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Free download È The Last Day 105 Ì [EPUB] ✻ The Last Day By James Landis – I meet Jesus on the day I get home from the war I’m on the beach but I don’t know how I got here My mind is as dark as the night I spend the whole night on the beach But when the sun’s faint lig I meet Jesus on the day I get home from thGht into my eyes So begins the spellbinding story of Warren Harlan Pease a young US Army sniper freshly returned from the Ira War to his native New Hampshire What follows is a page turning adventure that is also a powerful meditation on religion and war love and loss The Last Day answers uestions and asks many Armed with a sniper’s rifle and his deeply held faith Specialist Pease travels across ideological borders and earns an appreciation for his enemy’s culture and for what connects us all as human beings “War doesn’t test your faith in Jesus” Warren comes to real. Overall I found this book to be very uniue and interesting unlike any book I have ever read before I was fascinated by the author's intent of drawing out the process of 'meeting Jesus in the air' 1 Thess 417 I found my heart echoing many of Warren's thoughts and regrets as well making notes of things I should make right before my last day I did not so much enjoy the parts of this book that reflected on his time in Ira They seemed ittered with acronymns that broke up what could have been meaningful trains of thought I did however love the relational aspects of this book; War's momories and conversations with Bethie Ryan his father and his daughter Most importantly with Jesus

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I meet Jesus on the day I get home from the war I’m on the beach but I don’t know how I got here My mind is as dark as the night I spend the whole night on the beach But when the sun’s faint light begins to bend around the Earth The Last MOBI #204 I see him There coming toward me out of the light is a man Behind the man a faint curtain of light rises to the sky out of the ocean He wears the light like a robe though I see he’s dressed like me Jeans and a T shirt no shoes And that he’s older than I am a lot older maybe mid thirties He walks right toward me He walks ri. This book has been wrongly compared to Young's The Shack in many reviews If that is what you're expecting you will not enjoy this book It is not The Shack and does not pretend to be The Shack is politically correct and neatly wrapped up in happy emotions The Last Day is not The Last Day is a glimpse inside of a man's mind when he has experienced love and loss and has attempted to shut out the world It is not politically correct in fact there are many passages that most people would find offensive It is not wrapped up in a neat little happy ending This book is a journey all its own Now if you can read this novel for what it is without having to compare it to another novel in which the only thing they have in common is that the protagonist talks to God it is a good book Landis has a simple yet beautiful writing style and the story is easy to read The main character is one that most readers probably cannot relate to since most of us will never enter the military However he is still a believable character and becomes and engaging as the story progresses His journey with Jesus is very personal and that is important for the reader to remember Not everyone views Jesus in the same way and many will probably be offended by the way he is represented in this book just your average guy that likes walking on the beach and eating cheeseburgers He also avoids tough theological uestions but never deviates from the journey of faith Faith perhaps is the cornerstone on which this story is built

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The Last DayIze “It tests your faith in yourself” Upon returning home he spends an entire day with Jesus visiting and contemplating his own life with fresh eyes and a willing heart He examines his relationship to those he loves and grapples with the pain he has been carrying inside since the death of his mother when he was just a boyThis extraordinary work of compassion and healing grace combines the themes of religion war and poetry in a way that is wholly original and unforgettable It will resonate with skeptics and believers be shared and discussed between friends and among famili. The Last Day by James Landis is the truly rare gem of a life changing book It's difficult to write a book in which a contemporary character meets Jesus without writing cheesy sentimentality or preachy discourses on faith Landis' stunningly beautiful novel avoids all of those traps Warren War Pease a twenty year old soldier serving in Ira meets up with Jesus who calls himself Ray on a mysterious visit to his hometown in New Hampshire War meets up with Bethie the mother of his daughter Dodie who he loved desperately but could never let her into his heart; his father a veterinarian with a unusual view of religion and guns; and his best friend Ryan who has stepped into Bethie and Dodie's lives to fill the void he left when he went to Ira War jumps around in narration between his experiences in Baghdad and encountering the ones he left behind Landis is a lyrical storyteller who has labored over each and every sentence constructing them carefully for maximum power and emotion His descriptions of the paranoia and accompanying recklessness of young soldiers are brilliant War is a thoughtful young man who takes his job as sniper very seriously and readers will find themselves pulled into his life Ray and War's repartee keeps the book from becoming gloomy or dark Ray keeps the reader's and War's focus right where it needs to be on Him In the beginning of the book I was mentally fighting the obvious ending but by the end Landis' writing makes War's end a thing of beauty and grace I know it's early in the year but I am certain that this will make my top ten list of 2010