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Healthy Sleep Habits Happy ChildOne of Habits Happy MOBI #240 the country's leading researchers updates his revolutionary approach to solving and preventing your children's sleep problemsHere Dr Marc Weissbluth a distinguished pediatrician and father of four offers his groundbreaking program to ensure the best sleep for your child In Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child he explains with authority and reassurance his step by step regime for instituting beneficial Healthy Sleep PDF or habit. First off let me say that I didn't actually read this book cover to cover I skimmed it A LOT of people recommend this book and I can see why But it bugs me In my opinion the author has a do or die approach like if you don't help your child sleep better NOW and in his the author's way heshe is going to suffer for it for the rest of their lives It made me feel guilty as a parent for not doing everything he says like I'm harming my child which I know I'm not Also it's almost like he thinks his way is the ONLY way There are lots of books and ideas out there for sleep issues there is no right or wrong way to help your child sleep There is no one size fits all approach to parenting if babies were supposed to have an instruction book they would have come with one at birth I think this book helps a lot of people and that's great but it's not the end all be all of sleep solutions Oh and you have to wade through a lot of scientific research mumbo jumbo to get to the real point of his book It could have been written in a much accessible manner

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T their children to sleep including the inclination to rock and feed Explores the different sleep cycle needs for different temperaments from uiet babies to hyperactive toddlers Emphasizes the significance of a nap schedule Rest is vital to your child's health growth and development Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child outlines proven strategies that ensure good healthy sleep for every age Advises parents dealing with teenagers and their uniue sleep problem. Decent This book is really not great for babies under 4 months of age although it did introduce me to an important concept don't keep a very young baby awake for than 2 hours It is geared to babies 5 months and toddlers preschoolers children For the first four months definitely go to Dr Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block which is astoundingly good and I recommend the DVD than the bookDr W is extremely knowledgeable about sleep patterns and methods This book is full of information but it is very poorly organized I like that he is not judgmental about where baby sleeps crib co sleeping whatever and although he does lean to a cry it out CIO method that is NOT the only approach mentioned in this book that method works for some babies; doesn't work for others he notes that parents who don't want to CIO will not see fast results like CIO parents will but that it can certainly work Each parent has to decide for himherself what is best and I've had friends who have been totally fine with CIO and it works for them although it won't work well for my intense little fellownot at this point anyhowThis is a good book because it really emphasizes how important healthy sleep is however for a wee little baby go w Dr Karp and read this book after a few months However I will say that I do think it's good after a couple of months to start implementing bedtime routines etc just for the sake of starting to establish predictability so that is good

free read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child

free read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø [BOOKS] ✮ Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child Author Marc Weissbluth – One of the country's leading researchers updates his revolutionary approach to solving and preventing your children's sleep problemsHere Dr Marc WS within the framework of your child's natural sleep cycles This valuable sourcebook contains brand new research that Pinpoints the way daytime sleep differs from night sleep and why both are important to your child Helps you cope with and stop the crybaby syndrome nightmares bedwetting and Analyzes ways to get your baby to fall asleep according to his internal clock Sleep Habits Happy Kindle #215 naturally Reveals the common mistakes parents make to ge. This book makes me feel like a failure as a parent when my child has sleep issues I hate his preachy tone and militant approach I have literally thrown it across the room in frustration Several times when we have encountered a new sleep issue with Nora I go back to this book hoping that he'll have some good advice We are currently trying his sleep rules approach to deal with her getting out of bed a thousand times a night with some success but I think it has to do with the holidays winding down and getting used to the baby than it does with the sleep rules I just picked up The No Cry Sleep Solution from the library and I like it a lot better already Mostly because the author admits that there are different approaches that can work depending on your child and your parenting style