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An who makes him uestion the virtue of being proper For the passion she incites burns away his inhibitions and inflames his heart But Eden has vowed to never again cede her destiny to a man And Hart is left with no choice but to tempt the temptress herse. Seduced and trapped in a depraved relationship with her step father Eden feels that she’s finally set free when her step father dies Yet in his place her guardianship is placed in the hands of his nephew Major Stuart Hartford known as “Holy Hartford” to his friends When he arrives on the estate all he wants is to uickly discharge his duties and find a nice wife that could help him live down the scandalous reputations of his late father and uncle When Hartford learns the true nature of Eden’s relationship with his uncle he’s torn between horror fascination disgust and an attraction that won’t go awayHartford decides the best way to protect Eden is to marry her but Eden is so damaged by what she’s been through that she would rather do anything even if it’s to become a whore rather than put herself under another man’s thumb So she rebels and it’s up to Hartford to tempt Eden and to show her how good things could be between them when degradation is replaced with loveTEMPTING EDEN is a hard book for me to review TEMPTING EDEN is so well written and uniue to its genre that it captured my attention and kept it However I still had issues with TEMPTING EDEN Eden was such a damaged character and with the way TEMPTING EDEN was written I found it hard to believe that she could make such a complete transformation and achieve her happily ever after Honestly I didn’t believe Hart was man enough to give Eden that He wasn’t as well drawn out as Eden and I never really warmed up to him as a heroic character I believe I felt that way because of the lack of respect shown between Eden and HartEden’s degradation was so complete and started at such a young age and so well explained I found it hard to believe that she would have the strength to stand up to Hart without fear and second guessing herself I also found it hard to believe she would fight Hart about their relationship instead of just doing his bidding This feeling was compounded with her submissive personality These feelings could be me and my misunderstanding of submissionThe only other thing that bothered be about TEMPTING EDEN was how when Hart went after her back to his estate That didn’t seem appropriate to the historical setting and I couldn’t see how they could’ve gotten away with living together on the same estate without a chaperone in that era Why didn’t the neighbors come in protest Why wasn’t anything said about that Even with Eden’s past it wasn’t something that was widely known To everyone’s eyes she was still an unmarried maiden However I’m not an expert so I could be wrong but because of that situation it pulled me out of the storyTEMPTING EDEN is a wonderful tale that left me curious to see how the story was going to play out Although it left me with a lot a uestions I don’t think anyone would be disappointed with ordering this book

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Tempting EdenA scorching debut novel of erotic historical romance set against the backdrop of Regency England Eden Emery is no stranger to sin To keep her sister safe from harm she's paid a steep price with her body and very nearly lost her soul But when Baron Ivor. This story happened May 1814 going forward Major Stuart Hartford was proper priest like andabstained from baser urges Eden was awkwardugly plain and prickly and actively disliked menaccording to H When her beautiful Mom married for a 2nd time toIvor a baron her daughters were 12 8 and herson 10 Son later died Waterloo Sickly mother endured several miscarriages became a poppi eater Evil step father groomed Eden for sexual advances by accidently bumping into her when she was 17 and kissing her 18 This led to sexual activity He threatened to rape her younger sister if Eden failedto comply w his desires He beat Eden with whips and sketched her in the nude He used alcohol to make her cooperative with his demands Eden later described to hero her being Ivor's willingsex slave I disliked that her sex activity was thought sexy when Ivor was a pedophile It was disgusting that the servants overlooked this horrendous behavior Later the hero threatened the former servant blackmailer of h So this story had 2 baddies IMO the author could tell a story but needed to refineher rationales for character behavior actions andreactions

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Free download ↠ Tempting Eden 102 ↠ ✭ [PDF] ✪ Tempting Eden By Margaret Rowe ✺ – A scorching debut novel of erotic historical romance set against the backdrop of Regency England Eden Emery is no stranger to sin To keep her sister safe from harm she's paid a steep price with her bo A scorching debut Hartford the man who has dishonored her finally dies her troubles are far from over Major Stuart Hartford the late baron's nephew is in the market for an honorable wife but first he has to take care of the matter of his Uncle Ivor's ward Eden a young wom. It's time to stop cloaking the sexual abuse and violence of women as eroticaerotic romance This starts out reading as uasi Stockholm Syndrome when the stepfather controls all aspects of his stepdaughter's life; which includes sexual abuse even though she thinks she loves him The story doesn't improve once the stepfather dies and a nephew takes his place Of course misunderstanding occurs the nephew thinks his cousin is a whore shameful disgusting etc and she blames herself for all that happened D N F