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Review í Endal How One Extraordinary Dog Brought a Family Back from the Brink 102 ✓ ❮Download❯ ➹ Endal How One Extraordinary Dog Brought a Family Back from the Brink Author Allen Parton – The remarkable story of Endal voted ‘Dog of the Millennium’ anRite isolated in his own world After five years of How One Extraordinary PDFEPUB #182 intensive therapy and rehab he was still angry bitter and unable to talk Until a chance encounter with a Labrador puppy How One Extraordinary Dog Brought PDF or Endal who had failed his training as an assistance dog on health grounds They 'adopted' each other and How One Extraordinary Dog Brought PDF or Endal became Allen's reason to communicat. Wow An amazing story about a truly amazing labradorAllen Parton was serving in the Gulf when he was involved in an incident which left him suffering serious brain damage He couldn't remember much about his life other than his time in the navy He didn't know who the lady walking toward him in the hospital was or the noisy children who were jumping all over him were He had no feelings toward them no emotions whatsoeverThe first half of the book explores Allen and Sandra's life before and after the accident For example he didn't remember his wedding to Sandra how much in love they were the plans they had made for the future It made for really intense reading All that Allen wanted to do was get better and get back to work and when he couldn't do this he got extremely angry very depressed and even suicidal His short term memory loss was so bad that sometimes he'd stop speaking halfway through a sentence and forget he was even talking Sandra was incredible the way she dealt with everything Allen had always been her rock when she had post natal depression after the children were bornnow he was incredibly selfish without thought for her or the children She had to cope with money worries and many other problems all the while trying to care for a man who didn't even recognise her as his wifeEndal isn't introduced until midway through the book and this is a good thing because the full story is important to fully appreciate how much Endal changed Allen and Sandra's lives Allen and Sandra alternate between chapters telling the story which is great as both sides are offered We hear about Endal's ability to do things he hadn't actually been trained to do his uncanny instinct for keeping Allen safe Endal was an absolutely amazing dog and the ability he had to do the things he did were nothing short of miraculous Endal has his own webpage which is definitely worth a browseI loved this bookthanks Michaeland I would recommend it to everyone

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The remarkable One Extraordinary PDFEPUB #188 story of Endal voted ‘Dog of the Millennium’ and how through his remarkable skills companionship and unstinting devotion he gave Allen Parton a reason to live againAllen Parton was seriously injured while serving in the Gulf Endal How ePUB #10003 War He lost the use of both of his legs plus all memories of his children and much of his marriage He was left unable to walk talk or w. Just reading the blurb made me tear up I absolutely love dogs and I really really hope the dog doesn’t die in this book 🐾 🐾

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Endal How One Extraordinary Dog Brought a Family Back from the BrinkE with the outside world to come to terms with his injuries and to want to live again Not content with learning over commands to help Allen complete everyday tasks like getting dressed and going out to the shops in his wheelchair Endal gave Allen the ability to start living again and to become a husband and father again in his own special way This is the incredible story of Allen his wife Sandra and his family And of course Enda. The story is about a man with a war related head injury being saved from a pit of despair by a service dog There are many moving moments that brought me chills or tears Having said that I don't normally read memoirs I found much to skip over as I searched the pages for the story I found the personal narrative redundant