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In this gripping first The Inspiring PDFEPUB #193 person account former Olympian Eric LeMarue recounts a harrowing tale Crystal Clear Kindle of survival of eight days in the frozen wilderness of losing his legs to frostbite and Clear The Inspiring MOBI #240 coming face to face with death But Eric’s ordeal on the mountain was only part Clear The Inspiring Story of Epubof his struggle for survival as he reveals with startling candor an even harrowing and inspiring tale of fame and addiction healing and triumph On FebruaryEric a former professional hockey player and expert snowboarder set off for the top of foot Mammoth Mountain in California’s vast Sierra Nevada mountain range We. Pretty good I survived book He certainly evoked my sympathies Pretty darned amazing that he survivedI would recommend for people who love survival books

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Crystal Clear The Inspiring Story of How an Olympic Athlete Lost His Legs Due to Crystal Meth and Found a Better LifeNg changed when he first tasted the rush of hard drugs the highly addictive crystal meth which filled a void left by hockey and fame By the time Eric reached the peak of Mammoth Mountain in he was already dueling demons that had seized his soulA riveting adventure a brutal confessional here Eric tells his remarkable story his climb to success his long and painful fall and his ordeal in the wilderness In the end a man whose life had been based on athleticism would lose both his legs relearn to walk even snowboard with prosthetics and finally confront the ultimate test of survival what it takes to find your way out of darkness and after so many lies to tell truth and begin to live agai. I’m not sure how I stumbled across this book but it met the criteria for one of the ten books I need for an “Olympic Book Challenge” I am participating in I needed a biography or autobiography about an Olympic athlete It also caught my eye because of the athlete’s use of crystal meth a tragic part of our society of which I am trying to understandEric Le Marue has lived a risky challenging exciting happy sad often carefree life; and he and his co writer Davin Seay have written a remarkable story I was on the edge of my seat reading about his eight days on a mountain even knowing that he survives Not a spoiler obviously As one reviewer wrote “I just want to shake him” I felt this same way about his reckless decisions and often selfish arrogant attitude It seemed like every other page I wanted to say “Don’t do that” or “Keep going”As he struggles with recovery from both drugs and his physical condition some of the writing gets a bit saccharine but overall there are some beautiful lines in this book There are many “if only” moments in his life and he is the first to admit this I appreciated his honesty and courage to go public with this I do hope he is still on the right track

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Read & Download Crystal Clear The Inspiring Story of How an Olympic Athlete Lost His Legs Due to Crystal Meth and Found a Better Life Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ❰KINDLE❯ ❅ Crystal Clear The Inspiring StAring only a long sleeve shirt a thin wool hat ski pants and a lightweight jacket and with only four pieces of gum for food he soon found himself chest high in snow veering off the snowboard trail and plunging into the wilderness By nightfall he knew he was in a fight for his lifeSurviving eight days in subfreezing temperatures he would earn the name “The Clear The Inspiring Story of EpubMiracle Man” by stunned National Guard Black Hawk Chopper rescuersBut Eric’s against all odds survival was no surprise to those who knew him A gifted hockey player in his teens he was later drafted by the Boston Bruins and a Olympian But when his playing days were over Eric felt adrift Everythi. Eric Le Marue had been an athlete his entire life An Olympian and former professional hockey player he was known for his footwork on the ice His obsession when this book begins is powder in 2 forms; finding fresh tracks for snowboarding and using Crystal Meth This gripping true story tells how after some bad decisions Eric got lost boarding on Mammoth mountain for 8 days yes 8 days Surviving with only minimal clothing 4 pieces of Bazooka gum an I pod and his Snowboard which he came to affectionately name “Burton” At the end of his ordeal Eric’s feet were frozen into his boots he’d lost 40 lbs yet ultimately found himselfFor the most part this book follows Eric’s 8 day ordeal lost in chest deep snow and freezing conditions He evades wolves hunger thirst hypothermia and exhaustion as he climbs over a mountain range in the hopes of finding a rangers cabin and rescue Throughout we’re also given flashbacks into his life unfortunately there’s very little included here regarding his professional hockey career but he doesn’t shy away from his descent into drugs or character flawsWell written and introspective you get a complete feel for the loneliness cold and utter frustration Eric is forced to endure and by his day 7 I couldn’t put this book down As Eric awakes to yet another day on the frozen mountain and realizes he’s dieing Suffering from exposure frostbite and hunger he’s so far gone that he can no longer lace his boots and thinks he’s in a video game searching for the reset button Then he hears a helicopterThere are some bittersweet moments here involving “Burton” the snowboard which over the week has saved his life become a tool a weapon and his best friend Think Wilson in Castaway And the sadness Eric feels gazing out the helicopter window as Burton is left behind during the rescue is heartbreaking Eric of course spends a long time in hospital trying save his frostbitten and dieing feet and also in rehab after he loses them These chapters are alternately motivational and heartbreaking as Eric sinks into depression and drug addiction once For a man whose entire life had been based on athleticism to loose his feet his whole world is going to have to change Eric ultimately rises to the challenge learning to walk and even snowboard again The ending chapters are a little vague and felt rushed to me; with Eric finding god and coming to terms with himself and his new reality If you like adventure stories though this is a definite recommended readThere’s also 8 pages of photographs including a couple in the Blackhawk helicopter directly after his rescue I found these pictures particularly disturbing as you can see the “animal” Eric had to become in order to survive 8 days on the mountain