room for personal agency And she cannot join the brotherhood because she cannot be a brother Her womanhood prevents her from entering the dark caves where the sacrifices to Mithra perfume the air where soldiers toast with wine and bread the coming of their pure savior of lightBut even if she could join her lover Fabius in his devotion to Mithra Veronica is searching for something nuanced a god who reflects the reality of human life the grayscale of existence the moral opacity that precludes any uick categorization A god she can choose to followA sorceress and seer tells Veronica of a strange Jew a man who some say is God who is not perfect yet who represents the complexity of the world She keeps this man in the back of her mind until one day she hears commotion outside her window and sees her lover Fabius and a man crowned with thorns HD gives Veronica a chance to change history to take control of her life and the life of another and to reach toward spiritual fulfillment Veronica makes a decision to save this man’s life while convincing the angry crowd and Rome that he is dead She sends him off toward freedom away to Cyprus or Crete and away from the obligations that he himself would have if he stayed in Jerusalem She acts out of devotion and by setting someone else free finds herself free By subverting both the power of the state and her religious and moral obligations as a Roman woman Veronica can finally become herself In the end she is no longer “Pilate’s wife” she is Veronica a woman who tells her own truth

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G dialogue about the feminine and divine Pilate's Wife was written by HD in revised in and is now finally published by New Directions edited with an introduction by HD scholar Joan Burke It is a testament to Alicia Ostriker's claim that among the women poets and novelists of this century HD is the most profoundly religious the most seriously engaged in spiritual uest. This book is excellent I have loved HD's poetry for a long time but this is the first novel I have read by her As is also evident in her poetry HD has a very deep and intuitive as well as factually rich sense of Antiuity and this book is less like other historical fiction and like a photographic portal into another time in this case 1st century AD Veronica is a very real and subtly drawn character For the reader she blooms especially in the depictions of her introspections In the course of the book she blooms in and of herself too in the sense that she had been obstructed and it seemed stunted spiritually and ethically because of her social position as an upper class woman and she finds the humanity she has been ripe for She's very analytical but not in an unkind way And when she discovers the spiritual dimensions of reality through her conversations with the fortune teller Mnevis and later through the helpful action that becomes the core of the plot her sense of these less articulable depths of existence are added onto her crystalline intelligence rather than negating it giving her conscious insight into the lives and meanings as well as uncertainties of meaning in herself and others and a feeling of calling to be herself vital and intensely genuine as she now sees is possible

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Pilate's WifeEn have an important place in the spiritual hierarchy What follows is a chain of events in which Veronica commits the one genuine act of her life offering Jesus a way out before his crucifixionThis revision of biblical history in the tradition of D H Lawrence's The Man Who Died and Kazantzakis's The Last Temptation of Christ is not just a novel but part of the ongoin. Oh where to even start with this oneThe story is told from the perspective of Pilate's wife Claudia Procula though HD wanted to use Veronica as the wife instead Having visited a seer Mnevis Veronica turns her life around and attempts to convince her husband to release Jesus Pilate of course ignores her words and her warningsAs HD admits openly in the first page or so this is not a new story that she tells Her point was to take a woman from the Bible that is mentioned almost in passing and give her a place in the story It's happened and recently The Red Tent The Penolopiad etc but for being written in the twenties it was not as common to tell a primarily man's tale through the eyes of a woman As a feminist text HD's story can rock it a bit though it has little going for it than thatHD had difficulties publishing it even back in the day and it was eventually published posthumously It's clear that there's still little love for this little book in the Interworld which makes me sad as HD was a fantastic woman a fantastic writer and a brilliant poet I would hope anyone reading her for the first time would not choose Pilate's Wife or at least wouldn't hold it against her I have enough love for HD that I can pass this one off as a brain fart on her end and move on Perhaps I'll read HERmione again to cleanse my palate